Friday, October 31, 2014

'Emilia Sina, President of Gente Camuna in Zurich'

'Emilia Sina, President of Gente Camuna in Zurich, was awarded the star of Italian solidarity'

The prestigious title of "Knight of the order of the star of Italian solidarity" was awarded by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to Emilia Sina-Margelisch, President of Zurich's Gente Camuna by Decree on January 13, 2009.

The coveted honor, established on January 27, 1947 for "rewarding those who particularly contributed to the reconstruction of Italy", was awarded to Emilia Sina following the proposal made by the Intercantonal Switzerland ACLI Eastern Center and Zurich's circle of Gente Camuna, "for its great availability, its solidarity towards others, the help that has been able to give, the work carried out over a period of more than twenty years and love towards Italy and Italians abroad.

Its active membership in different associations---which has undoubtedly contributed to a great approximation of two cultures and promoted several initiatives that have made the Swiss and Italian culture---nonetheless has worked politically in defending the rights of our emigrants in Switzerland.

Emilia Sina was born in Valcamonica in the province of Brescia, Her parents emigrated to Switzerland in 1969 while maintaining a strong attachment to Italy and their Lombard origins, while acquiring dual citizenship. She served as President of the Intercantonal ACLI Central Eastern Switzerland for eight years, with 22 clubs and 1,500 members in eight German-speaking cantons; working with the Group of elders of Kilchberg and with several Italian missionaries and pastors in Switzerland, to promote cultural events in favor of integration and valorisation of the Italian identity. Her social commitment led to a prestigious award with her appointment as Honorary President of Filitalia International of Lugano, an Italian-American philanthropic Association of Philadelphia (U.S.A.).

In 2006 Emilia Sina has promoted a twinning with the Association Ma nel Mondo Onlus and the Zurich Gente Camuna (of which she is Chair) to give impetus to the Italian and Lombard presence in Switzerland, and for social and cultural projects in favor of the emigre community, in collaboration with the Lombardy region, and to promote the participation of Lombardi abroad in the drafting of the new law on Lombardi nel Mondo.
The twinning has been extended, with the Virgiliano Association, associations in Sicily and southern Italy, in Lombardy with a roving annual gathering in Caravaggio (BG), in Sicily, and Magnacavallo (MN), on the occasion of the feast of the emigrant Mantovani and Lombardi.

On the occasion of the international meeting in 2008 of Siciliani nel Mondo, Pietraperzia, Emilia Sina was awarded the International Prize "Globe Italy Guglielmo Marconi" which she dedicated to the sacrifices of women migrants.

Emilia Sina was nominated at the last Congress of the Swiss Office of ACLI National President.

It is one of the promoters together with Gente Camuna, the Association of Mantovani nel Mondo Onlus, and Lombard associations in Switzerland of 1 Party and federalist autonomist Statute of the Lombardy region, in cooperation with the Presidency of the Regional Council, expected next April in Zurich.

Delivering to Emilia Sina---the degree of Knight of the order of the star of Italian solidarity---insignia for the honor will be Giovanni Maria Veltroni, Consul General of Italy in Zurich on 18 April, in Zurich, present Mayor of Zone (BS) Pio Marchetti with fifty expatriates emigrated to Switzerland from Valcamonica, the President of Gente Camuna Nino Stivala, Chairman of the AMM Onlus Daniele Rossi, Pietro Paolo Poidimani, Coordinator and President of "Globe Italy," Bella Rose President del Cenacolo di Storia Patria of Enna and the province, together with representatives of the Italian community in Switzerland.

Chiara Antonuccio

Preparation of Lombardi worldwide

For congratulations:
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Discovering our Saints - St. Anthony of Padua

From the video description (YouTube channel CCTNtv):

CCTN is proud to present this new series of short informational videos about our Catholic Saints and the lives they lived.

This week, St. Anthony of Padua


St. Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of Loveno Grumello, a two-village administrative unit within the comune of Paisco Loveno, the origin of part of my roots. Actually, there were many matron or patron spirits in Val Camonica long before St. Anthony. Vehmic, Gaulish, possibly Etruscan or Langobard, and Roman polytheistic; and later Catholic. The new paradigms simply knock the heads of off the old statues and erect the new ones. However, the valley is solidly Catholic today.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Retracing the steps of Ticino emigrants

From the video description (YouTube channel swissinfovideos):

A group of people from Ticino retrace the first steps of many emigranti on their way to Australia or the United States. At the top of the Sassello pass, they sing the emigranti song, Do you want to come to America? 


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Odin, Hear Me!' by Steve McNallen

'Odin, Hear Me!'

This is a prayer (if that's the word) to Odin I wrote back in the 1970's, and published in A Book of Uncommon Prayers, available through the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Odin! Rune-God, Raven-God, Wolf-God, Odin!  I call out to you, not as a slave, or on bended knee, but on my feet and open-armed, a befits your offspring.  Watch me as I struggle.  But the fight and the fame must both be mine; grant me that victory which I win by might and main.  If I fight well, Odin, take me into Valhalla, where I may feast and drink and be merry with your heroes until the time comes to fight once more.  Odin, hail!

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly


Monday, October 27, 2014

Finding the "country" aspect... no matter where you live

I copied the following two definitions from a YouTube video produced actually by a Christian....

Pagan: Country dweller, peasant

Nature Religion: Heathen; Country, out in the "hearths"

I think that the origin of the words "pagan" and "heathen" go back to a period during the Middle Ages after "the old ways" had been driven out of the mainstream, but still existed in the countrysides. In many instances, the outer Christian exoteric masked an inner Pagan esoteric in these rural communities. The old Dutch and German farm country of western Pennsylvania is a good example of that in America. The number of actual "heathens" is quite small, but there's clearly an esoteric pagan culture which is adhered to by many.

I don't think---even if one lives in a very urban area---that any pagan or anyone else should feel disconnected from "the country," or nature. The spirit of the Almother shows herself every time it rains in October, and when a little grass grows from a crack in the concrete several days later. Even if the nearest remote area is far away, if you think outside the box, you might---for example---find that the nearby industrial park is something of a nature sanctuary after seven o'clock or on Sundays. Also, if there's a body of water close by, all the better.

If an urban dweller is lucky enough to have a park or remote area nearby, that's a big plus. If an area like this is large enough, any clear night sky will be "an island of stars" in an urban sea. I'm lucky enough to live on the edge of a state park, so I experience this phenomenon, and treasure it. Also, racoons, skunks, possums, foxes, hawks, falcons, ravens, owls, and even bats enter the neighborhood.. and occasionally interact with people. Last week I was surprised to see a coyote race across the hillside where I live, about fifty feet away.

One evening a few days ago, I was sitting on a deck upon the hillside towards the park, and a common ritual happened as it has so many times. The deck sits upon an "animal trail" used by the wildlife or neighborhood cats. After awhile, this trail comes into focus, as it goes across the hillsides, through backyards, and across the upper portion of this deck. Two racoons arrived as I was sitting in the darkness. I could see their masked faces peering at me. Slowly they started to move under the deck. As I looked at the opposite side to see them exit, a big furry head lifted out from under and looked up at me. We looked at each other for about seven seconds, a great interaction. A few moments later, they made their way back onto the trail. Just hearing the faint coyote howls from the mountain is enough to really feel connected to the real natural world.

A few weeks ago, a large piece of meat fell on the floor. I decided to use it for an experiment. I placed it on the deck and set up a remote camera and light to try to tape record a raccoon. As it got dark out, my television screen was on with the video feed signal from the deck. After about twenty minutes, I got bored and left the room. As I returned five minutes later, I was surprised to see a raccoon head filling the screen. It was sniffing the camera, as it had already eaten the meat. Actually, as a general rule, it's not good to feed wild animals because they can then become a nuisance. It was just a one-time thing though.

The "country" as Americans call the rural countryside, is the essential spirit of the "old religion." There doesn't really even have to be any explicit symbolism. There are some places where a group of people have something of a defacto hearth or coven, without any name. That also captures the essence of what it's all about, far from the idea of loud titles and symbolism! A few blocks away, I recently noticed a home with a Valknut symbol in the window, also known as "Odin's knot." As I have said many times, there could be pagans of one type or another, who live right in the same neighborhood, and don't even know each other exists. Unfortunately, there must be thousands of examples of that.

I believe that we all have different expressions of our individual selves, and each is a separate way we may see ourselves occasionally. I have always been a little bit of a "wannabee country boy." Not far from me, at the Cow Palace just outside the San Francisco city limits, the Grand National Rodeo is going on this week as it has for decades. There are a lot of "rural folk" around now. I remember when San Mateo County had a strong rural element to its personality, but not very much anymore. However, a county fair can really bring out that rural spirit. As silly as it may sound, I like the spirit of the singles site.. those commercials. It seems to capture the healthy spirit of rural life.

There is one channel that I tune into now and then called RFD-TV, which is a channel which covers news and culture for "rural America," which really could exist in any state. As I've gotten older, I have grown tired of music where the artists have "a definite point to make!," and I can really enjoy just listening to polka music. Again, I'm an occasional "wannabe," although my family lived in a very rural environment before me.. in the Alps and the Midwest... so, I can at least lay claim to some connection to rural values in some form I guess.

Christmas tree, of Germanic heathen origin, with Vehmic star
Recently, while listening to an old Steve McNallen lecture, he mentioned how many American values---especially the "heroic ethic" and the spirit of exploration---actually have a strong heathen origin. Although many rural Christians would strongly disagree, there is clearly a link between rural culture and the "old ways." Just a look at all of the heathen-originated symbols during Christmas shows how deep-rooted and hidden these types of connections can be.

I think country music, albeit very Christian in general nature, is also tied into this concept. I prefer the old classic country, more so than what some call "New York country." That term is a little bit unfair since most of New York state is actually rural I think. Country music appeals to "the country" in any state. Blue grass music is actually very popular as well, even though the mainstream media plays it down, and is rooted in Gaelic culture from the South apparently. One blue grass festival recently in San Francisco attracted a huge number of people, which probably wouldn't be the case in the mainstream brands of music.

I don't believe that anyone should feel disconnected to any of these ideas just because of where they live. It may be a little difficult to articulate these points because I'm referring to a milieu of loosely connected concepts, but I think you probably know the spirit of it. I still remember in the 70s, when Brisbane---a small town just south of San Francisco---was really a cowboy town due to the large number of people descended from the "dustbowl migration" to California in the 30s. There's a whole local history to that.. that I could cover at some later point.

The old "23 Club" in Brisbane was once known as the "local Grand Ole Opry" where Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis once played, and this was a town of only about 2,500 people. Even outside of town along and around San Bruno Mountain, there used to be a lot of horse stables and cattle. Again, this wasn't a hundred years ago, but up through the 80s. I remember just outside the backyard of the house that I grew up in, there would be an occasional horse or cow just outside our fence, and this was just outside of San Francisco.

I admit it, I love this commercical... but maybe I'm just a wannabe... 


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Safe portals for Samhain... or anytime

With Samhain coming up, I wanted to mention a few safe natural portals---or antennas---which can connect our world with the world beyond... the Ur. Especially during Samhain, when this curtain becomes slightly open. Mountains are a great spiritual antenna. Not necessarily on top, but just nearby is fine; especially when you can see the blackness against the dark blue or moonlit sky with maybe clouds. It doesn't have to be a particularly large mountain either. Trees are a great living bio-antenna as well. Taller is probably better, and probably just close to the base is fine. Although you may touch the tree to help energetically interact with the environment. Also, water is a good natural oracle for connection to the Ur, like a natural mirror; and at night it becomes something of a black mirror.

The night is definitely better, and whether or not you are alone is probably a matter of personal choice. I think a group is fine, as long as you can be alone for awhile. This "dark" concept has nothing to do with any type of malevolence. However, I would suggest strongly to not use a Ouija Board; which may allow unwanted spirits and entities in. Also. I don't think that mirrors or literal "black mirrors" are necessary, or even entirely safe. Just find a good place outside, then you can't go wrong as far as connection to your spirits of affinity.

I have found that the weather does affect things. Rain and/or foggy overcast conditions seem to break the connection... at least for me. A clear dark night is perfect, with the half Moon in sight. Samhain 2014 falls between Friday, October 31st and Saturday, November 1st. The "witching hours" from about midnight to 2:00 AM is probably best.. but that's not really necessary. Nine or ten o'clock should be great if the weather works out. Bring a smooth stone, or even a rock, and try to use it to help connect.

I don't think you need to conduct any special ritual on Samhain, nor do you need to focus on just one spirit. While other times you may be the director, on Samhain, perhaps it's best to allow them to direct things. As the old saying goes: "Our ancestors are us, and we are them."


Saturday, October 25, 2014

The five blanketed declarations of Atheism

Abrahamic religions worked like termites for centuries, eating up every spiritual tradition they could, which were based on the Earth, science, metaphysics, and ancient technology... severely retarding development in every area of human endeavor, including the metaphysical. I don’t include Judaism here because they don’t recruit, proselytize, form missionaries, or expand; nor is the religion universalist.

Now, Atheists have burst upon the scene and have quietly made five amazing declarations which for some reason are not part of the public debate.

1) That those traditions, some of which fought the Christians and Muslims in bloody wars, and fought the good fight, are to be placed in the same category as Abrahamic religion.

2) That Metaphysical Science shall not be considered, nor even studied at all. They have a vested interest in that.

3) That "Science" is one single entity, with no political or ideological subdivisions within it. It’s just “one-thing, which makes it so much easier to lay claim to.. like an ugly man who wants to marry a beautiful woman. This is probably the most abhorrent and intellectually dishonest of all.

4) That cultures, over the course of history, do not have any tie-in to spiritual manifestations. Of course, Atheists don't have the burden of defending any "culture"… because they aren't a culture. In fact, they are the only demographic dealing with these issues which does not have any culture of its own. Most Atheists grew up in soft environments and never had to defend or fight for anything. It's ironic that they believe in evolution, yet so many are the result of anti-evolutionary struggle.

5) That all Atheists are "smart." I would guess that at least one-third are average to low-IQ brats who simply don't want to be told what to do, which is fine except that the "brat mentality" has become a dogma and may be why they latched onto Atheism in the first place.

They’re angry at Christianity, so it’s all too easy to lump it in with Islam (or any other spiritual pursuit which they perceive “may tell them what to do"), and just call it all “religion”; and Atheism, under the respectable cloak of “Science,” becomes their champion. It’s all very poorly thought out. An Atheist has dogma, a Free Thinker does not. A “principle” is a value; while “dogma” is a road block. Therefore a person can possess principles, and not dogma.

A Free Thinker can just do what is pragmatic, without any special permission or any need to deal with psychological red tape. This may not all be exactly black-and-white, but an Atheist is not a Free Thinker.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Papal Bull of 1455

Papal Bull of 1455:

...Champions of the Christian Faith...

to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens and Pagans whatsoever and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery...

The struggle of Christian and Saracen was one of which both sides played the roles of both perpetrator and victim. In other words, the Muslims of those times committed the same type of aggression as above. However, with the Pagans--or "native believers" (those who believed in the spirituality of their ancestors--the socio-political/religious dynamic was very different. These were not people from some foreign land, but those who adhered to the pre-Christian ways of at least 40,000 years of history.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Second Lunar Eclipse Of 2014 To Bring 'Blood Moon' On October 8

'Second Lunar Eclipse Of 2014 To Bring 'Blood Moon' On October 8'

By Ryan Grenoble - The Huffington Post - October 5, 2014

If you've been feeling a strong urge to howl lately, there's a reason why: A full "blood moon" is coming Oct. 8. Just check out the NASA video above.

All werewolf jokes aside, the total lunar eclipse will be the second -- and final -- "blood moon" of the year. It will be visible in the United States and Canada early Wednesday morning, with better viewing for those in the western part of the continent, as indicated in the map below.

The full eclipse will start at 6:25 a.m. EDT and last until 7:24 a.m, according to NASA.

Full lunar eclipses are often called "blood moons" because of the reddish tint they adopt as sunsets and sunrises seen from Earth reflect onto the surface of the moon.

Because this eclipse will happen two days after a lunar perigee, which is the point when the moon is nearest to Earth, NASA says the moon will appear 5.3 percent larger than the previous "blood moon," which occurred on April 15.

This eclipse marks the second in a series of four lunar eclipses in a row, known as a "tetrad." We'll experience just eight tetrads this century, according to the Washington Post, and we won't experience the next tetrad until around 2032 or 2033.