Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Othala rune - Symbol of the ancient Langobard flag under attack on facebook

Video text from Daniel Updike of Northern Runes Radio out of Alberta, Canada:

The meaning of the Rune Othala, and how important it is to us today in our expressions of heritage. It is the symbol of inherited property, and of our spiritual inheritance as well. Watch and allow this show to move your heart.


I can think of dozens of symbols which were directly linked with the mass murder of tens of millions throughout history, and of which there is not so much as a single "peep" of guilt-projection. The Odal rune is not even one of those symbols. In fact, during the "burning times," the Odal rune would have been associated with the hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were tortured and burned alive... the vast majority being women. I mean if someone wants to play this game, it would be a bottomless pit with most symbols deserving of being "banned" if one were to "evenly-apply" this.


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