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Forbidden Archaeology - Michael Cremo on Coast to Coast AM Tuesday evening

Forbidden Archaeology/ Midweek Open Lines

Date: Tuesday - May 31, 2016
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael Cremo, Open Lines  

On the cutting edge of science and culture issues, dissident intellectual, Michael Cremo, will discuss his continuing work in forbidden archaeology and human origins including artifacts and discoveries that don't fit into conventional timelines and theories of the academic and scientific communities. He'll also react to the recent news of why Neanderthals built mystery underground circles 175,000 years ago. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.

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Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 18

How the afterlife, spirit energy, and the universe(s) work

Fascinating interview from this past Tuesday with Matthew McKay whose communications with the spirit of his murdered son have unveiled actual details about these subjects. Apparently the book goes into great detail. I'm like a lot of people who dismiss a lot of what I hear on Coast to Coast AM, but I think someone may actually have finally nailed it this time! The interview can be heard on the first hour and fifteen minutes of the above video. Also noteworthy is the website, which converts YouTube videos into audio mp3's for an iPod. After you have finally saved the file, you then need to allow the entire mp3 to download, which you should be able to monitor on the Firefox icon on the bottom of the screen.

Other Side Communications/ Midweek Open Lines

Date: Tuesday - May 24, 2016
Host: George Noory
Guests: Matthew McKay, Open Lines

In the first half, clinical psychologist and a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Matthew McKay who co-founded Haight Ashbury Psychological Services in San Francisco in 1979 and served as its clinical director for twenty-five years discussed how the murder of his son, Jordan, sent him on a journey in search of ways to communicate with him. He recounted his efforts -- including past-life and between-lives hypnotic regressions, induced after-death communication, channeled writing, and more, and how this led to extraordinary revelations -- direct from Jordan -- about the soul’s life after death, and its future development.

In 2008, Jordan was riding his bike in San Francisco when he was accosted by 4 men who attacked and killed him. Devastated and seeking some sort of closure, McKay sought out ways to try and contact his deceased son. He tried many methods, but had some success with eye movement therapy, when he says he actually heard his son's voice telling him "he was still around and he was still watching over us." Eventually, he developed a method of channeling his departed son and began asking questions about the afterlife and reincarnation. Eventually, Jordan laid out a plan to write a book channeled through his father.

As of four years ago, McKay said that Jordan told him he had reincarnated as a girl, but McKay does not know if he will ever meet her. He says that a group called the "guides" will have to decide "whether that is useful to her." When asked why we have to reincarnate, Jordan replied that people needed to experience pain and difficulty to help souls to develop and grow. He said his own life was planned to be short by design. As for an overall message from Jordan. McKay said that we are "not alone. We have no loss. Love is the bridge and conduit with which we can connect."


During Open Lines, Robin called from New York to talk about her mother's experience with channeling good and bad entities and how they seemed to emanate actual smells associated with their intentions. George wondered if he could get actors Leonardo De Caprio and Tom Hanks to be on the show, and Scott from Tulsa claimed that groups of people were paid to radicalize protests at political rallies, such as the one in Albuquerque that turned violent just before tonight's program went on the air. CJ from Oregon expressed his opinion that people in the United States are now "voting for dictators," and that there has been a breakdown of the system of checks and balances that were built into the Constitution.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Steve Kates


Seeking Jordan: How I Learned the Truth about Death and the Invisible Universe

Coast to Coast AM interview with Kim Russo from this past Monday

The interview begins at about the one hour fifteen minute point, and I set it on the right spot. This videos probably won't last because of the copyright, and this channels promotion of "Coast to Coast." The YT user "Conflict" always has the latest programs, and I'll re-link at least the top program since it's so important. Some mainstream institute of science recently tested nineteen spirit mediums, including Kim Russo, with a series of month long tests to examine their accuracy... and the results were conclusive as far as they were concerned. The name of that institute in in the interview if you wanted to write it down later.

Magic of Compassion/ Spirit Communications

Date: Monday - May 23, 2016
Host: George Noory
Guests: Dr. James Doty, Kim Russo

In the latter half, Kim Russo, known as 'The Happy Medium,' the star of Lifetime Movie Network's Psychic Intervention and The Haunting Of... shared how she came to embrace her gift of mediumship, and ultimately accepted her soul's mission as a voice for the spirit world. As a child she began to see curious spirit figures at the foot of her bed, dressed in clothes from a previous era. At first, the spirits were silent, and communication was hindered by her religious upbringing, she remarked. Over the years, through trial and error, she learned how to communicate with spirits and spirit guides, and was able to extensively talk with her husband's spirit guide, initially when she conducted a past life regression with him.

Russo was one of 19 mediums scientifically tested by the Windbridge Institute, who concluded that she was able to tune into a different frequency and bring back accurate information about the deceased that she would have no way of knowing. She cautioned that the Ouija board and recording of EVPs tend to draw in low level entities that might seek to attach themselves to the living. Describing the afterlife, she said that the essence of a person's energy becomes free and travels to its original home in another dimension. When trying to contact a departed loved one, she advised not to request that they take the form of an apparition as this is very difficult for them. Rather, request a sign such as something electronic or a number, as the spirits can more handily manipulate the environment, she noted.


Into the Magic Shop
The Happy Medium: Life Lessons from the Other Side

Huff Paranormal

This is a YouTube channel which researches the paranormal, usually disembodied voices. He's been on the weekend Coast program. They just posted one a few days ago with "Johnny Cash" that was amazing, whether or not you actually believe that it was him or not. Commenters were very moved. It may be one to take a look at. There are many interesting and unique videos there that may sound sort've really out-there by the description, but they do get voices.. usually more than one.

Destination America channel

I'm currently getting the next DirecTV upgrade channels for a few days, which includes what I call the original paranormal cable program 'A Haunting' which I haven't watched in a couple of seasons. I'll have to purchase them. This channel has numerous other such programs, such as 'Paranormal Lockdown' with Katrina Weidman who had been part of one of the forerunner programs of this type.. 'Paranormal State'.

Ghosts on YouTube

I have watched numerous videos of very clear spirit bodies with detail, walking out of elevators or across lobbies. There's one video from a surveillance camera of a black mass in the shape of a body which appears before some young guy and knocks him down and begins to drag him until he gets up and runs away. These are easy to find on YT and I never made any attempt to seek out the best ones for posting here. A smaller percentage of them are very convincing. There are also several videos from surveillance of angels or super beings which are convincing. I'll just post one below that truly defies explanation. It can only be described as some type of super being who saves a man on bicycle from certain death from on oncoming truck.. all captured on CCTV in China. Then he just walks away. This is how the Archangel Michael is supposed to be able to operate. This might be one to go full screen.

There are interviews of personalities from reality tv like Zak Bagans, Amy Allan, and Steve DiSchiavi. There are also many "ghost stories" that are narrated. Actually, I find just unusual narrated stories of any type to be interesting, which reminds one of the old mystery radio programs. I can recall listening to a few of them when I was a kid while my family was driving up to Lake County, California for the weekend. There are other paranormal narrations other than ghosts, often speaking in the first person. This type of narration can really keep your attention in a manner that a video documentary can't. I don't cover the broad paranormal here, but the metaphysical world really overlaps with spiritual tradition.

ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China?

The Observer

Superhuman person or alien saves a man on a motorbike from complete destruction by teleporting him a few meters away in less than a second, and then flees the scene as quickly as possible. A few observations from the footage:

The truck driver swerves to his left at the last second slightly and leaves dark skid marks behind.

The spot the motorbike man is teleported from, there is a dark round imprint left on the road and the same around the new position which both gradually fade away after a few seconds (while the skid marks remain). The truck driver can be observed looking at the dark ring closest to him in confusion, as it fades away (he looks right at this spot). Also, he doesn't know whether to go and apologise to the motorbike man because he isn't sure if it's who he thought he was about to run over, so he wanders around dazed (most likely questioning his own sanity).

The superhuman person (teleporter/jumper) seems to have rather large hands which appear unusually bright white (unless wearing gloves) and is quick to put them in pockets while fleeing the scene. Why flee the scene so quickly? The superhuman could be afraid of being different / rejection from society and so does not want recognition for the heroic act. Or perhaps the hoody is hiding a distinct alien appearance.

The motorbike man sits on the kerb totally bewildered (in shock) trying to figure out where he went and how he survived and ended up safely behind the truck with a random person in a hoody by his side.

The superhuman person likely does not say a word to either of the men, and does not want to acknowledge the intervention at all.

The mysterious hooded figure leaves the scene in a similar direction to whence it came when first bursting on to the scene, which is consistent.

These are just some thoughts I thought I'd throw out there! Enjoy the video!

The dark side of ghosts

Part of the purpose of this series is to come to some conclusions about the metaphysical, the spirit and energy world, and the afterlife. The Matthew and Jordan McKay experience is a big step, and I will probably review the entire book at some point, so I skipped those important particulars. The below video is a full episode (which won't last long on YT due to the copyright) of Syfy's 'Paranormal Witness' entitled 'Poppy's Revenge'.

Unfortunately this episode seems to suggest that a spirit from even a close relative can go full-on evil, for no apparent reason. This may be part of the equation of the afterlife; that it's not necessarily any more "fair" than our world. It's been awhile since I watched this, but I suspect that this must be a ghost-spirit that hasn't crossed over yet; and this earthbound limbo state may actually be a type of... or even The "Hell."

Therefore if the person was mentally impaired late in their life, then they will be mentally impaired in this limbo state. They can grow in power, be angry or jealous of the living, and hurt them. Fortunately I believe that we have protective spirits. I think after spirits cross over and complete the current life process, they then become the best of what they are in spirit. 'Paranormal Witness' is a good program that will air later this year.

Poppys Revenge * paranormal witness * documentary

Aubrey Devin


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Earth and Mankind - The uneasy marriage

I recently overheard a Christian say "I open my heart to everyone, since each and every person was created in the image of God." To me, something just isn't quite right about that. Clearly this man has elevated every person on the face of the earth.. above every animal. Jerry Sandusky is--within this mindset--better than that mother cat in Russia who covered an abandoned human baby, which she discovered in the snow, with her fur overnight until help arrived. If she were run over by a car, the "in the image of God" guy might say "it's just dead cat"; but may also compassionately comfort Ted Bundy before his execution.

Just in a simple pragmatic way, a mountain lion is--to an extreme degree--not a threat to a lone hiker, even though it certainly could be physically. In other words, there have been only about a dozen recorded mountain lion killings of humans in the state of California since the 1800s. Still, the media gets so excited every time one is spotted near any urban area. There's a much greater chance of being attacked, or even just harassed, by another person than by any animal even when in the wild. Mr. "in the image of God" is protesting nature and evolutionary struggle itself. There are human predators of every type, all around us if we look. Christians would call this, man's "sin nature."

I don't understand how Christians can believe in two entirely different concepts at the same time. On one hand, all men were created in God's image (inherently good) vs. the "sin nature" concept in which all individual humans are "wretched" by nature (inherently evil). There's even a Christian television program called 'Wretched', in reference to mankind's evil nature. I used "vs." for comparison, but actually those two ideas are commonly just mixed freely together. 

It would seem obvious that the answer would lie somewhere in the middle. Recently while hiking, I came upon a few brush rabbits feeding on a mountain slope with a breathtaking view of San Francisco in the horizon. Those rabbits are not able to comprehend this sight. They can't even see it. Even if these rabbits were feeding upon a mountain slope with a beautiful view of a valley with forest and lake, green land and blue sky on a perfect day.... they couldn't see it, nor comprehend it if they could. Even more intelligent animals like dogs or cats, although we can observe them enjoying the sun and the environment sometimes, really aren't able to comprehend the horizon, or the earth... or contemplate the vast universe or existence itself. Mankind is a little bit special, under the right circumstances.

What would the earth be like if there were no humans? Of course, it would be better off in many ways. However, what good would it be without a person--lets just say a more intelligent and spiritually developed person--to stand on a mountaintop on a sunny day and gaze upon the beautiful sky and horizon, or observe a deer or hawk in the distance? It would seem somewhat pointless. This marriage is both complimentary and destructive.

Recently I was driving amid a new housing development along a mountain slope. In this particular case, these homes were constructed to be a little larger and more beautiful than the typical housing development we see. Each home seemed to have its own special and unique place, elevation, spacing, and setting. These homes were constructed on only one side of a beautiful green valley. Although I wasn't very enthusiastic about this new development, I begrudgingly had to admit that I could see dramatic views of the rugged opposite mountainside which I was unable to see before. Also, the homes were well nestled into the hillside, rather than the "urban jungle" or "suburban sprawl" look. Since the opposite mountainside was part of a park, developers cannot touch it. 

As a consequence of all of this, it was a good marriage of civilization and nature, earth and mankind. Of course, there have been nightmares with commercial high rises constructed on the edge of beautiful parks and neighborhoods. I am not referring to downtown areas in big cities, which have their own scale, and the people who prefer dense urban life; or not even to rural areas in particular. Suburbanites, like vast majority of people, want their cake and eat it too. They want "quiet" and big city convenience. I don't seem to have an appropriate ending to this, so I'll just end by saying that we shouldn't just be indiscriminately paving over the earth. Mankind needs limitations.


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Göbekli Tepe documentary

Gobekli Tepe - National Geographic

Angels N Demons

11,500 year old man-made structures discovered in Turkey.

Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe ("Potbelly Hill") is an archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of modern-day Turkey, approximately 12 km (7 mi) northeast of the city of Şanlıurfa. The tell has a height of 15 m (49 ft) and is about 300 m (984 ft) in diameter. It is approximately 760 m (2,493 ft) above sea level.

The tell includes two phases of ritual use dating back to the 10th – 8th millennium BCE. During the first phase, pre-pottery Neolithic A (PPNA), circles of massive T-shaped stone pillars were erected. More than 200 pillars in about 20 circles are currently known through geophysical surveys. Each pillar has a height of up to 6 m (20 ft) and a weight of up to 20 tons. They are fitted into sockets that were hewn out of the bedrock. In the second phase, Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB), the erected pillars are smaller and stood in rectangular rooms with floors of polished lime. The site was abandoned after the PPNB-period. Younger structures date to classical times.

The purpose of the structures is not yet clear. It was excavated by a German archaeological team under the direction of Klaus Schmidt from 1996 until his death in 2014; Schmidt believed that they had been early neolithic sanctuaries.

Göbekli Tepe - Proto-European or True-Mediterranean?

Of course, the land now known as "Turkey" was only associated with Turkic people when they invaded the region about 900 years ago. Prior to that, this land was part of Europe (Byzantine Rome). Before Roman influence, it was Greek in the west, and apparently Keltoi in the east. However, due to its proximity to the great ancient Middle East civilizations, such as Phoenicia-Canaan, there is no way to determine if this early civilization that Göbekli Tepe was part of was coming from Europe or the Middle East.

There's no way to determine the answer at this time. We still don't truly know if the ancient Greeks were Proto-European or True-Mediterranean. My guess was that the ancient Greeks were basically of True-Mediterranean origin, as the Olympian pantheon replaced the early Proto-European pantheon revolving around the Goddess Hecate. This would show that the True-Mediterraneans migrated westward, perhaps preceded in the east by a small Teutonic migration which resulted in the Celtic (Keltoi) culture.

11,500 years ago would put this time in the middle of the last glacial movement. This would mean that half of Europe was covered by a massive sheet of ice. The Proto-Europeans lived in the southern half of the continent, and I'm guessing perhaps also in what is now the Maghrib and in the northern Caucusus. This would have been about 6,000 years before the Sumerian civilization to the east. This is such a long time that it would seem beyond the orbit of the progression of civilization as we now know it. 

Somewhat adding to the confusion is that Göbekli Tepe is located on the southeast edge of what is now Turkey, close to what later was known as the Phoenician civilization. However, this was more than 8,000 years before Phoenicia-Canaan. Too long to tie the two in any manner, or to any particular ethnic type. We probably can at least say that Göbekli Tepe was Indo-European.

The Göbekli Tepe ruins are an unearthed group of temples, far from being fully excavated. Only a fraction of it has been uncovered. An older group of circular temples, discovered with ground penetrating radar, are estimated at about 14,000 years old. If we look at the individual temples, I counted ten T-shaped outer pillars and two T-shaped inner pillars, they look as though they could be a type of technology used to harness an energy or power. They were very well constructed. 

Another factor to consider that this would not have been today's sunny Turkey It would have resembled the climate of Scotland. Given all of these particulars, especially the compression of this people into southern Europe at that time, I would lean towards this being a Proto-European construction. Their is evidence of some advanced technology and understanding from these peoples; Stonehenge and the Nebra sky disk come to mind. Lastly, why did they eventually bury these temples and pillars?

'Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods' (Collins; 2014)

Pictorial Representation Of Göbekli Tepe Found (Andrew Collins)


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May Harvest/Flower Moon 2

Winter Grain Harvest/May Harvest Moon

May Harvest

Mid-May has traditionally been the time of the early harvest in the old European cultural, agricultural, and pagan societies. I believe that it was also called the "Winter Grain Harvest," as like.. the harvest coming out've the late winter.

Full Flower Moon

This coming Saturday evening is the Full Flower Moon. I believe that it has also been called the "May Harvest Moon," tying the two concepts together.

Raven Grimassi on Blog Talk Radio 2016

Main Street Universe hosted an hour long interview with Raven and Stephanie Taylor Grimassi on Blog Talk Radio. Blogspot won't support this embedding, so it's located at the above link.

Russian film 'Viking' due for 2016 release

This film is not connected to the very popular cable tv series

VIKING 2016 movie trailer from SkyPIX on Vimeo.

Horror movies and evolutionary memory

Recently I watched the movie 'Krampus', which was perhaps more in the category of "scary" than the horror genre. Despite its origin in folklore, it's not really the type of movie I would review. It was more of just a scary family Christmas movie. Krampus is very similar to other Alpine legends, such as the Badalisc of Camunian folklore. While watching, it occurred to me that part of the appeal of horror movies is that they subconsciously appeal to our DNA memory from virtually all of our history of living amid the harshness and danger of nature and its evolutionary struggle.

During all of that time, our ancestors lived in constant danger... from weather, dangerous predators, starvation, discomfort, or other competing tribal groups. They particularly feared the night. The night was truly a dark time where they shut themselves off from their environment as much as they could. It's not hard to figure out why the sun and moon were so revered. The typical "cabin in the woods" theme of many horror movies, ties directly to our ancestral memory of living in isolation... the dangers. "Help" would never be on its way. They had to fend for themselves.

I read once that rabbits, although they can make good pets, never fully trust you. They have been at the bottom of the food chain for so long that they maintain their tense nature. Dogs and cats descended from small predators, so they don't feel this psychological-social strain. Our bodies actually crave being scared. We get a certain chemical rush from it. Most people live relatively safe lives, so they're disconnected from nature.

Wild animals possess a "sixth sense"... the ability to sense danger, as well as other heightened senses and awareness. We've lost this ability, although some people can develop it if they live in remote areas, and are close to nature. Horror movies allow us to get that chemical rush which our bodes crave. Our struggling ancestors didn't know what to expect, as a danger could present itself at any time. This is a lot like in horror movies... a theater of the unexpected. The vampire, werewolf, or Krampus of the Middle Ages have morphed into the Mr. Hyde, killer clown, or Jack the Ripper of today.

A town on fire for over 50 years

Urban Exploration: Centralia, PA Ghost Town Burning Underground


Centralia, PA is a modern day ghost town with an ongoing underground inferno. Silent Hill was inspired by Centralia's plight. It was also a model for various movies that wanted to give a hell-like appearance in a ghost town.

There used to be a WARNING - DANGER sign posted here from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania stating that walking or driving in this area could result in serious injury or death; that dangerous gases are present and the ground is prone to sudden collapse.

Centralia was once a prosperous coal mining town with 1,100 population. It included 4 movie theatres, 7 bars, a school and a gas station.

In the spring of 1962, a fire which started at the town dump during spring cleanup ignited the coal present at the ground level as this area is very rich in coal. As firefighters worked to try and extinguish that fire, it had already spread to the underground abandoned coal tunnels that are 100 meters in depth. After a couple of decades, attempts to put out the fire failed. State and federal authorities said they didn't have enough funding to do the job right. They tried digging up the coal around the burn site but it was burning faster than they could dig and there are too many tunnels too flood.

Approximately 450 acres of underground coal has been on fire since. This type of coal is called anthracite which is difficult to ignite, but very difficult to extinguish. There are 3000 acres of coal field here underground, so with enough oxygen feeding this fire from other mining tunnels, the fire is expected to last at least another 100-200 years, maybe longer. The temperature of the active burn area below ground is 1100-1200 degrees Farhenheit. Tests by scientists and geologists were done here that showed the ground temperature to be around 440 degrees Celsius a foot into the ground.

With the threats of hydrogen explosions, carbon monoxide and cave-ins, most residents were relocated in the 80s. The houses were then torn down leaving approximately 11 people behind who refused to evacuate despite the danger and risks involved such as dangerous gasses, explosions and sink holes. The ground beneath could collapse and has done so already. Looking down the now-empty streets, you can see that nature has reclaimed her land, albeit, a dangerous one. Buildings, cars and trees can fall into this pit at any time.

The old Hwy 61 that used to bring traffic to Centralia has been destroyed by the underground fire. It is constantly subsiding with smoke usually billowing out from the pits and separations that will continue to get wider and deeper day-by-day. This is called subsidence. This is due to the coal seams the run below ground at steep angles which cause the road above ground to collapse as the coal burns.

According to engineers, the only way to stop this fire is to dig the entire 3000 acres of coal field under this town and surrounding area. This would cost $600 million which is more than the US governments were willing to pay.

Ironically, a small town just south of Centralia, Byrnesville (of all names) was also evacuated and now empty. Mostly coal miners resided here of an Irish-Catholic desent. Both Centralia and Byrnesville were a tight-knit community, and many did not want to leave.

There is a time capsule that still lies buried in the ground in Centralia. This was set up as a memorial for the working class town to be opened in 2016 which would be Centralia's 150th Anniversary. Whether the residents return to open it on that date is yet to be seen.

The Weather Channel selected portions of this video for their "Most Toxic Ghost Towns" video.

Thanks for watching!

*UPDATE* The time capsule ended up being opened on October 4, 2014 which was much earlier than expected.

'Centralia PA Time Capsule Opened Early'

Centralia - Full Documentary

Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning


Official video of Juice Newton performing Angel Of The Morning from the album Angel Of The Morning.

Buy It Here:

Official Website:

Scarlet Johansson - 2 early underrated movies

A couple of weeks ago I watched Scarlet Johansson in 'Lucy', in which through a fluke a young woman started being able to use more and more than the average 10% of her brain and manipulate the laws of nature. At times I found myself fantasizing that this character was like perhaps the Goddess Iduna, returning to the modern world. A pack of guys with guns are coming towards her.... and she raises one hand and they all instantly fall and go fast asleep. Wow! Just like the divine feminine... she didn't even harm them. "She is a god or something like that ?" -- Shaco, YouTube user

In 1996, at about age 12, she stared in a movie entitled 'Manny and Lo' about two sisters who run away from their foster homes. Although it may not sound especially interesting or even for adults, it's really a good movie. I haven't seen it for a long time, but part of the movie revolves around them breaking into an unoccupied house in the country... which then became their "paradise" as one reviewer described it. It's more than just cute, and I would recommend it.

'Ghost World' (2001) was a movie about two semi-social outcasts during the summer after they graduated from high school. Johansson stars along with Thora Birch who was excellent in this. The writers/producers took some creative liberties, such as giving the film a slight 50s/60s visual and feel to it, and giving Birch's character a fetish for the 50s... which would be rather unlikely for teens any time after 1990. She goes to garage sales and swap meets to find unusual clothes in an almost theater-like endeavor. I'm not going to review it, but it's interesting.... interesting characters, and very different. Just as with the previous, this movie could be enjoyed by any age I think.

"Portals to Hell"

The Door to Hell


In this episode of SciShow, Hank talks about a crater in Turkmenistan that has been on fire for decades and has earned itself the title of: The Door to Hell!


There are numerous "doorways to Hell," such as St. Patrick's Purgatory in Ireland, the Necromanteion temple in Greece, and Mt. Hekla in Iceland.

The red bead necklace

I confess, I've never been a fan of pearl, shell, or white bead necklaces. They just seem a bit gaudy, at least with white, or even black. Those colors are all wrong.. However, a red bead necklace looks so sightly. The red works perfectly. Just a thought.

The real Lagertha

Did you know that the character Lagertha, Ragnar Lothbrok's wife, in History's Vikings is loosly based on a real historical figure? Lagertha was, according to legend, a Danish Viking shieldmaiden from what is now Norway, and the onetime wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok (D. 840 or 865), Her tale, as recorded by the chronicler Saxo in the 12th century, may be a reflection of tales about Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr, a Norse deity. Her name, latinized to Lathgertha by Saxo, probably derives from the Old Norse Hlaðgerðr (Hladgerd).

His frequently rendered in English-language sources as "Lagertha", and has also been recorded as Ladgertha, Ladgerda or similar. Lagertha's tale is recorded in passages in the ninth book of the Gesta Danonum, a 12th century work of Danish history by Saxo Grammaticus. According to the Gesta, Lagertha's career as a warrior began when Frø, king of Sweden, invaded Norway and killed the Norwegian king Siward, Frø put the women of the death king's family into a bothel for public humilation. Hearing of this Ragnar Lodbrok came with an army to avenge his grandfather Siward. Many of the women Frø had ordered abused dressed themselves in men clothing and fought on Ragnar's side. Chief among them, and the key to Ragnar's victory was Lagertha.

Saxo recounts:

"Ladgerda, a skilled Amazon, who, though a maiden, had the courage of a man, and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. All marveled at her matchless deeds, for her lock flying down her back betrayed that she was a woman." Impressed with her courage, Ragnar courted her from afar. Lagertha feigned interest and Ragnar arrived to seek her hand, bidding his companions wait in the Gaular Valley. He was set upon by a bear and a great hound which Lagertha had guarding her home, but killed the bear with his spear and choked the hound to death. Thus he won the hand of Lagertha in marriage. According to Saxo, Ragnar had a son with her, Fridleif, as well as two daughters, whose names are not recorded.

After returning to Denmark to fight a civil war, Ragnar (who, was still annoyed that Lagertha had set beasts against him) divorced Lagertha in order to marry Þóra Town-Hart, the daughter of king Herrauðr of Sweden. He won the hand of his new love after numerous adventures, but upon returning to Denmark was again faced with a civil war. He sent to Norway for support, and Lagertha, who still loved him, came to his aid with 120 ships, according to Saxo. When at the height of the battle, Ragnar's son Siward was wounded, Lagertha saved the day for Ragnar with a counter attack:

"Lagertha, who had a matchless spirit though a delicate frame, covered by her splendid bravery the indination of the soldiers to waver. For she made a sally about, and flew round to the rear of the enemy, taking them unawares, and thus turned the panic of her friends into the campn of the enemy." upon returnng to Norway, she quarreled with her husband, and slew him with a spearhead she concealed in her gown. Saxo concludes that she then "usurped the whole of his name and sovereignty; for this most presumpuous dame thought it pleasanter to rule without her husband than to share the throne with him.

-- Huscarl, Anglo Saxon Foundation

Horseless carriage

One of the first models of automobile was the Hupmobile, manufactured by Hupp Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan starting in 1909. One of my past relatives, whose family had arrived in the U.S. before mine did, was apparently the first to own an automobile in Milaca, Minnesota. The above image may be a different model, but it was from around that period and it looks so fancy and restored. Over the years, I have come across a couple of financially well off guys who've rented one of those small light industrial property units, with a front desk, a couple of offices, and an operations area with a back garage door. They used them as sort've a clubhouse with perhaps one employee - a mechanic to work on a couple of auto projects. Wouldn't that just be ~perfect~

The Hollies "The Air That I Breathe" 


Graham Nash played an important role in the early history of the Hollies, but after his departure in December 1968, the group achieved some of its greatest successes. After hearing Phil Everly's fine version of "The Air That I Breathe" written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, the Hollies recorded the definitive version, engineered by Alan Parsons. Released as a single in January 1974 on Polydor Records, it reached #2 in the UK. In the US it was released on the Epic label and achieved #6. It can be found on the CD on Best of the Hollies: Air That I Breathe and The Hollies' Greatest Hits on EMI. It clearly demonstrates that Allan Clarke was one of the best lead singers of the era. Terry Sylvester's background singing and Tony Hicks' guitar add to the great sound. 


It's funny how you can have an association between a song, a place, and a time. I do with this one; half reality/half fantasy. Great ethereal sound.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May Harvest/Flower Moon 1

Heidevolk - Veleda

All Beyond Epic

A very beautiful and folky song from the Dutch metal band Heidevolk!


Veleda (c. 70 AD)

Veleda was a prophetess among the ancient Germanics of whom the historian Tacitus spoke, "She exercises a great authority, for women have been held here from ancient times to be prophetic, and, by excessive superstition, divine. The fame of Veleda stood on the highest elevation, for she foretold to the Germans a prosperous issue, but to the legions their destruction! Veleda dwelt upon a high tower, whence messengers were dispatched bearing her oracular counsels to those who sought them; but she herself was rarely seen, and none was allowed to approach her. Cercalis is said to have secretly begged her to let the Romans have better success in the war. In the reign of Emperor Vespasian she was honored as a goddess."

Veleda predicted the success of Claudius Civilis in the Batavian Revolt (69-70 AD) and the fall of the Roman Empire. A.G.H.

Veleda (Wikipedia)

Veleda was a priestess and prophet of the Germanic tribe of the Bructeri who achieved some prominence during the Batavian rebellion of AD 69–70, headed by the Romanized Batavian chieftain Gaius Julius Civilis, when she correctly predicted the initial successes of the rebels against Roman legions.

'Veleda' -Poem by Ellin Anderson

Baiae Tunnels | Mysteries From Ancient Times | True Scary Video

Scary Chiller

Baiae Tunnels | Mysteries From Ancient Times | True Scary Video's our new channel.This channel is filled with various scary content.Here you will find only Scary videos,ghost videos, scary stories...And We make it horrible movement in your life..Subscribe us and join play Fearful Moments.........

Cumaean Sibyl

The Cumaean Sibyl was the priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Cumae, a Greek colony located near Naples, Italy. The word sibyl comes (via Latin) from the ancient Greek word sibylla, meaning prophetess.

Illuminati Egyptian God of Dead Statue at Denver EXPOSED !!! Truth in Plain Sight !!!

The Vigilant Christian

The Illuminati hide their truth right in front of the eyes of the brainwashed masses and yet they remain clueless! A statue of The Egyptian god of the dead has been erected at the New World Airport in Denver !!! In this video I completely expose the truth that is right in front of your eyes !!! Please share this video !!! God Bless and STAY VIGILANT !!!

Ancient Egyptian and Alchemical symbolism

I don't necessarily agree with this presentation. I don't cover general mysteries here, although I think we should be aware of what's out there. It seems certain that this airport is pegged as an important future hub for this continent, and Denver will likely play a major role at some point.. Just because someone gloms onto a symbol, or anything, that doesn't mean that they have exclusive rights to it. Christianity came right out've Egyptian mythology, so many Freemasons are merely adhering to the same very old story as Christianity which is number 16 of 15 earlier versions. I really just wanted to comment on some of the old or ancient symbols used.

Apparently the statue of the Egyptian god Anubis is fairly new. It seems out've place standing along an airport runway. Why not in a park somewhere? Who actually "decided" that Freemasons need to be the administers of ancient Egyptian mythology anyway!? This type of loud Masonic fetishism doesn't strike me as being impressive, or even especially  respectful to ancient Egyptian culture. The Egyptian park that the Rosicrucians have in San Jose is impressive however.

The dark horse of the apocalypse with the eerie glowing red eyes is more overt fetishism. I think a black horse with smaller glowing blue eyes would have been sufficient and easier on the eyes. The black horse is featured in Celtic mythology as well. This horse is actually blue, and some believe that it actually represents the white horse of the apocalypse. I think either black or white would have looked much better. Again, instead of up upon a hill, the Masons placed it on a dry field by itself. Also, why don't these men have the courage to just state flatly that this is their religion, instead of this incessant passive-aggressive approach?

Again, I like the symbolism in and of themselves, but not the way they're arranged and certainly not the people behind this type of public display. Are Masons "attention whores?"; because they never provide any answers. If it's your religion, fine! Say so! Another symbol are the two gargoyles. I like gargoyles, and although gargoyles are usually a somewhat harsh symbol, these particular ones are positioned inside of a suitcase. It looks plain stupid. Gargoyles look good positioned up high on a wall or roof. Nearby where I live, a home was rebuilt and two or three little gargoyles were anchored on the multilayered roof. It looks great, very artistic.

Lastly, in a related video (Denver Airport Artwork and Pale Horse explained... and the Bank of America)  which also covered some new murals at the Bank of America headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, a "Black Sun" is depicted. In this case, an Egyptian Black Sun. However, the Black Sun is also a Germanic occult symbol.

Did the Norse/Germanic runes really originate from Old Italic Script?

In a posting entitled 'The Futhark-Order out of Chaos: the synthesis between the "Left" and "Right" Brains' at, this issue is raised using source material. Many of the ancient "Camunian-Valtellinese runes" from the first millennium BCE appear very close to the the Odinic rune signs. I would ask could these runes have originated from earlier proto-European cultures?

'Rebellion of the Damned: Witchcraft as Social Revolt in Early Modern France' (Mark Laskey - - September 9, 2014)

This was an interesting article in which we see---not a "Christian makeover" of folk paganism---but something of a "Satanic makeover." The late Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan, was quoted as saying: regarding witches ("white" or otherwise) and occultists (Alchemists?): "These people too are playing the Devil's game, they are just not using the Devil's name!" This clever piece takes evidence and history, and syncretizes it in every way to turn the pagans, or even just the accused, into Satanists. For example, many killed in the inquisitions were not "witches" at all, but real or perceived enemies of the church and state. In this manner, the two camps can be conflated.

In addition, France's "peasant revolts" are tied to Aradia's call for witches to fight back with unconventional warfare. This is quite a stretch since it would need to be established that her words stretched over national borders in the Middle Ages. Aradia lived in Tuscany, which was a nation at that time. Clearly a lot of thought went into this. The word "sabotage"---in regards to the peasants burning crops or poisoning wells---is of French origin, and was tied to the word "sabbat" as in a "witches' sabbat." However, the real origin of this word is tied to an unrelated word "sabots" meaning a type of shoes worn by medieval peasants in France.

Satanists have adopted European pagan festivals (European Witchcraft, Asatru, Druidism, etc.) as their very own. Also, the inverted pentagram was cleverly adopted and conflated with the goat's head. I guess it's like the Medieval Christians; once they got all of your stuff, they then want YOU. Lets face it, in every movement, concern, revisionism, etc., there are certain individuals who fantasize about themselves in the collective. They project "themselves" into everything.... "Back in the day, we sure burned those crops and poisoned those wells! We were at war with the Christians after all." In other words, this is a fantasy article.

For whatever it's worth, Aradia didn't advocate poisoning the wells. If they poisoned the wells, they would be killing their own much more than the clergy or the aristocracy. She did advocate fighting back, of which I wouldn't be opposed to; but the point is that what was suggested in this article never happened! "Satanism" was a projection onto others by the church. Through the power of suggestion, the Christian inquisitors were the defacto founders of "Satanism." This article uses records of forced confessions to attempt to prove that certain accused witches caused some natural or accidental calamities, such as a local plague, in the name of "the Devil."

Poor excuse for propaganda

The following quote was used in the article:

“The witches were a vast political movement, an organized society, which was anti-social and anarchical, a world wide plot against civilizations.”
-- Montague Summers (1928 preface to the Malleus Maleficarum)

'Malleus Maleficarum' was a propaganda book from the Middle Ages, written as an instruction manual against the perceived army of Satan. How to torture people, get confessions, then murder them. Montague Summers was a clergyman, and according to Wikipedia....

"He is known primarily for his scholarly work on the English drama of the 17th century, as well as for his idiosyncratic studies on witches, vampires, and werewolves, in all of which he professed to believe."

It's important to note that this brand of torture wasn't waterboarding. It was absolutely devastating. Even Pat Robertson recently stated that this period of time in the history of Christianity was shameful.

Most Gruesome Medieval Torture Devices

Interesting Facts About Life

Laura Branigan - Gloria

Sarah Ellis

Her smash hit from 1982 and a song that still brings people to the dance floor. Such a tragic loss of a wonderful person and performer.


'Gloria' was originally performed by a guy from Turin named Umberto Tozzi. I think the late Laura Branigan's version was better. Really uplifting.

BBC Newyddion (23/09/2008 1930) Opening (with Subtitles)


news in welsh/cymru language for Wales, which is a part of the United Kingdom, bordering England to its east, and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea to its west.

The "Maine penny" looks like it has a solar cross, circled with runestones

The Maine penny, also referred to as the Goddard coin, is a Norwegian silver coin dating to the reign of Olaf Kyrre King of Norway (1067–1093 AD). It has been suggested as evidence of Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact.

The CB radio era: The first social networking

Citizens band radio

CB Radio Club in the 70s

james shaw

Cretan "Phaistos Disc" contains a prayer to the "Mother Goddess"

Phaistos Disc

Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old 'Phaistos Disk' Code Finaly Cracked

The Cosmos News

A fired-clay disk from the Second Millenium B.C. may finally have had some of its markings decoded.

The mysterious "Phaistos disk," found in 1908 in a palace called Phaistos on the island of Crete, contains symbols on both sides, in a spiral configuration meant to be read from the outside toward the center. It is estimated to date from about 1,700 B.C.

For better than a century, scientists have been trying to decode the meaning behind the symbols, and now Dr. Gareth Owens, of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, says he has figured out some of its keywords and the general message it conveys.

Read Full Story

Giza pyramid likely a wireless electrical power plant

The technology which powered the Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Mystery Resolved - Pyramids Of Giza Incredible!!!

Misterios Develados

About the pyramids :

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is now El Giza, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Egyptologists believe that the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) over a 10 to 20-year period concluding around 2560 BCE. Initially at 146.5 metres (481 feet), the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

Originally, the Great Pyramid was covered by casing stones that formed a smooth outer surface; what is seen today is the underlying core structure. Some of the casing stones that once covered the structure can still be seen around the base. There have been varying scientific and alternative theories about the Great Pyramid's construction techniques. Most accepted construction hypotheses are based on the idea that it was built by moving huge stones from a quarry and dragging and lifting them into place.

There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest chamber is cut into the bedrock upon which the pyramid was built and was unfinished. The so-called Queen's Chamber and King's Chamber are higher up within the pyramid structure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid in Egypt known to contain both ascending and descending passages. The main part of the Giza complex is a setting of buildings that included two mortuary temples in honor of Khufu (one close to the pyramid and one near the Nile), three smaller pyramids for Khufu's wives, an even smaller "satellite" pyramid, a raised causeway connecting the two temples, and small mastaba tombs surrounding the pyramid for nobles.

[Above: The Lighthouse at Alexandria as it would have looked over 2,000 years ago. Amazingly, it would not look out of place if it were sitting in New York harbor today!]

It is believed the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and was constructed over a 20 year period. Khufu's vizier, Hemon, or Hemiunu, is believed by some to be the architect of the Great Pyramid. It is thought that, at construction, the Great Pyramid was originally 280 Egyptian cubits tall, 146.5 metres (480.6 ft) but with erosion and absence of its pyramidion, its present height is 138.8 metres (455.4 ft). Each base side was 440 cubits, 230.4 metres (755.9 ft) long. The mass of the pyramid is estimated at 5.9 million tonnes. The volume, including an internal hillock, is roughly 2,500,000 cubic metres. Based on these estimates, building this in 20 years would involve installing approximately 800 tonnes of stone every day.

Similarly, since it consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks, completing the building in 20 years would involve moving an average of more than 12 of the blocks into place each hour, day and night. The first precision measurements of the pyramid were made by Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie in 1880--82 and published as The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh. Almost all reports are based on his measurements. Many of the casing stones and inner chamber blocks of the Great Pyramid were fit together with extremely high precision. Based on measurements taken on the north eastern casing stones, the mean opening of the joints is only 0.5 millimetres wide (1/50th of an inch).

This documentary brings the revelation of the pyramids


Timeless 'Midnight Rider'

Some music is stuck in time, and somewhat out've place. Some are not.

Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider (Exclusive Video)

Sandman368 Video-Variety-Channel