Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A few random thoughts and ideas during Ostara

Bats and more bats

During this unexpectedly warm March weather in the northern Santa Cruz mountains, I find myself endlessly fascinated with seeing twilight bats at close range. There's just something surreal about these flying mammals. There's almost a contrived perception of "evil" about them. Actually, they're an extremely important part of the ecosystem. I heard once that if bats were to disappear from the planet, insects would take up all of the known space in the world. If that were true, then these caped rodents would be more like our heroes.

Worldwide black panther mystery

I ran into an old article from the San Francisco Chronicle entitled 'Black panther sightings in Bay Area parks'. I didn't think it was something to post by itself, but it does bring forward the mystery of "black panther sightings" in places where they shouldn't be. A black panther is merely an African leopard or South American jaguar which has a gene for black fur. So even if there were a few leopards in England, they would presumably be the more usual spotted variety... not black-only. This could all just be written off as misinterpretations, except that they have been caught on film! These Bay Area black panther sightings were reported to be mountain lion sized. However, there is no known history of "black mountain lions." The mystery continues...

Israel = "Is-Ra-El"

The biblical name "Israel" comes from the combining of three goddesses and gods of the ancient world. The Egyptian goddess "Isis"; the Egyptian god "Ra"; and the Phoenician god "El." Inconvenient facts like this have been a thorn in the side of the three eclectic Abrahamic religions for many centuries. Another fun fact: The "dollar sign." The symbol "$" represents the Egyptian goddess Isis.

Owls.. again

Perhaps an even more ominous sight in the twilight sky is the owl. I continue to see them along the wooded mountain trails on warm evenings. I even saw one which flew upon a high branch, in which I could plainly see the silhouette of a rodent in it's mouth. Surprisingly, owls are mostly fluff and feathers, but they do have an amazing wingspan. I would guess at least five feet wide.

Little pumpkin gifts

Flowers are expensive, and last only a few days; at which time the person whom you wanted to give the small token to must toss them in the garbage. Little pumpkins last many months indoors, fully retaining their shape, color, and texture, without any odor. This seems like a more pragmatic token to give someone... anyone.

"Magic water"... litterally!

Did you know that if you took two plain bottles of water, and labeled one "Love" and the other "Hate," that the properties of the two would change. The positive willful intent of the "love-water" would form beautiful crystalline structures that would retain themselves; while the negative willful intent of the "hate-water" would become mucky and the structures would look like muddy footprints. The most skeptical, atheistic, supposed admirers of science would never be interested in even studying this phenomenon because they have a vested interest in the science of earth, air, fire, water... but never "spirit."

All of these metaphysical issues, especially those which can be proven, should be studied in all of our universities. The current Hegelian-paradigm is "closed-minded religion vs. closed-minded science." Even if your opponent is 100% wrong, a negative reaction would fill YOU with negativity. Even if you had to fight someone, you could engage in it with what I call "cold anger." Cold anger is when you just allow the negative-energy/hate to just run through you, and you just engage in evolutionary struggle. A boxer, fighter, or martial arts expert does not generally feel any hate or negativity. They just engage in the art of combat.


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