Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 3

‘A Noble Attempt’ – Part 2

After not being taken seriously by local churches, Randy and his family then turned their trust to a local Wiccan “White Witch” named Mike Bosick. A White Witch is someone who believes in God, but I think there are other definitions; but in any case, all define it as only being involved with positive energy.

Now this was in 1974, so if we think there was a negative association to pagan magic now… it must have been much moreso then. Immediately, while watching this, I thought it to be something significant. It should be noted that dark spirits and negative energies respond to “ritual.” In other words, they respond to whatever religion or spiritual tradition the person--or family which is being affected--is.

Naturally I found myself rooting his man on, so to speak. I was hoping that it worked. His job was to “close that door” and form a “ring of protection” around the family. This was his first attempt at this type of spiritual cleansing. He stated that it was like "a leap of faith," as he was following a ritual which was like an old blueprint.

In the dark of night, he walked outside to begin. I don’t recall if the episode stated the time. Often it would take place at midnight. When he began, a sudden strong wind started. I have personally witnessed strong winds occurring on calm days during key moments of socio-religious ceremonies like weddings. That would have been due to positive energy, while in this case it was negative energy.

The White Witch—armed with only a ritual robe, lantern, and a book of White Witchcraft—set about trying to seize control the the situation. This wind phenomena would not have taken place if these entities did not feel threatened by this positive-energy ritual. Once completed with the closing-of-the-door ritual, he went back into the house.

Next came the ring of protection. A pentagram was laid onto the floor with candles placed around it, representing the elements of Earth, Air, Spirit, Water, and Fire. With the family standing inside of it until completion, a ring of salt was poured around them and the star to form a protective seal.

Normally this ritual would have worked I believe, but these particular negative-energy entities are extremely powerful. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Ultimately the family was able to find a Christian medium who was able to cleanse their home. I still feel that this was a great early attempt.

As stated earlier, negative forces do respond to whatever religion or spirituality that the person or family feels close or closest to. I think it’s like a “ritual command” to leave their home; as well as the particular positive spirit entity.


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