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Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 13 - "Reincarnation" 2 of 2

How reincarnation works

What I call "the soul process" is--from the best that I call gather--a process by which we all die as far as the physical body, then become "spirit" again. At least the Earthly aspect of the metaphysical or spirit world is usually not anymore "fair" than the physical world. If we perish by suicide, we almost certainly will be temporarily held behind in the process; or many times a death under circumstances by which we feel there is unfinished business, the soul may choose to stay behind. The soul then becomes a ghost, and lives in the "spirit world" on Earth. Certainly we can conclude that this Earthly spirit world is just about as "unfair" as in the physical life. There are many bizarre metaphysical manifestations in this realm, which are very difficult for the average person to grasp.

If we die under more-or-less normal circumstances, then our soul goes towards some type of "light," which is a doorway to another dimension. That "dimension" is something that we simply do not understand. We don't understand where it is or what controls it. There seems to be certain powerful spirits or angels which have long been associated with it. We only know that once our soul gets there, it remains there for a period of time. It may be ten years, or eight-hundred years. At some point we choose to go back, and we may have at least some control over where we end up. The purpose of these lives are to learn some "series of lessons." We simply do not know why this soul process is set up this way. We just don't, period. That's just the way it is. I know, it seems to make little sense from our Earthly perspective.

From this other dimension, the soul can see places upon the Earth, and perhaps even visit them on occasion. Only on rare occasions may they interfere with human interaction, and that may only be to protect or guide a certain person. It's not understood what the terms or rules of this free-soul life is. There is no "hell," but there is a type of "karma" which has something to do with this entire process. Most humans don't seem all that special, so I have no answer as to why this metaphysical-system exists, except that it does. Someone with good karma may have the ability to choose their own parents. Someone with bad karma will likely be placed in bad circumstances. I realize that all of this sounds like "wishful thinking," but this feel-good concept seems to actually get in the way of studying the soul-process.

Gender and reincarnation

We all have either a "male soul" or a "female soul." It's not clear as to what this truly means, but it has nothing to do with being "gay" if a soul experiences an Earthly life as the opposite gender. That is not at all uncommon, although the soul-gender and human-gender are usually the same. Lets just say more than 50% of the time.

Ancestry and reincarnation

Reincarnation is not set up along the lines of personal family ancestry, unless perhaps on rare occasions. About 90% of the time, a soul returns within the same basic racial type. In the first episode last week of 'Reincarnation: Past Lives', the first subject was a young white female from Utah I recall. She regressed to her past life as a man living along the west coast of England during the 1800s, which would have reflected her own basic ancestry. She then regressed to the life prior to that as a Muslim female in Jerusalem in the 1200s. The original Semitic-Arab racial type did not appear in that region until after the sixth century. Therefore, these two women, of that soul, would have shared an ancient Mediterranean link going back five or ten thousand years. In other words, one element of their ancestry matched up.

The second subject, which was the most interesting so far, was a man from Philadelphia who was born in Brazil. He regressed to his previous life as one of the King's soldiers in England in the 1200s. This man appeared to be of Portuguese ancestry, so the two would have shared ancient Mediterranean and Teutonic links somewhere along the line. In the second episode, the first subject was a young white female from Minnesota. She regressed back to a life in the late 1800s as a woman traveling in a circus with her family. This woman was also white; the family being originally from New York state I recall.

The second subject in the second episode was a young man from Los Angeles, who was born in Mexico City. He was "Mestizo" in appearance, perhaps slightly more European. I then thought that this would be a good test of the basic ancestry theory. Would his past life be as an Aztec? A Mongolian? A European? I guessed that it could be a European even though he did not look European. He regressed back to a female from Montreal in the late 1800s. She had a Spanish name, and was married to a man who seemed to have been a French-Canadian. When asked under hypnosis if "she" spoke French, he said "a little bit." Well, it appeared that this woman was very likely an immigrant woman from Spain or Portugal. The ancestry theory held up. In other words there was a link to the European side of his ancestry.

Reincarnation and "lessons"

All of the subjects had strong issues with "lessons" and struggling with issues from their previous incarnations. The second subject's story was the most interesting as far as trying to deal with the lessons from his previous life. He had killed many men in war, and was known as a great soldier. The hypnotist asked him to travel to the very end of his life, and asked him what he had learned. The subject responded that killing was wrong, and he wanted to become a man of peace, and that tied into his current struggles. Again, the research conducted.. did seem to very strongly match up to the various accounts... down to names, dates, places, etc. For just one example, the woman from Montreal did exist. She was married to the man spoken of in the account, they did have a child who died in an accident, etc.

One bizarre clue

It's hard in text to project certain aspects of this without including all of the corroborating elements to it, but I did want to use one possible clue. In one episode of 'Ghost Inside My Child', which means children who remember past lives, one case had a lot of substance to it. The subject, a young boy, told his mother that he choose her for his mother. He said that he saw her as a child riding a blue tricycle in front of her home, and she did have a blue tricycle of which there were no photographs. When asked how he saw her, he said "there are windows in heaven." I know, that's getting just about as strange as it gets. There was a lot of corroborating elements to that case, but that was one small tidbit that really stood out and could possibly give a clue to this other dimension and the length and intent of this process.

Two curious sources

Guido von List, in his book 'Religion of the Aryo-Germanic People', went on in great detail about the afterlife and reincarnation. Also, the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' I recall, has large volumes of text about the afterlife, reincarnation, and the soul process.


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Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 12 - "Reincarnation" 1 of 2

For awhile now, every Saturday evening is what I have come to call "Ghost night." Currently, there are four paranormal-themed programs on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN; channel 253 on DirecTV) on these evenings. Here on PST, they air from 5PM to 9PM; and repeat from 9PM to 1PM. Lifetime apparently bought the rights from the The Biography Channel, which I don't get, but the TBC airs something of a "Ghost night" once a week.

'Ghost Inside My Child' - This is about children who remember a prior life, and are being affected by it. It's interesting and convincing. Currently they're showing reruns from 2013.

'Celebrity Ghost Stories' - I'm not a celebrator of "celebrities," but begrudgingly I have tended to have some faith in many of them in at least the first few seasons. Still, they remain interesting.

'Reincarnated: Past Lives' - This is a brand new program, and I think an original for LMN. I think it's great! The hypnotist/therapist/researcher, whose name escapes me, puts the subjects under hypnotic regression. They recall a past life, or even one before that, and he corroborates what they tell him through a later fact-finding mission. The evidence does match up against what the subjects tell him. It's very interesting, and I think it's very likely true... at least in most cases. I will list some conclusions on reincarnation, based on the first two episodes, in the next entry.

'The Haunting Of...' - Psychic medium Kim Russo takes on paranormal experiences of celebrities by taking them right back to the location of their experience. I'm not 100% "sold" on Kim Russo, as I am with Amy Allen of 'The Dead Files'. I do have faith in her, but I think some of these psychic mediums prey on people's emotions using various methods; which actually include using some psychic ability. Anyway, this is an interesting program, and almost always ends up with the subjects' own lost loves ones and close friends "showing up" at the location as well; so it often concludes with an interesting hodgepodge of spirit messages, including themes of "guardian spirits" that we have.

4-13-14 Addition: I wanted to add for the record, regarding 'Reincarnated: Past Lives',  that the hypnotist/researcher's name is Damian Bertrand.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

"The forest is my church"

After traveling down Highway 1, south of San Francisco, yesterday--and seeing some beautiful wooded mountainous areas along the coast--I was again struck with the concept of... "the forest is my church." For an Earth-based spirituality, of which even a Christian or Atheist could adhere to on some level, there is nothing like a natural setting to spiritually refresh oneself. One "Witcheathen" saying goes....

"The Forest is my Church, The Fairies are my Choir, The Wind is my Preacher, And the Moon is my Goddess."

For me, rugged natural environments are always more beautiful than man-made architecture; and most of the beautiful man-made architecture has been constructed upon and is in balance with natural settings. At one point as I drove along the coast during the late afternoon, I looked out upon the ocean. At sea level, the sun's rays created that certain light-affect upon the water. That glistening water was more magnificent to me than the inside of any man-made structure.

At another point, while driving along at a higher elevation, I gazed upon Montara Mountain. Again, the majesty of this massive 1,900 foot/5 million-plus year old mound projected a similar feeling upon me. As if communing with the force of the Universe. Probably no human being saw this mountain prior to about 11,000 years ago. In all those millions of years, the animals where the only mammals who knew Montara Mountain. Whether a forest, a body of water, a mountain, the Moon, the Sun, the sky and natural cloud formations, etc.; rugged nature is the most holy church to me.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

An om for the first day of Spring

"Let your heart be your compass, your mind your map, your soul your guide and you will never get lost." --Author unknown

Rather than do--as we all tend to do--and dismiss this as just another touchy-feely "thought"--something momentarily curious, then we move on as before.... we can see this as personal evolutionary struggle. Society today really is a wildly incongruent social jungle, where it's so easy to be distracted, and forget who our real friends and what our real values are. Rather than put a picture of a butterfly... I think the bobcat is more appropriate for the above words to make any real sense. If a bobcat was cornered by a bear, they would at least go down fighting. They would never just.. quit. There is no confusion, they know their path, and won't be distracted from that path, or from their objectives.

"If you allow yourself to become distracted, you allow yourself to fail." --Cus D'Amato, famous boxing trainer


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A few random thoughts and ideas during Ostara

Bats and more bats

During this unexpectedly warm March weather in the northern Santa Cruz mountains, I find myself endlessly fascinated with seeing twilight bats at close range. There's just something surreal about these flying mammals. There's almost a contrived perception of "evil" about them. Actually, they're an extremely important part of the ecosystem. I heard once that if bats were to disappear from the planet, insects would take up all of the known space in the world. If that were true, then these caped rodents would be more like our heroes.

Worldwide black panther mystery

I ran into an old article from the San Francisco Chronicle entitled 'Black panther sightings in Bay Area parks'. I didn't think it was something to post by itself, but it does bring forward the mystery of "black panther sightings" in places where they shouldn't be. A black panther is merely an African leopard or South American jaguar which has a gene for black fur. So even if there were a few leopards in England, they would presumably be the more usual spotted variety... not black-only. This could all just be written off as misinterpretations, except that they have been caught on film! These Bay Area black panther sightings were reported to be mountain lion sized. However, there is no known history of "black mountain lions." The mystery continues...

Israel = "Is-Ra-El"

The biblical name "Israel" comes from the combining of three goddesses and gods of the ancient world. The Egyptian goddess "Isis"; the Egyptian god "Ra"; and the Phoenician god "El." Inconvenient facts like this have been a thorn in the side of the three eclectic Abrahamic religions for many centuries. Another fun fact: The "dollar sign." The symbol "$" represents the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Owls.. again

Perhaps an even more ominous sight in the twilight sky is the owl. I continue to see them along the wooded mountain trails on warm evenings. I even saw one which flew upon a high branch, in which I could plainly see the silhouette of a rodent in it's mouth. Surprisingly, owls are mostly fluff and feathers, but they do have an amazing wingspan. I would guess at least five feet wide.

Little pumpkin gifts

Flowers are expensive, and last only a few days; at which time the person whom you wanted to give the small token to must toss them in the garbage. Little pumpkins last many months indoors, fully retaining their shape, color, and texture, without any odor. This seems like a more pragmatic token to give someone... anyone.

"Magic water"... litterally!

Did you know that if you took two plain bottles of water, and labeled one "Love" and the other "Hate," that the properties of the two would change. The positive willful intent of the "love-water" would form beautiful crystalline structures that would retain themselves; while the negative willful intent of the "hate-water" would become mucky and the structures would look like muddy footprints. The most skeptical, atheistic, supposed admirers of science would never be interested in even studying this phenomenon because they have a vested interest in the science of earth, air, fire, water... but never "spirit."

All of these metaphysical issues, especially those which can be proven, should be studied in all of our universities. The current Hegelian-paradigm is "closed-minded religion vs. closed-minded science." Even if your opponent is 100% wrong, a negative reaction would fill YOU with negativity. Even if you had to fight someone, you could engage in it with what I call "cold anger." Cold anger is when you just allow the negative-energy/hate to just run through you, and you just engage in evolutionary struggle. A boxer, fighter, or martial arts expert does not generally feel any hate or negativity. They just engage in the art of combat.


Monday, March 17, 2014

"Camuno-Valtellina" - A new province?

Camonica and Valtellina

Below is an article, which I translated from the 'Bresciaoggi' provincial news source, which details an idea for the possibility of a new Camunian-Valtellinese province. The two cultures are nearly identical. The only difference being the difference in the native dialects. Historically-speaking, Val Camonica has always been politically pulled in the direction of Brescia and the eastern Lombard dialect; while the Valtellina has been pulled in the political direction from Milan and the western Lombard dialect. A topographical view from Google Earth of east Lombardy clearly shows the dramatic difference between the urban sprawl and farmlands of the Po Valley southern flatlands, and the northern mountain valleys. I had to make a few changes and do what I could to make the Italian text make sense in English. It at least gives some idea of the proposal from 2012.

There has long been talk about a "Val Camonica province," but this idea seems interesting as well. The Camunian Valley is about forty miles long north to south; while the Valtelline valley is about twice that distance east to west. The northern Camunian town of Edolo is very close to the Valtelline town of Aprica, with the two connected by a mountain road (SS39) through an elevated mountain valley of small villages, with the official "border" being a mile or less east of Aprica. Val Camonica has always been somewhat used and controlled by the powers that have been over time; while the Italian administrative state wouldn't even give the Valtellina the respect of it's proper name. Instead, it chose one of the main towns of the valley as a political center and carelessly named the entire province after it.

Camunian-Valtellina province, the idea is launched

Lino Febbrari - - February 14, 2012

THE PROPOSAL. In the two valleys of the initiative, the idea is promoted by cultural associations and political leaders to create an interim authority. Giancarlo Maculotti, Mayor of Cerveno: "For the Mountain territories, a future with only municipalities and regions is unthinkable. If Rome decides to abolish the provinces, the Valcamonica and Valtellina revived, with the proposal to create a new reality that can act as intermediary between the municipalities and the region. The consideration is that Lombardy has a territorial size equal to or greater than other European States. It is therefore not likely that we can change, in one fell swoop, the present institutional bodies."

Now two cultural associations, which held a joint "Tramontani Meeting" in the Oglio Valley, have launched the idea of creating an Alpine province: an intermediate body, which responds to a logic of a new geographically and socially homogeneous area. "What the idea proposes is renewed institutional arrangements, taking into account the mountain areas," states Giancarlo Maculotti--Mayor of Cerveno and key figure of the "Tramontani Meeting." Several parties have stated that the current provinces are outdated, and it is unthinkable that in the future a large and diverse territory of Lombardy, there would only be the region and municipalities without a medium.

Maculotti added that a new political body might actually be a new Alpine province, able to gather and meet the needs of populations living in the mountains. After the launching of the proposal, one may immediately wonder if it is only a dream, or whether the project may actually come into being--focusing on the need for an institutional presence on a particular territory like that. "Of course there are steps to be taken for the idea to produce any results, and then into a very precise Bill that could have legs to walk on" says Maculotti.

It will take time and effort. But if the mountain valleys do not decide to claim institutions which are close to its needs, we will always be lost. To lay the foundations for the desired "Camuno-Valtellina province"--on Saturday, February 18, 2012 in Sondrio (Valtellina) at the Palace of Bim in via Lungo Mallero Diaz--a meeting was held entitled "The mountains speak," with politicians of the two valleys. The theme will then be dealt with again on March 10th in Edolo (Val Camonica). Illustrating the project on this occasion will be the sociologist Aldo Bonomi.


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Easy ordering for many Beretta USA products

Beretta USA

Not long ago, if you you wished to order items from Beretta USA in Maryland, you had to contact them and request a catalog along with a current price list. Then you had to find local distributors. I know they had one store in NYC where all of their products were available in one place. At least now, at the above link, all items aside from actual guns seem to be available. This includes mens and womens clothing, all types of hunting gear, a selection of very good knives, and many types of accessories. Top of the line items. For the guns, you can call them as a first step; unless you're close to one of their main distributors.


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Mountain and Spirituality

Mountain and Spirituality

[borrowed from]

By Hariulf OR

As many of you know I have the chance to live in the beautiful Swiss Alps. It goes without saying that the mountain has always played a great role in my life. These are also these beautiful Alps who inspired me this article. I hope it will be not to confuse, I always have a lot of difficulties to translate my thoughts into words. So I hope this short article will have sense for you.

The mountain seems to have played an important role in the spiritual traditions of the Indo-European people. We find several Sacred Mountains into the different Indo-European mythology: for example the Mount Meru from the Vedic tradition, the Olympus Mount from the Greek tradition. In our mythology we find Himinbjorg. Himinbjorg means “heaven’s castle” or “heaven mountain”.

In many of these traditions, the mountain was considered as the symbol of transcendent inner states. The mountain was also seen allegorically as the seat of divine beings, heroes or transfigured creatures that have risen high above the human condition. If we look more closely in our mythology, Himinbjorg is the home of the god Heimdall. Heimdall is the watchman of the gods, and he sits on the edge of heaven to guard the Bifrost Bridge from the jotuns. Heimdall requires less sleep than a bird, can see at night just as well as if it were day, and for over a hundred leagues. Heimdall’s hearing is also quite keen; he can hear grass as it grows on the earth, wool as it grows on sheep, and anything louder. Heimdall possesses a trumpet, Gjallarhorn, that, when blown, can be heard in all worlds, and “the head is referred to as Heimdall’s sword”. From this description we can see that Heimdall embodies the quality of a “person” who have risen high above the human condition.

For me Heimdall embodies the two major poles of life according to Julius Evola: action and contemplation. Heimdall is in a certain way a god of “contemplation” (his role of watchman, his constant watch) but also a god of “action” (he will sound the Gjallar Horn announcing the Ragnarok). And all this “action” and “contemplation” took place on the Himinbjorg “mountain”.

In our modern world, mountain represents different things for different people. For some people the mountain is a way to satisfy their appetite for risk, for others it can be a way to practice a very demanding sport, for other the mountain is only a touristic curiosity, a place where people of the plains come to admire the idyllic landscape, away from the urban pollution and concrete jungle.

But for me, the mountain is none of this: for me it is a way of liberation, of self-transcendence and of self-fulfilment. The mountain represents as said above the two major poles of life: action and contemplation. I’m not a good alpinist, far from it. I’m not able to climb a 4000 metres like the Matterhorn or the Monte Rosa. I’m only able to climb some minor summits. But, I think that despite the difference of difficulties, the process is the same

I think that we can make a comparison between the fact to climb a mountain and a spiritual path. When we climb a mountain, we are alone (even if we are part of a roped party). We are alone with our strengths and our weaknesses. We must look inside us and be aware of our capabilities, be ready to make a lot of efforts and sacrifices. When we climb from rock to rock, from crest to crest, we must be aware of the altitude and of the many dangers. Every step, everything we do should be reflected. We must be totally focused on our ascent, our mind only directed towards our goal. It’s hard to explain in words, but when you climb a mountain, your mind is in a certain way “totally empty”. All your being is only focused on action. This is a pure action who help us to transcend our inner state, to rise physically and also “spiritually” high above the human condition. The act of climbing a mountain, an action who ask for a lot of self-discipline, symbolizes a mysterious process of surpassing of oneself, of liberation and of spiritual integration.

And after the action come the contemplation. The moment when we reach the summit, when we sit on it to contemplate the landscape above us, is for me a moment of pure magic. It’s a moment “out of the world” and “out of the time”. After the summit reached, we feel a great liberation, a solar solitude and a great silence. When we look at the landscape below us and at the purity of the sky above us, we feel the possibility of an awakening, the rebirth of something transcendent. When I’m in a summit, after a moment of very intense meditation and contemplation I always feel the urge to rise and to adopt the Algiz stance to deepen my connection with all that surround me both physically and spiritually. Because of its primordial nature, the mountain allows us to look deep inside us, to transcend our little ego to search something higher than us.

The mountain also taught us the silence. We live in a world of constant noise and the mountain can help us to understand that the silence is important for our spiritual advance. By contemplation, we will be able to see more clearly, and by silence, we truly come to hear more clearly, like Heimdall on Himinbjorg.

So mountain can be seen both spiritually and physically as a mean to gain a greater spiritual awareness. If we are able of action and contemplation, we will be able to transcend our little ego and to climb our own spiritual mountain.

Hael the New Awakening!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Remote Odinic tree carving found in far north California mountains

A woman hiking in the Siskiyou Mountains of northernmost California came upon this seemingly old tree carving. It strikes me as being of an Odinist design.

Her account...

"Old Man Tree"

While hiking in the Siskiyou Mountains, I came across this carving. The Old Man is a reminder of cultures from long ago and seems symbolic. Like a good grandfather, the wood has become a "nurse-log," and you can see the new life spouting around the edges.

--Sarah S.

The lower portion of the carving seems to be an elongated beard, while the upper portion looks a bit like a top-heavy helmet. If you stare at it for a few moments, it's easy to conclude that it has a very three-dimensional look to it.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Othala rune - Symbol of the ancient Langobard flag under attack on facebook

Video text from Daniel Updike of Northern Runes Radio out of Alberta, Canada:

The meaning of the Rune Othala, and how important it is to us today in our expressions of heritage. It is the symbol of inherited property, and of our spiritual inheritance as well. Watch and allow this show to move your heart.


I can think of dozens of symbols which were directly linked with the mass murder of tens of millions throughout history, and of which there is not so much as a single "peep" of guilt-projection. The Odal rune is not even one of those symbols. In fact, during the "burning times," the Odal rune would have been associated with the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were tortured and burned alive... the vast majority being women. I mean if someone wants to play this game, it would be a bottomless pit with most symbols deserving of being "banned" if one were to "evenly-apply" this.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

An almost bronze, South Tyrol, Valtellina, and eight medals

An "almost bronze"

Nadia Fanchini from the Val Camonica, missed a bronze medal in the woman's giant slalom by eleven hundreths of a second. If nothing else, she at least finally proved that she was one of the best downhill skiers in the world.

Tyrolian-Italian medalists

Tyrolian-Italian medalists included Christof Innerhofer (silver & bronze), Armin Zöggeler (bronze), Lukas Hofer (bronze), Karin Oberhofer (bronze), Dorthea Wierer (Bronze), Dominik Windisch (bronze), and Caroina Kostner (bronze). I think that it's remarkable for that region to have won more medals for Italy in these winter games than the rest of the regions combined.

Valtelline-Lombard medalists

Adrianna Fontana from the Valtellina in Lombardy, won a bronze medal in the woman's 500 metres in short track speed skating. The Italian woman's short track speed skating team in the woman's 3000 metre relay included Arianna Fontana (Valtellina), Lucia Peretti (Valtellina), Martina Valcepina (Valtellina), Elena Viviani (?). They won the bronze medal. Valtelline Evelina Raselli won a bronze medal for Switzerland (see below).

If it weren't for the South Tyrol and the Valtellina, Italy wouldn't have won any medals I don't think. There were also Lombards who contributed to the Swiss medal count.

Lombard-Swiss medalists

Dario Cologna won two gold medals in cross country skiing (men's 30 kilometre skiathlon & men's 15 kilometre classical). Sandro Viletta won the gold in alpine skiing's men's combined event. Evelina Raselli from Poschiavo (a part of the Valtellina on the Swiss side of the border) and Nicole Bullo from Ticino were part of the Swiss woman's hockey team that won a bronze. There were several other medalists who may have been Lombard, but hailed from other areas of the country.