Friday, September 18, 2015

Our date with destiny: September 23 - Part 3

The comment by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, “We have only 500 days away from Climate Chaos,” is rather strange since 500 days from that date is September 23. Although it could easily have been just a general statement, I base odds on the overall September 23 phenomenon. “Oh that’s nothing” could not work in a court of law if enough clues and facts pointed to a clear pattern. The rolling of the dice can only come up with “snake eyes” so many times until one should know that they’re fixed.

An asteroid hitting the Gulf of Mexico in September is partly based on “leaks,” which means that it’s either true or a deliberate attempt to mislead. Also, misinformation could be used to mask over perhaps something else that may happen. However, there are a few more clues that make this scenario more gripping. Using Bible prophesy and mathematics, Isaac Newton concluded that there is a 100% probability of an asteroid hitting the earth on September 23 and/or 24, 2015. The ‘Book of Enoch’ has a prophesy of an asteroid hitting the earth at about this time. There are also “Bible codes” which point to an asteroid as well, but I think the Newton prophesy would be the one to look up. While “leaks” are neither here nor there, one such leak was that it is a two and a half mile wide comet, not an asteroid, that will crash about 200 miles off the coast of Brazil and Venezuela between September 15 and 28.

One would have to base much of their opinion on what point of view(s) their coming from. Even if you don’t believe a prophesy for example, someone could still engineer something to happened based on their own beliefs. I’m not fully convinced of CERN’s denials, but I’m neither fully convinced that this is some type of modern “Tower of Babble” happening. There are more tie-ins and coincidences involved than I could jot down in limited time. Personally, I would like to see October 1st without happening. The fact that even a mainstreamer like Stephen Hawking is concerned gives some serious doubt as to whether or not CERN is being totally honest, or that they're not opening up some sort of dangerous oracle.

Clearly many of these elites are heavily into overt and unimpressive eclectic occultism, transhumanism, and their own brand(s) of personal and collective egos. Much of the symbology is so deep that I can barely grasp the breadth of it. With the pre-911 symbolism, it wasn't anything that anyone would have understood; while with 2012 and Y2K non-events, there wasn’t any sort of real codex involved. Here it’s such a telegraphed blow that I can’t imagine anything major happening. For example, if an asteroid did create an unprecedented disaster with hundreds of thousands of deaths, then Laurent Fabius and many others should be held accountable since they would have obviously known about it in advance—to the day!—and only managed to muddle something obscure about it.

Hollywood has been all over this for many years. Every combination of “923” imaginable. Clocks, timers, signs, signals, vocal references, etc., that it couldn’t be mere chance. ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ are obvious examples of this “predictive programming. However in a couple of dozen Hollywood movies going back about twenty years, the “923” symbolism was used. In the recent tv series ‘Fringe’, there is a whole scenario that is a mirror of CERN, September 23, and the collider, and a clear malevolent nature is portrayed. On top of many “923” symbols used in 'Fringe', there was one point where a clock showed “9:23” and right afterward a timer showed the reverse “329.” It’s rather unlikely that this is mere coincidence. The upcoming movie ‘The Walk’ seems to have some eery symbolic connections, but that’s something to look up yourself, as it’s sufficiently bizarre and paranoid enough that it may even seem unbelievable if I would to break that down here now. In a 1996 episode of the tv program ‘3rd Rock from the Sun,’ the actor John Lithgow played a high school teacher who loudly proclaimed to his class in regards to people focusing on the unimportant… “Blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015!” Again, it’s the totality of the clues that could make the free and critical thinker feel a bit uneasy.

If you’re curious about the “923 phenomenon,” a few names to search are Anthony Patch, Tom Horn, Jonathan Cahn, and Steve Quayle. One theme that follows along the lines of something covered on this blog is that, while the collider is attempting to recreate conditions of the Big Bang Theory officially, some believe that it may end up validating the Electric Universe theory. Today, “critic” usually just means “mainstream.” One who just denies anything that he didn’t read, see, or hear in the mainstream media. A “critical mind” used to be a good thing because it validates truth. Any good free and critical thinker should try to determine the difference between established facts and patterns and unsubstantiated talk or rumors; and the difference between logical thought and perception. For example, some believe that the Pope’s visit to America on September 23 , 2015 will coincide with his “admitting the arrival of aliens"… perhaps to cover up the coming Rapture Event (actually the Vatican does talk about “aliens” on occasion).

Personally, I think the Pope visiting on September 23 is the fact that ties into the codex, and not aliens or rapture. I extract only the facts that fit the emerging pattern. When reading CERN's denials, my rational mind was accepting their assurances, until one response came up that I knew wasn't true.. which then reshuffles the deck a bit for me. It's like a grand puzzle which can only be played by someone who thinks a bit like an old-school critic; and not a conformist, a single-issue zealot, a critical naysayer, or the gullible.


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