Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 12 - "Reincarnation" 1 of 2

For awhile now, every Saturday evening is what I have come to call "Ghost night." Currently, there are four paranormal-themed programs on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN; channel 253 on DirecTV) on these evenings. Here on PST, they air from 5PM to 9PM; and repeat from 9PM to 1PM. Lifetime apparently bought the rights from the The Biography Channel, which I don't get, but the TBC airs something of a "Ghost night" once a week.

'Ghost Inside My Child' - This is about children who remember a prior life, and are being affected by it. It's interesting and convincing. Currently they're showing reruns from 2013.

'Celebrity Ghost Stories' - I'm not a celebrator of "celebrities," but begrudgingly I have tended to have some faith in many of them in at least the first few seasons. Still, they remain interesting.

'Reincarnated: Past Lives' - This is a brand new program, and I think an original for LMN. I think it's great! The hypnotist/therapist/researcher, whose name escapes me, puts the subjects under hypnotic regression. They recall a past life, or even one before that, and he corroborates what they tell him through a later fact-finding mission. The evidence does match up against what the subjects tell him. It's very interesting, and I think it's very likely true... at least in most cases. I will list some conclusions on reincarnation, based on the first two episodes, in the next entry.

'The Haunting Of...' - Psychic medium Kim Russo takes on paranormal experiences of celebrities by taking them right back to the location of their experience. I'm not 100% "sold" on Kim Russo, as I am with Amy Allen of 'The Dead Files'. I do have faith in her, but I think some of these psychic mediums prey on people's emotions using various methods; which actually include using some psychic ability. Anyway, this is an interesting program, and almost always ends up with the subjects' own lost loves ones and close friends "showing up" at the location as well; so it often concludes with an interesting hodgepodge of spirit messages, including themes of "guardian spirits" that we have.

4-13-14 Addition: I wanted to add for the record, regarding 'Reincarnated: Past Lives',  that the hypnotist/researcher's name is Damian Bertrand.


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