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Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 13 - "Reincarnation" 2 of 2

How reincarnation works

What I call "the soul process" is--from the best that I call gather--a process by which we all die as far as the physical body, then become "spirit" again. At least the Earthly aspect of the metaphysical or spirit world is usually not anymore "fair" than the physical world. If we perish by suicide, we almost certainly will be temporarily held behind in the process; or many times a death under circumstances by which we feel there is unfinished business, the soul may choose to stay behind. The soul then becomes a ghost, and lives in the "spirit world" on Earth. Certainly we can conclude that this Earthly spirit world is just about as "unfair" as in the physical life. There are many bizarre metaphysical manifestations in this realm, which are very difficult for the average person to grasp.

If we die under more-or-less normal circumstances, then our soul goes towards some type of "light," which is a doorway to another dimension. That "dimension" is something that we simply do not understand. We don't understand where it is or what controls it. There seems to be certain powerful spirits or angels which have long been associated with it. We only know that once our soul gets there, it remains there for a period of time. It may be ten years, or eight-hundred years. At some point we choose to go back, and we may have at least some control over where we end up. The purpose of these lives are to learn some "series of lessons." We simply do not know why this soul process is set up this way. We just don't, period. That's just the way it is. I know, it seems to make little sense from our Earthly perspective.

From this other dimension, the soul can see places upon the Earth, and perhaps even visit them on occasion. Only on rare occasions may they interfere with human interaction, and that may only be to protect or guide a certain person. It's not understood what the terms or rules of this free-soul life is. There is no "hell," but there is a type of "karma" which has something to do with this entire process. Most humans don't seem all that special, so I have no answer as to why this metaphysical-system exists, except that it does. Someone with good karma may have the ability to choose their own parents. Someone with bad karma will likely be placed in bad circumstances. I realize that all of this sounds like "wishful thinking," but this feel-good concept seems to actually get in the way of studying the soul-process.

Gender and reincarnation

We all have either a "male soul" or a "female soul." It's not clear as to what this truly means, but it has nothing to do with being "gay" if a soul experiences an Earthly life as the opposite gender. That is not at all uncommon, although the soul-gender and human-gender are usually the same. Lets just say more than 50% of the time.

Ancestry and reincarnation

Reincarnation is not set up along the lines of personal family ancestry, unless perhaps on rare occasions. About 90% of the time, a soul returns within the same basic racial type. In the first episode last week of 'Reincarnation: Past Lives', the first subject was a young white female from Utah I recall. She regressed to her past life as a man living along the west coast of England during the 1800s, which would have reflected her own basic ancestry. She then regressed to the life prior to that as a Muslim female in Jerusalem in the 1200s. The original Semitic-Arab racial type did not appear in that region until after the sixth century. Therefore, these two women, of that soul, would have shared an ancient Mediterranean link going back five or ten thousand years. In other words, one element of their ancestry matched up.

The second subject, which was the most interesting so far, was a man from Philadelphia who was born in Brazil. He regressed to his previous life as one of the King's soldiers in England in the 1200s. This man appeared to be of Portuguese ancestry, so the two would have shared ancient Mediterranean and Teutonic links somewhere along the line. In the second episode, the first subject was a young white female from Minnesota. She regressed back to a life in the late 1800s as a woman traveling in a circus with her family. This woman was also white; the family being originally from New York state I recall.

The second subject in the second episode was a young man from Los Angeles, who was born in Mexico City. He was "Mestizo" in appearance, perhaps slightly more European. I then thought that this would be a good test of the basic ancestry theory. Would his past life be as an Aztec? A Mongolian? A European? I guessed that it could be a European even though he did not look European. He regressed back to a female from Montreal in the late 1800s. She had a Spanish name, and was married to a man who seemed to have been a French-Canadian. When asked under hypnosis if "she" spoke French, he said "a little bit." Well, it appeared that this woman was very likely an immigrant woman from Spain or Portugal. The ancestry theory held up. In other words there was a link to the European side of his ancestry.

Reincarnation and "lessons"

All of the subjects had strong issues with "lessons" and struggling with issues from their previous incarnations. The second subject's story was the most interesting as far as trying to deal with the lessons from his previous life. He had killed many men in war, and was known as a great soldier. The hypnotist asked him to travel to the very end of his life, and asked him what he had learned. The subject responded that killing was wrong, and he wanted to become a man of peace, and that tied into his current struggles. Again, the research conducted.. did seem to very strongly match up to the various accounts... down to names, dates, places, etc. For just one example, the woman from Montreal did exist. She was married to the man spoken of in the account, they did have a child who died in an accident, etc.

One bizarre clue

It's hard in text to project certain aspects of this without including all of the corroborating elements to it, but I did want to use one possible clue. In one episode of 'Ghost Inside My Child', which means children who remember past lives, one case had a lot of substance to it. The subject, a young boy, told his mother that he choose her for his mother. He said that he saw her as a child riding a blue tricycle in front of her home, and she did have a blue tricycle of which there were no photographs. When asked how he saw her, he said "there are windows in heaven." I know, that's getting just about as strange as it gets. There was a lot of corroborating elements to that case, but that was one small tidbit that really stood out and could possibly give a clue to this other dimension and the length and intent of this process.

Two curious sources

Guido von List, in his book 'Religion of the Aryo-Germanic People', went on in great detail about the afterlife and reincarnation. Also, the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead' I recall, has large volumes of text about the afterlife, reincarnation, and the soul process.


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