Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Four old famous magical books

4 Creepy Ancient Magic Books That Really Exist

Mysteriously Fascinating

Magic books have fascinated people from the dawn of ages with various weird phrases, spells, illustrations and everything of the unknown which was mysterious, creepy and terrifying as well as intriguing to everyone.

Not everyone were involved in magic, whether real or not, authentic and a source of ancient wisdom or just a hoax and a prank, in this video we feature 4 ancient magic books that really exist and stayed preserved, with not many copies left at all.

These ancient magic books remain to this day mysterious, some believe eveb sacred, and a lot of the text in them cannot be translated because of various codes or writings in an unknown language.

The books contain strange drawings, phrases and unknown text, they date back to the 16th and 18th century, yet some of these ancient magic books claim to have knowledge of the mythical Atlantis.

If demonology, spells, angles and more interest you, then you better have a hold of these books or read about them as they are really strange, mysterious and can be even creepy.

There’s even a book here that there is a debate about the order it should be read, the direction of the words and phrases and more, so without a doubt these ancient magic books are not your typical novels at the store, they are something else…mysterious. Real or not, we don’t know…but we here at Mysteriously Fascinating thought it could interest you.

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I don't think you could leave out here 'The Book of the Law' by Aleister Crowley. I think that Crowley was spot on, but who wants to conjure up ancient demons to bring into their lives?


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