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Summer Solstice 2020 - Part III


'Believers' is a documentary style paranormal program, which are more thoughtfully done than the investigative style ones. It aires on Saturday evenings on The Travel Channel. I know there's an overkill of these types of ghost, mysteries, and paranormal programs, but this one is clearly a cut above the rest. Another good one is 'The UnXplained' which aires on Saturday evenings on the History Channel.


Carpathian Mountains

'Fly agaric mythology and folklore'

Paul Kendall -

Think of any fairy tale illustration of elves or goblins sitting on or under a toadstool, and most likely the cap of such a fungus will be bright red with white spots.

The autumnal abundance and vibrant colours of the fly agaric mushroom make it probably the most widely recognised of our fungi. As the name suggests it was formerly used as an insecticide, with pieces often floated in milk, to intoxicate and kill flies attracted by its aroma. Similarly most people will be wary of its poisonous reputation (though fatal reactions are rare), and appreciation of this mushroom will mostly be limited to the aesthetic. It has been suggested that northern Europeans’ wariness of mushrooms may stem from long-established taboos relating to the use of mushrooms containing mind expanding substances. These would originally have been reserved for those shamans or priests who served as intermediaries between the common folk and the unseen worlds of spirit.

The fly agaric may have been the earliest source of entheogens, that is hallucinogenic substances used for religious or shamanic purposes, the use of which date back possibly over 10,000 years. Fly agaric has been put forward as the most likely candidate for the mysterious Soma, mentioned in around 150 hymns of the Hindu Rig-Veda, which was written between 1500 – 500 BC by Aryans in the Indus valley. Soma was a moon god, as well as a related plant and a holy brew which were also worshipped. Though there have been many suggestions as to the identity of the plant, fly agaric fits many of the Vedic references as a substance with which to contact the gods.

Fly agaric contains two toxins, ibotenic acid and muscimol, which are responsible for its psychoactive and hallucinogenic effects. To minimise its toxic side effects fly agaric would be processed in some way eg. dried, made into a drink, smoked or made into ointments. Care in its preparation and ritual were paramount. The Celtic Druids, for example, purified themselves by fasting and meditating for three days, drinking only water. Amongst the Koryak people of north-eastern Siberia the ceremonial use of fly agaric involved the shaman ingesting the mushroom, after which others would drink his urine to partake of its entheogenic effects. Though this sounds distinctly unpleasant to modern ears, if the shaman had been fasting, the urine would have been mainly water containing the hallucinogenic compounds. The body absorbs the fly agaric’s hallucinogens first, and then expels the toxins from the stomach. The hallucinogenic chemicals then exert their influence on the body and are expelled unaltered in the urine. Reindeer in northern Europe are also attracted to the fly agaric’s euphoric effects and Siberian people would notice the drunken behaviour of such animals and slaughter them to get the same effects from eating the meat.

Modern research has also shown that the two active ingredients’ effect on the brain can inhibit fear and the startle reflex. This would corroborate theories that the ferocious Viking Berserker warriors used fly agaric prior to going into battle, bringing on the uncontrolled rage and fearlessness for which they were renowned.

Fly agaric has been a popular icon for the Midwinter and Christmas festivities in central Europe for a long time and is found on Christmas cards and as replica decorations for tree and wreath. Our current concept of Santa Claus can be traced back as an amalgamation of several characters of popular European folklore, such as a more pagan Scandinavian house goblin who offered protection from malevolent spirits in return for a feast at midwinter, and the fourth century Byzantine archbishop who became St Nicolas and was renowned for his kindness to children. More recently it has been suggested that the Siberian use of fly agaric may have played a part in the development of the legend of Santa Claus too. At midwinter festivals the shaman would enter the yurt through the smoke hole and down the central supporting birch pole, bringing with him a bag of dried fly agaric. After conducting his ceremonies he would leave the same way he had come. Ordinary people would have believed the shaman could fly himself, or with the aid of reindeer which they also knew to have a taste for fly agaric. Santa is now dressed in the same colours as the fly agaric, carries a sack with special gifts, comes and goes via the chimney, can fly with reindeer and lives in the ‘Far North’.

Amanita muscaria, from the forest of the Carpathian mountains (videos)

Folk Biology of Slavic-Speaking Peoples (text)

Carpathian Heritage: Wooden Houses (images)

Carpathian Heritage: Wooden Huts (images)

Carpathian Mountains (Wikipedia)

Amanita muscaria (Wikipedia)


Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl (Audio)

4,732,555 views - May 19, 2017


Music video by Charlie Rich performing The Most Beautiful Girl (Audio). (C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment


Damaging gravestones is always bad energy

One minor but disturbing trend in recent years is the random desecration of gravestones. Vandals, mostly thrill seekers, overrun cemeteries late at night and overturn or smash the markers. This is very bad energy, regardless of whom the person was or what they may have done in life... or whether they did it to you personally. To the right is the stone marker, before it was broken, for the real Bathsheba Sherman from the book and film 'The Conjuring'. Nobody truly knows if it was even her ghost which terrorized the Perron family home in the 1970s. No, she will not come after the vandals, but there will be some karmic payback at some point.


Octopuses are from space because of alien DNA?

Rumble Viral



Johnny Cash - Desperado - 2002 from JoinVimeo on Vimeo.

Johnny Cash - Desperado - 2002



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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

60,798 views - June 27, 2020

Truthstream Media

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Fourth of July "Thunder Moon" & Lunar Eclipse

'How and When to See the ‘Thunder Moon Eclipse’ on July Fourth'

This weekend, a Thunder Moon Eclipse will be visible from North America.

Jamie Carter - - June 30, 2020


When is the Thunder Moon Eclipse?

There are two specific times to watch this month’s full moon at its best — moonrise and "maximum eclipse." If you want to watch the Thunder Moon appear on the eastern horizon — a dramatic sight indeed — take a look just after 8:23 p.m. EDT on July 4 if you're in New York, and look up in the minutes after 8:06 p.m. PDT that evening if you're in Los Angeles.

Next comes the eclipse, which is a global event taking 2 hours and 45 minutes. From New York, the best time to look will be 12:29 a.m. EDT on July 5, and the best time to look from Los Angeles will be 9:29 p.m. PDT on July 4.


Note: Saturday's eclipse is a "penumbral lunar eclipse," not a total lunar eclipse. The next total lunar eclipse will occur on Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Mysterious Runestones


Date: Host Jimmy Church
Guests: Scott Wolter, Open Lines

Scott Wolter, author and host of America Unearthed and President of American Petrographic Services since 1990, will join host Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss his recent trip to Texas and a discovery of ancient stones that were discovered in a cave that is reported to be from 1501 with over 100 stone tablets with inscriptions and covered by a mysterious blue powder. The last hour will feature Open Lines.




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Summer Solstice 2020 - Part II

Rambo: First Blood - Teasle Meets Trautman Scene (1080p)

357,079 views - September 12, 2018

Hey, It's Mr. V


Simple yet remarkable scene. Teasle vs Trautman. Mastery acting duel between Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy.


"Rest in Heaven Brian Dennehy, Bill McKinney and Richard Crenna ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™"
-- MikeyBaldMan


๐Ÿ˜ˆ Top 10 Recommended Vampire Films

No Real Order

Monster Fred returns with his Top 10 favorite vampire films.


Video Links

Kitten Natividad in Up! (1976) - XVIDEOS.COM

The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction (Matthew B. Crawford)

Mae West: And The Men Who Knew Her | The Hollywood Collection

Saagar Enjeti: BOMBSHELL Bill Clinton revelation ignored by mainstream media

Incredible huge landslide. Houses floating into the sea. (Alta, Norway)

The TRUTH About Reptilians…

The TRUTH About Selling Your Soul…

‘Ridiculous’ number of missing kids in Oregon

Why I left Antifa | Gabriel Nadales

Lakota in America

The 10 Strangest Planets in Space That Defy All Logic




These Eyes

810,844 views - November 7, 2014

The Guess Who - Topic

These Eyes · The Guess Who

Wheatfield Soul

℗ Originally released 1968. All rights reserved by RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


The Cook Report - Satanic Abuse ITV 1989, incomplete

113,704 views - March 4, 2015


Roger Cook documentary


Structure in Plymouth, Massachusetts

This building is used for a dental facility. However, the architecture is very interesting. The overall shape, the heavy window frames, the shingles, the columns, and the curious grey and eggshell color scheme. Old fashioned, classy, not quite gaudy.


"Deer Stone" standing stone in upper Mongolia

The northern Mongolian province of Hovsgol Aimag has been the focus of collaborative research, coordinated by the Arctic Studies Center and its director, Dr. William W. Fitzhugh (Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History) since 2001. In its investigations of the region's connections to arctic cultural history, the Joint Mongolian-Smithsonian Deer Stone Project (DSP) has included archaeological studies of "deer stones" and the ritual contexts in which they are found. Averaging 1-3 m in height, these upright stone slabs are characterized by low-relief carvings of deer with flowing antlers. Over 550 have been identified thus far in Mongolia's grassy steppe region, occurring singly, in small groups, or concentrated in larger groupings, often in association with stone burial mounds, called khirigsuur. These monumental features have generally been dated to the Late Bronze to Early Iron Age, approximately 3000 years ago.

Geographic isolation has hampered systematic documentation and archaeological investigation, and very little still is known about the deer stones' age, function and meaning within their social, cultural, religious or artistic contexts. Endangered by unprotected exposure to harsh environmental conditions and increasingly by human causes, the deer stones are now considered among the most important - and threatened - archaeological treasures of Central Asia. This has placed a high priority on efforts both to understand and preserve these national icons, and has framed the documentation component being undertaken by MCI.



๐Ÿ˜ˆ Top 10 Werewolf Films

53,882 views - June 21, 2018

No Real Order

Monster Fred is back, and he's got his Top 10 Werewolf Films.


Sniff 'n' the Tears - Driver's Seat (Official Audio)

2,071,809 views - August 19, 2014

Ace Records Ltd



"This has to be one of the coolest songs of all time!!!" -- dubblpumper

"Yep, along with Boys of Summer by Don Henley and Ventura Highway by America." -- Patricia Guth

"That was the intention, I suspect." -- Charles Middleton


Doing alright
A little jiving on a Saturday night
And come what may
Gonna dance the day away

Jenny was sweet
Show a smile for the people she needs
I'm trouble, let's drive
I don't know the way you came alive

News is blue (the news is blue)
Has its own way to get to you
What can I do (what can I do)
When I remember my time with you

Pick up your feet
Got to move to the trick of the beat
There is no lead
Just take your place in the driver's seat

Driver's seat, driver's seat, yeah
Doing alright
A little jiving on a Saturday night
And come what may
Gonna dance the day away

Driver's seat, driver's seat, yeah
Jenny was sweet
There is no lead
Pick up your feet, pick up, pick up
Pick up your feet, gonna dance the day away

Driver's seat, driver's seat, yeah
Driver's seat, driver's seat, yeah
Driver's seat

-- KujoKiller97


"Captures the spirit of the late 1970s." Ronald Charles Epstein

"Very awesome guitar riff and solo. One of the best rock songs of the 70s." -- HandyAndy Tech Tips

"The perfect cross of the bluesy power of Dire Straits and the hooky new wave of the Cars, both of whom were huge in 1979." -- Ken Cummings

"If I had to pick a song from my high school years that made me go into a flashback, this would be it . . . great tune." -- Theron Peck

"That there, is a masterpiece.." -- oldschoolpaul73

"Best song ever!!!  This is what real music sounds like!" -- MJ SB


The Nature of the Occult by Derek Prince [Part 2]

130,982 views - May 18, 2017

238K subscribers



I suppose that this is dated. This guy makes so many sweeping false generalizations that it's painful! For example, right out've the starting block....

"The gods of the pagan world, whether they Greece or Rome or whatever other nation, are different ways of naming and depicting Satan's kingdom of angels; and all those who have been worshiped by pagan religions and pagan societies, are Satanic angels. The particular generic name for the way that men seek to contact these Satanic angels is witchcraft. You could say that witchcraft is the religion of fallen humanity." -- Derek Prince

He even hints that when children "rebel," that it's the Satanic spirit within them, and refers to them as "master manipulators." Also, he had the nerve to comment that Native Americans "just can't get over" their false Satanic belief systems.


What Happens Immediately After You Die - Swedenborg & Life

820,046 views - Premiered June 24, 2019


96.4K subscribers

From the unconditionally loving welcome to the freedom to learn and grow how you want, we go through five elements of what happens immediately after you die, based on Swedenborg's firsthand account.



Rosette Nebula in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way

[Featured on Windows 10 Spotlight]

Rosette is the French word for 'small rose,' but there's nothing petite about the Rosette Nebula. A gas cloud teeming with newly formed stars, this nebula is roughly 130 light-years in diameter. How large is that? One light-year equals nearly 6 trillion miles, so that's a pretty big bloom. Ionized hydrogen makes up much of the cloud-like spray of red plumes that give the Rosette Nebula its distinctive color and shape. Although it’s 5,000 light-years from Earth, if you train a pair of binoculars on the Monoceros constellation, you'll be able to see the star cluster shining in the center of this celestial flower.



Layla (40th Anniversary Version / 2010 Remastered)

3,835,417 views - July 31, 2018

Derek & The Dominos - Topic

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Layla (40th Anniversary Version / 2010 Remastered) · Derek & The Dominos

Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs

℗ 2010 Polydor Ltd. (UK)


"I mean, it's the greatest guitar hook in rock n' roll history." -- Max Schimm

"That piano part starting at 3:11 is one of the most iconic things made in music" -- Le Docteur

"Didn't this change everyone's life that listened to it?" -- Storeisclosed

"One of the greatest songs ever written" -- Jimmy The Clown

"The piano tone at the end of this is so staggering and majestic. Very commanding." -- Edward Chamberlin


Island of Crete, Greece


(Vikings) Ragnar Lothbrok | Become a Legend

1,248,412 views - April 10, 2018

Rav3n Edits


What to say about Ragnar? the best character I've ever seen in my life. Enjoy.

Music: The Fifth Estate Trailer Music: Pusher Music - The Opening


"When ragnar died, a little part of me died as well." -- Chris du Plessis

"vikings ended the day ragnar died... a master who controlled the entire show single handedly" -- Kartulya Neog

"Vikings without Ragnar is nothing... best character of all time..." -- The SuLeMaN Thoughts

"Masterpiece .... no doubt ,one of the best character ever !!!" -- Mihai Cojanu

" 'My death comes without apology!!!' " -- Shervin M.

"Ragnar Lotbrok, the king who did not want to be king but fulfilled his responsibilities until his last breath" -- Sait Wave

"Travis fimmel was such an amazing actor for this role.. vikings show died the moment he did" -- Youssef Baza

"  'my death comes without apology , and I welcome the Valkyries... to summon me home!' " -- Mesi Falesoani


What is Space Made of?


Space is extremely big and really complicated. We aren't even sure of what it is composed of. But watch the video and see what we know about it.


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1. Bad Snacks - The Morning After
2. Land on the Golden Gate by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



St. Peter Cathedral (Marquette, Michigan)

St. Peter Cathedral is a large Roman Catholic cathedral located on Baraga Avenue in Marquette, Michigan. As the mother church of the Diocese of Marquette, it is one of the most notable marks of Catholic presence in the Upper Peninsula. The cathedral was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.


The current church is nothing like it first was, when a Jesuit priest named Father Jean-Baptiste Menet began holding services on the site in a small log cabin. Upon Bishop Frederic Baraga’s visit to the site, it was determined that a larger, more prominent church should be built, and that eventually the see should be moved to Marquette from Sault Ste. Marie. Construction began in 1864, with Baraga himself laying the cornerstone. Two years later he dedicated the building, but he did not live to see his beloved cathedral catch fire.

Some have suggested that this first fire, on October 2, 1879, was caused by Irish arsonists who were enraged that Father John Kenny had been removed as pastor. Though the building was destroyed, the congregation's resolve was fervent as ever, and plans were made to continue meeting in the basement before a new cathedral could be erected. It took nine winters to complete the new building.

The church also faced another tragic fire which destroyed everything except the sandstone walls: a few minutes after four a.m. on November 3, 1935, the building again erupted in flames. The parish celebrated Mass in high school auditorium for several months until the cathedral could be restored.

Extensive work and money was put into its reconstruction and beautification, including elaborate marble work and Romanesque columns, as well as an extended nave and domes on the tops of the steeples. This church is one of around 200, including at least three other cathedrals, that incorporates the work of architectural sculptor Corrado Parducci.


Don Henley - Boys of Summer



This won't last, but I thought I would throw it up anyway. For some reason the Don Henley official channel hasn't put 'Boys of Summer' up.


Rocky Mountains-like region in New England

Mt Libery 4,459 ft overlooking Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch State Park

Franconia Notch State Park is located in the White Mountains in northern New Hampshire, United States, and straddles 8 miles (13 km) of Interstate 93 as it passes through Franconia Notch, a mountain pass between the Kinsman Range and Franconia Range.


Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch (elev. 1,950 feet/590 m) is a major mountain pass through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Dominated by Cannon Mountain to the west and Mount Lafayette to the east, it lies principally within Franconia Notch State Park and is traversed by the Franconia Notch Parkway (Interstate 93 and U.S. Route 3). The parkway required a special act of Congress to sidestep design standards for the Interstate highway system because it is only one lane in each direction.

The notch was home to the Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation which collapsed in 2003 but whose profile remains a symbol of the state of New Hampshire.


Images "franconia notch state park"


Franconia Ridge Trail

White Mountains (New Hampshire)

The White Mountains are a mountain range covering about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in the United States. They are part of the northern Appalachian Mountains and the most rugged mountains in New England. The range is heavily visited due to its proximity to Boston and, to a lesser extent, New York City and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Most of the area is public land, including the White Mountain National Forest and a number of state parks. Its most famous mountain is 6,288-foot (1,917 m) Mount Washington, which is the highest peak in the Northeastern U.S. and for 76 years held the record for fastest surface wind gust in the world (231 miles per hour (372 km/h) in 1934). Mount Washington is part of a line of summits, the Presidential Range, that are named after U.S. presidents and other prominent Americans.

The White Mountains also include the Franconia Range, Sandwich Range, Carter-Moriah Range and Kinsman Range in New Hampshire, and the Mahoosuc Range straddling the border between it and Maine. In all, there are 48 peaks within New Hampshire as well as one (Old Speck Mountain) in Maine over 4,000 feet (1,200 m), known as the four-thousand footers.

The Whites are known for a system of alpine huts for hikers operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club. The Appalachian Trail crosses the area from southwest to northeast.


Mt Washington 6,288 ft in the White Mts

Mount Washington (New Hampshire)

Mount Washington, called Agiocochook by some Native American tribes, is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288.2 ft (1,916.6 m) and the most topographically prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River.

The mountain is notorious for its erratic weather. On the afternoon of April 12, 1934, the Mount Washington Observatory recorded a windspeed of 231 miles per hour (372 km/h) at the summit, the world record from 1934 until 1996. Mount Washington still holds the record for highest measured wind speed not associated with a tornado or tropical cyclone.


White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is a federally managed forest contained within the White Mountains in the northeastern United States. It was established in 1918 as a result of the Weeks Act of 1911; federal acquisition of land had already begun in 1914. It has a total area of 750,852 acres (303,859 ha) (1,225 sq mi). Most of the WMNF is in New Hampshire; a small part (about 5.65% of the forest) is in the neighboring state of Maine.


White Mountains, New Hampshire, Fall 2016

Vincent Garcia


Video Links

Franconia Notch State Park

Franconia Notch State Park NH - Mount Lafayette 5260 Elevation - Deranged Survival

Franconia Notch Documentary

Unboring Exploring: Hiking the Franconia Ridge Loop, NH

I-93 Franconia Notch, NH

5/26/2014 Trail Ridge Road Opening, Rocky Mountain National Park

The Mount Washington Hotel and the Grand Hotels of the White Mountains


The Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face or the Profile, was a series of five granite cliff ledges on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, United States, that appeared to be the jagged profile of a face when viewed from the north. The rock formation was 1,200 feet (370 m) above Profile Lake, and measured 40 feet (12 m) tall and 25 feet (7.6 m) wide. The site is located in the town of Franconia.

The first recorded mention of the Old Man was in 1805. It collapsed on May 3, 2003.


WBZ Archives: Old Man of the Mountain Crashes Down (video)


รžรบfa hill in Reykjavik, Iceland

[Featured on Windows 10 Spotlight]

In the old harbor area of Reykjavik, Iceland, a hill called รžรบfa (also known as Thufa) draws attention. The 26-foot-tall dome, consisting of some 4,500 tons of gravel, was built by artist ร“lรถf Nordal in 2013. A stone path spirals up the grass-covered hill and the top of the path affords a stunning view of the chilly Atlantic waters, the harbor, and inland to the city skyline. The panoramic view of Iceland’s capital also includes an excellent view of Harpa, the city’s iconic concert hall. That’s a fishing hut atop the hill, the kind of structure traditionally used to hang salted fish to dry, and a tribute to an important industry in Iceland’s past and present.



The Oldest Photographs in the World

1,680,848 views - January 13, 2016

Neil Dinsmore

A collection of the world's oldest and first of their kind photographs, charting the evolution of photography from inception to modern day.


The Perfect Laura Linney

It's hard to choose a photograph of her. Some are too young, too innocent, always too something. She's not about photos, her integrity comes out in her characters. She's attractive, smart, strong professional, feminine, and noble in an everyday sort've way in her characters. She's ... perfect.


Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (Official Music Video)

115,114,897 views - October 25, 2009

Cyndi Lauper