Monday, September 21, 2015

Our date with destiny: September 23 - Part 4

There are many dates and legends tied to Bible prophesy and Israel that are coming to a head this month. There are many websites and videos which explain this concern much better than I can, so I will just cover a few of the notes I took. September 13, 2015 was apparently the end of the “Shemitah Year” as described by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. This seventh year cycle does have a strange occurrence of terrorism, natural disaster, and economic collapse; however it has passed now. The Bible points to September 23, 2015, “the Day of Atonement,” as the start of the “Year of Jubilee” for the raptured Bride of Christ; and September 24, 2015, as the start of the “Days of Darkness,” also known as the “Day of the Lord.”

I don’t have the background to know what all of that really means, but it has sounded like a type of “judgement.” Some of these dates, such as the four blood moons (and numerous others), do line up eerily with Jewish holidays. September 23 and 28 are very special dates. It is the 50th year of Jubilee. 49 years (7x7) have passed from and after Israel won the 6 days war in Jerusalem, and it has fulfilled the Prophecy of Daniel 9:25. The long talked about financial crash and the grid going down are two of the talked about possibilities. I think looking at everything objectively, September 23 and 28 are the two dates to watch out for. Unless something extraordinary happens, I don’t plan on pinning down any certain date in this manner again.

Still, the “923” symbolism has been extraordinary enough that I think I’ll be looking out for it if even for the final time. Some powerful people really did make a definite point to promote this date. September 28 is the last blood moon of the “Tetrad” (the four blood moons cycle) and it's going be a super blood moon rising up in Jerusalem and it will be the Feast of Tabernacle. “The Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.” (Joel 2:31). Now that’s a pretty strong Bible quote, and it’s applicable with the fourth blood moon and the fourth on a Jewish holiday.

“Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.” (Revelation 6:15). Well, there are significant underground systems which tie into “continuity of government,” and at least a few of the rich and wealthy have abruptly left the country. “I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red.” (Revelation 6:12; the “Sixth Seal”). With the final blood moon one week from tomorrow, and with the tie-in to Israel, it makes one wonder. Again, it’s the totality of how all of this aligns that could get the attention of a critical thinker. If that “923 codex” wasn’t hidden-in-plain-sight as much as it has been for years, then I probably would not bother with all of this.

Some believe that as the UN meets in the next week, there allegedly will be a push by France and others for Israel to split the holy land into two nation states. The belief is that if the U.S. takes this position, and in some people’s minds “betrays” Israel of the land that it was “promised” by God, then this “Sixth Seal” prophesy will be fulfilled. That perhaps being the eruption of either the Yellowstone supervolcano or the “Madrid fault." One popular notion is that the Madrid fault would massively erupt and split the U.S. in two as “punishment.” Ideas like this usually originate from the “Christian Zionist” camp, made up overwhelmingly of Christians, not Jews. The Pope also meets with President Obama, and the Vatican is one of, if not the most powerful institutions in the world. I don’t think there’s even the remotest possibility of a two-state Israel, but that doesn’t mean that this converging of the forces of nature with the politics of man isn’t significant.

September 14, 2015 is allegedly “The Year of Lucifer,” according to a code on the back of the U.S. dollar bill. Some believe that the true purpose of the Large Hadron Collider is to somehow connect with the south pole of Saturn, which is the massive continuous storm that’s in the shape of a human eye, as like with a “stargate.” This, they believe, will usher in the return of the “Golden Age” on earth. So much of our culture is defined with ancient Saturnian symbolism which ties into literal features on Saturn and its moons in which those ancient peoples should not have known anything about. However, that doesn’t mean that this is true, nor does it guarantee what certain “cult of Saturn” devotees may want to happen. Apparently ancient Zorastrian, Incan, and possibly Mayan prophesies also point to the return of a “golden age.”

Other oddities tied to this time period include the World Trade Center being hit just as 9:02 AM turned to 9:03 AM (“9/23”). The 2012 film ‘Prometheus’ seemingly has some tie-in to the concept of opening a “doorway” as with the collider with other “beings” coming through. There apparently will be a planetary alignment which will mark “the time of the crossing,” which is supposed to mean the coming of “Nibiru”… called the “planet of the crossing” in ancient legend. Nostradamus predicted major earthquakes, allegedly for this time period. The “Jade Helm 15” operation has now officially ended, so that diffuses that connection to all of this. Perhaps when we reach October safely, we can find out why Walmart closed all of those stores in the "Jade Helm regions" for six months to fix plumbing, losing 150 million dollars in the process. Lastly, 6,000 supermarkets were recently closed in the U.S. and Canada, and American, Canadian, and British troops conducted joint training exercises in Canada.

The only real evidence in my mind to all of this leading to some major “happening” is the absolutely incessant “923” symbolism in so many movies, TV programs, cartoons, and children’s films… and going back twenty years or more. Some of these movies or programs are obscure too. It’s not just the number, but it always additionally tied to something related to one of the previously mentioned “fears,” whether a machine opening a doorway to mayhem or an asteroid crashing to earth. I suppose hypothetically, in a fair and just world, “they” would have to answer to this “predictive programming” since it was of their doing. Also, despite the clear antagonistic patterns, there seems to always be a type of plausible deniability. “Oh, it’s just a movie,” “it’s just a joke,” etc. There are actually more than one date offered, including September 13, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 28. My gut feeling is that “923” is the number. That was the specific number offered symbolically in hundreds of films and TV programs, along with some dramatic event.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Druidic Temple of Mona

I'm currently reading the book 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows: A Complete History' (Ruickbie; 2004), and I keep finding myself wanting to put excerpts here which are very applicable; which I did recently with the Greek legend of Medea. I found another which I can't resist. To start with, after the first chapter regarding the "Old Religion" as it existed prominently in pre-Olympian Greece (and after), chapter two is entitled 'East of Midgard: Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion Amongst the Pagan Tribes of Northern Europe'. He talks about the Germanic and Gaulish tribes, and it's fascinating to ponder the interaction between these two similar cultures. It also shows how the "Old Religion" existed within the ancient Odinic German societies. It's obvious to me the cultural overlap between the magical traditions of the proto-Europeans and the incoming Teutons. For example, the Druidic traditions developed as the two merged together; and the later Germanic invasion in the east reflected the more Teutonic spirituality.

In the subsection 'The People of the Oak', based mostly on the works of the Roman historian Tacitus, the Druids are shown to be nothing less than the "doctors, poets, priest and astronomers" of the Gaulish culture. When the Roman Emperor Claudius outlawed "Druidry" in 43 CE, it took about fifteen years to wipe it out by force. Since it was an oral tradition, little is known about it today. A few small reminders exist today, such as the mistletoe during Christmas; although it had an entirely different significance to the Druids. "...the Greek philosopher Dio Chysotomus (c. 40-112 CE) compared them to those other great mystical castes of ancient times, the Persian magi, Egyptian priests and Hindu brahmin." Apparently some Alchemists believe that the Druids were part of some type of "mystery school network" which existed from Greece and Egypt, to Phonecia, to Persia, to India, and even to China. It took years of training to become a Druid or Druidess.

Although so little is known of the Druids, it was beautiful to read about how they held court in special "sacred groves" of oak trees. I imagined groves of grey barked oak trees in Lake County, California where I spent summers when I was a child. It was almost like the oak trees possess a certain nurturing energetic quality. Even today, when I'm in some special remote place--morning, day, late afternoon, twilight, or evening--with nobody around, I find it incredible that nobody is there to enjoy the priceless feeling, sights, mood, and tranquil energy. Perhaps the Druids knew something that we don't know? I wanted to put in one more small but important excerpt that validates something that I've suspected for a good while now:

"Julius Caesar had broken their (the Druids) power in Gaul by 58 BCE and in 60 or 61 CE the Roman legions laid wast to their holy sanctuary of Mona (Mon) on the island of what is now called Anglesey (Wales). Tacitus describes how black-robed druidesses urged on the Celtic warriors and cursed their Roman attackers with great shouts and screams. The Romans were terrible in victory and having won the field of battle, destroyed the sacred groves and massacred the druids. As a spiritual and political force they were finished and gradually declined into obscurity."

The word Mòn meant "Moon" to the ancient Camunni. In the Camunian dialect, Al Camònega means "Val Camonica," and "mòn" is present in many words in the Lombard language and Camunian sub-dialect of Brescian; likely always having some tie-in to an old phrase with a moon-connection. There is a Camunian village called Monno in Italian, but was actually called "Mòn" in the Lombard language. It literally meant "Moon," and perhaps was the site of some forgotten temple to the moon goddess. Also, as I am somewhat ashamed to admit, the word "Mòna" in Camunian--which was very likely the actual, now forgotten, ancient local name of the moon goddess--is a vulgar and slanderous name for a woman.

I have long suspected, based on what little information I have come upon regarding ancient mostly central European languages, that the proto-European word for moon was "mòn." Also, more importantly, the word for the ancient moon goddess was "Mòna." Lombardy was once part of Cisalpine Gaul, and the ancient Camunni were a very ancient proto-European people. The Welsh, like Basques and Camunians, are also a very ancient proto-European people. Wales is where this "holy sanctuary of Mona" was located. It seems to suggest that the words and spiritual concepts of Mòn and Mòna were of pre-Celtic proto-European origin. In other words, the European-wide "Old Religion." Going back to the last glacial movement, where the northern two-thirds of Europe was covered by a mile high sheet of ice, this goddess had a common origin.

The Gaulish Mòna, the Greek Hecate, the Roman Diana, the Venus of Willendorf, etc., were all of a common origin if you go back far enough. People just can't wrap their minds around the fact that the true-Mediterraneans and original Teutons arrived later. Before there were Greeks, Germans, English, etc., there was this type of "European native" and their spiritual tradition. The origin of the "Old Religion." Of course, even before Christianity, it was being merged, marginalized, and sometimes altered. For example, there was likely Alchemical influence during the Middle Ages. The word "mòn" became "moon," and the Roman-Latin "Luna" and "Lunar" replaced it in scientific and spiritual reference. Also, the "horned god" was the "father god" of the Old Religion all over Europe from Cyprus to Scotland.

Cernunnos and Mona were later local manifestations of this "god and goddess" in Gaul. Much earlier manifestations of this same "god and goddess" were "The Sorcerer" and the "Venus of Willendorf." When we go back the far in time, we must suspend our idea of geography somewhat in order to comprehend that time period. So have we finally solved the problem of finding an ancient "European name" for the Almother? Regional names, such as Hecate, only seem to confuse the issue. As for the Alfather of the Old Religion, the late Stewart Farrar used the name "Karnayna," although I don't know at this time if this was based on any ancient word or concept. I had discussed in that earlier article the problem with adopting names from local traditions, since people often just can't separate that particular locale with the larger concept. 

"Heathen" is a good working example of the "reappropriation" of a word to fit a larger concept; while the word "Asatru" has run into problems, as people can't seem to forget it's regional Icelandic roots. It then becomes "an Icelandic religion" in some people's minds. The name "Mona" would be a good candidate for reappropriation, since it is generally just a given name and a word present in non-Indo-European languages due to it's simple pronunciation (likely to develop in various languages). "Máni" was a Norse, and probably Saxon, "moon goddess." Máni means "moon" in old Norse and Icelandic. In this somewhat parallel northern tradition, there was a "sun god and moon goddess" called "Máni and Sól." This seems to clearly show the proto-European tie-in within Norse paganism.

This tie-in is not Odinic, but a regional Norse connection to the Old Religion, which I have long suspected. I could not be certain, since "Norse witchcraft" could have developed on it's own. It is much more likely an older holdover, with Odinic influence. The author of 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows' is Leo Ruickbie from the UK.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Our date with destiny: September 23 - Part 3

The comment by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, “We have only 500 days away from Climate Chaos,” is rather strange since 500 days from that date is September 23. Although it could easily have been just a general statement, I base odds on the overall September 23 phenomenon. “Oh that’s nothing” could not work in a court of law if enough clues and facts pointed to a clear pattern. The rolling of the dice can only come up with “snake eyes” so many times until one should know that they’re fixed.

An asteroid hitting the Gulf of Mexico in September is partly based on “leaks,” which means that it’s either true or a deliberate attempt to mislead. Also, misinformation could be used to mask over perhaps something else that may happen. However, there are a few more clues that make this scenario more gripping. Using Bible prophesy and mathematics, Isaac Newton concluded that there is a 100% probability of an asteroid hitting the earth on September 23 and/or 24, 2015. The ‘Book of Enoch’ has a prophesy of an asteroid hitting the earth at about this time. There are also “Bible codes” which point to an asteroid as well, but I think the Newton prophesy would be the one to look up. While “leaks” are neither here nor there, one such leak was that it is a two and a half mile wide comet, not an asteroid, that will crash about 200 miles off the coast of Brazil and Venezuela between September 15 and 28.

One would have to base much of their opinion on what point of view(s) their coming from. Even if you don’t believe a prophesy for example, someone could still engineer something to happened based on their own beliefs. I’m not fully convinced of CERN’s denials, but I’m neither fully convinced that this is some type of modern “Tower of Babble” happening. There are more tie-ins and coincidences involved than I could jot down in limited time. Personally, I would like to see October 1st without happening. The fact that even a mainstreamer like Stephen Hawking is concerned gives some serious doubt as to whether or not CERN is being totally honest, or that they're not opening up some sort of dangerous oracle.

Clearly many of these elites are heavily into overt and unimpressive eclectic occultism, transhumanism, and their own brand(s) of personal and collective egos. Much of the symbology is so deep that I can barely grasp the breadth of it. With the pre-911 symbolism, it wasn't anything that anyone would have understood; while with 2012 and Y2K non-events, there wasn’t any sort of real codex involved. Here it’s such a telegraphed blow that I can’t imagine anything major happening. For example, if an asteroid did create an unprecedented disaster with hundreds of thousands of deaths, then Laurent Fabius and many others should be held accountable since they would have obviously known about it in advance—to the day!—and only managed to muddle something obscure about it.

Hollywood has been all over this for many years. Every combination of “923” imaginable. Clocks, timers, signs, signals, vocal references, etc., that it couldn’t be mere chance. ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ are obvious examples of this “predictive programming. However in a couple of dozen Hollywood movies going back about twenty years, the “923” symbolism was used. In the recent tv series ‘Fringe’, there is a whole scenario that is a mirror of CERN, September 23, and the collider, and a clear malevolent nature is portrayed. On top of many “923” symbols used in 'Fringe', there was one point where a clock showed “9:23” and right afterward a timer showed the reverse “329.” It’s rather unlikely that this is mere coincidence. The upcoming movie ‘The Walk’ seems to have some eery symbolic connections, but that’s something to look up yourself, as it’s sufficiently bizarre and paranoid enough that it may even seem unbelievable if I would to break that down here now. In a 1996 episode of the tv program ‘3rd Rock from the Sun,’ the actor John Lithgow played a high school teacher who loudly proclaimed to his class in regards to people focusing on the unimportant… “Blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015!” Again, it’s the totality of the clues that could make the free and critical thinker feel a bit uneasy.

If you’re curious about the “923 phenomenon,” a few names to search are Anthony Patch, Tom Horn, Jonathan Cahn, and Steve Quayle. One theme that follows along the lines of something covered on this blog is that, while the collider is attempting to recreate conditions of the Big Bang Theory officially, some believe that it may end up validating the Electric Universe theory. Today, “critic” usually just means “mainstream.” One who just denies anything that he didn’t read, see, or hear in the mainstream media. A “critical mind” used to be a good thing because it validates truth. Any good free and critical thinker should try to determine the difference between established facts and patterns and unsubstantiated talk or rumors; and the difference between logical thought and perception. For example, some believe that the Pope’s visit to America on September 23 , 2015 will coincide with his “admitting the arrival of aliens"… perhaps to cover up the coming Rapture Event (actually the Vatican does talk about “aliens” on occasion).

Personally, I think the Pope visiting on September 23 is the fact that ties into the codex, and not aliens or rapture. I extract only the facts that fit the emerging pattern. When reading CERN's denials, my rational mind was accepting their assurances, until one response came up that I knew wasn't true.. which then reshuffles the deck a bit for me. It's like a grand puzzle which can only be played by someone who thinks a bit like an old-school critic; and not a conformist, a single-issue zealot, a critical naysayer, or the gullible.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our date with destiny: September 23 - Part 2

Wake Up! (Sept 13/23/28, 2015 ) 14 End Times Events - Prophetic Compilation. 

HKUnicorn YouTube channel

Published on Aug 24, 2015

14 Biblical End Times events are approaching on :

13 / 23 / 28, September 2015. **** Biblical Compilation! ****

1. "Only 500 days away from Climate Chaos!" - French Foreign Minister.

2. An Asteroid is hitting the Gulf of Mexico in Sept.

3. CERN is opening up the parallel universe - Bottomless Pit on 23 Sept.

4. Canadian troops train alongside with US and Britain miliitaries in Canada.

5. Jade Helm 15 - The largest military drills ever perform in US domestic soil. Kill plans are exercising from 15 July until 15 Sept.

6. Closing of 6,000 plus Supermarkets in US and Canada and those stores are said to be controlled by the military in Sept in Canada.

7. Sept 23 and 28 are very special dates. It is the 50th year of Jubilee. 49 years (7x7) have passed from and after Israel won the 6 days war in Jerusalem. And it has fulfilled the Prophecy of Daniel 9:25

8. Sept 13, 2015 is the Shemitah Year described by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and Finance Collapse is expected to come.

9. Many Hollywood movies have repeated signs and signals about Sept 23, 2015.

10. Underground dens are well constructed and exposed. Many elites are disappearing on the ground now.

11. Sept 28 is the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad (Four Blood Moon)
and it's gonna be a Super Blood Moon rising up in Jerusalem and it will be the Feast of Tabernacle.

12. The UN will urged Israel to split the holy land into a 2 states nation, targeting to share the land of Israel with Palestine in this Sept.

13. The Pope is coming to America on Sept 23 , 2015. Some said "Pope's admitting the arrival of Aliens" maybe covering up the coming Rapture Event.

14. Latest Bible Code : "Asteroid" "5776" "Warning' "God your Lord" "Jubilee"


This is one of hundreds of in-depth YouTube videos on the subject of some major happening(s) for the second half of September. If nothing else, the activities in regards to the Large Hadron Collider make this a very important period regardless of anything else that may or may not happen. A parallel universe or metaphysical world could literally be proven to exist; which probably has a few dogmatic-atheists and religious-absolutists worried. Also, the fourth blood moon on the evening of September 27-28--which is also a supermoon--is also quite a marker as well.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rare Moon Double Combo - The September 27-28 Blood Moon & Supermoon

The following article is from the UK, so check your local times.

For North America.... the crest of the moon’s full phase comes on September 27 at:

10:51 PM EST

9:51 PM CST

8:51 PM MST

7:51 PM PST

Also, this Super Harvest Moon will occur on a succession of following nights as well.


'Blood Moon and Supermoon: September to bring brightest – and dimmest – full Moon of the year on same night'

Some are convinced that the weird lunar events — a lunar eclipse on the same night as a Supermoon — will bring pull up the tides, bringing floods and earthquakes

Andrew Griffin - The Independent (UK) - August 28, 2015

The full Moon in September will be both the darkest and brightest of the year — and some have said that the Blood Moon could be a sign of the apocalypse.

It will be the fourth of what some are calling the Blood Moon, and Supermoon, of the year, which has been claimed to be a sign of the end of the world.

On the early morning of September 28, the Moon will be extra close to the Earth, leading to what is called a Supermoon. Because of its proximity, the full Moon will be lit up extra bright, especially at around 2am.

But, soon after, the Moon will start to disappear. It will get completely eclipsed by about 3am, as the Earth stands between it and the Sun. It won’t be visible again until about 4.30am.

During the eclipse, the Moon won’t be entirely invisible. Instead, it’s likely that the sun’s rays will bend around the Earth and the light will become red — casting the satellite in a coppery colour, which some call the Blood Moon.

Some are convinced that the Moon — and its relationship with the Sun — will bring about high tides and flooding. They also claim that the strange tidal activity will bring about earthquakes and the eruption of volcanoes.

The night will also see the fourth lunar eclipse moon in two years — which followers of the “Blood Moon Prophecy” are convinced will bring about the end of the world.

The Goddess Diana
The apocalyptic concerns are partly a result of the worries about the “equinoctial tide”. During the Equinox, the Sun and Moon both pull equally on the oceans, emphasising their effects. And the Moon will be closer — meaning that it’ll be extra strong.

It’s true that the tides might be higher than normal, according to the UK National Tidal and Sea Level Facility. But they’ll be only an inch or two higher than the highest tides of the last 20 years.


'Everything you need to know: The super Harvest Moon of 2015'

September 2015 lunar eclipse

Harvest Moon


'What is a blood moon? and other fun questions about the upcoming apocalypse' 

Blood Moon Prophesy


Monday, September 14, 2015

Our date with destiny: September 23 - Part 1

This is one of those subjects in which.... the more you learn, the more you realize that there is to learn. Despite the American mainstream media's disinterest, there are a massive number of articles and videos regarding not only the Large Hadron Collider, but many other either real or incredibly coincidental mathematical and astronomical equations for the second half of this month. Even if---in some people's minds---"nothing happens," the activities of the particle collider alone is enough to make this period highly significant.

The Large Hadron Collider is a massive machine constructed by CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research). It was constructed 100 yards underground on the border of France and Switzerland. This machine, apparently the largest machine ever built, is a particle accelerator which literally smashes particles together at near the speed of light. The stated goals of this project include proving or disproving the Hoggs boson "god particle" theory, to apparently collect and store "anti-matter" (or "black matter"), and to attempt to recreate the conditions of the "Big Bang" theory.

In my opinion, there is a whole lot of good, bad, and everything else mixed in here. Just right off, Stephen Hawking is concerned that this endeavor could open up a black hole and possibly destroy the earth. When the first atomic bomb was exploded, those conducting the detonation were not certain that there would not be a chain reaction and result in the destruction of all life on the planet. They did it anyway, and "they" are going to do this anyway. Actually they've already done it, but in the next couple of weeks CERN will rev up that machine like never before. At full capacity, the Large Hadron Collider can smash protons together at a rate of a billion per second.

A "smoke portal" in the sky
When the collider has been rev'd up before, strange occurrences have taken places around the world, such as unidentified "smoke portals" and "spiral lights" in the sky. Apparently this anti-matter "interacts" with other anti-matter perhaps thousands of miles away. If that is true, then we are like children playing with dynamite. I think it's safe to say that even the mainstream consensus is that they don't really know what they're doing. That can be demonstrated in a quote from Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Scientific Computing for CERN:

"Something may come through dimensional doors at LHC. And out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

Yes, we may be opening a door to another dimension or parallel universe. That would be strange or scary enough by itself. However, clearly those in charge of CERN and/or it's financiers have--at the least--a fetish for the Indian goddess Shiva, the Gaulish god Cernunnos (also known as "Cern"), the Greco-Roman god Apollo, and other ancient eclectic pagan "inspiration." I mean, when uniformed engineers at CERN wearing blue hard hats are doing a "Shiva dance," someone's trying to make some kind of statement. Shiva, a goddess of destruction, is depicted as the statue at CERN headquarters; the official logo of CERN is a variant of "666," and the collider itself is built on the site of an ancient town that was dedicated to the god “Apollyon” in Roman times. Could this all be more than mere fetish? That's up to you to decide.

Destroyer Goddess Shiva
One article, which gives a good short breakdown of the collider in September, is entitled 'Will CERN Open Up a Doomsday Portal in September?' ( - August 17, 2015); another is 'Occultic CERN: Physicist Claims Large Hadron Collider May Open Portal To Another Dimension' (Michael Snyder - - August 12, 2015). Even though the Gaulish horned god Cernunnos has nothing to do with "the Devil" of Christianity, a fetishist might make that connection anyway. Even though the Greco-Roman god Apollo had nothing to do with the Devil or Satan either; again, a fetishist, occultist, or Christian could still make the connection.... in the Bible, a demonic entity known as Apollyon (Abaddon) is a “destroyer” who will emerge out of a bottomless pit during end times events:

“They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.” -Revelation 9:11


Monday, September 7, 2015

Medea: The witch-goddess of the edge of the world

In pre-Olympian Greek mythology, Medea is the daughter of Hecate, and held a fearsome reputation. Although Hecate is the regional (ancient Greece/Asia Minor) term for the proto-European "Almother," Medea is distinctly Greek; as Aradia, daughter of the regional "Almother" Diana, is distinctly Tuscan/Italian. This older Greek mythology was occasionally conflated with the later Olympian pantheon as in 'Jason and the Argonauts'. In the following excerpt from the book 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows' (Ruickbie; 2004), I saw a powerful parallel with the image of the Teutonic Goddess Freya riding a chariot carried by two large cats:

A chariot drawn by winged serpents conveyed her across the night sky, leaving broomsticks to more humble witches. At midnight, with her hair flying and dancing barefoot under the stars, she howled her threefold incantations. She invoked the forces of darkness - the very night itself and infernal Hecate - and the forces of nature - the gods of the forest, of the earth, wind and water...


9-12-15 ADDITION: The 1963 film 'Jason and the Argonauts' featured the mythological Hecatean priestess Media prominently, played by Nancy Kovack. This was a rare portrayal of what really had been a regional outgrowth of "European witchcraft," or at least an attempt to show even a marginal speck of respect for it. Again, this mythology was a conflation of the "old religion" with the Olympian tradition; in this case, in the form of the hero Jason

This mythology, as well as the ample history of the Old Religion in Greece, is covered in the book 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows'. European witchcraft had truly been "European," having been present in every corner of the continent at one time. Having originated from the Jason-Media myth and its portrayal in ancient Greek tragedies and literature; there have been many plays, operas, ballets, works of art, films, etc. based on the mythology.