Sunday, October 26, 2014

Safe portals for Samhain... or anytime

With Samhain coming up, I wanted to mention a few safe natural portals---or antennas---which can connect our world with the world beyond... the Ur. Especially during Samhain, when this curtain becomes slightly open. Mountains are a great spiritual antenna. Not necessarily on top, but just nearby is fine; especially when you can see the blackness against the dark blue or moonlit sky with maybe clouds. It doesn't have to be a particularly large mountain either. Trees are a great living bio-antenna as well. Taller is probably better, and probably just close to the base is fine. Although you may touch the tree to help energetically interact with the environment. Also, water is a good natural oracle for connection to the Ur, like a natural mirror; and at night it becomes something of a black mirror.

The night is definitely better, and whether or not you are alone is probably a matter of personal choice. I think a group is fine, as long as you can be alone for awhile. This "dark" concept has nothing to do with any type of malevolence. However, I would suggest strongly to not use a Ouija Board; which may allow unwanted spirits and entities in. Also. I don't think that mirrors or literal "black mirrors" are necessary, or even entirely safe. Just find a good place outside, then you can't go wrong as far as connection to your spirits of affinity.

I have found that the weather does affect things. Rain and/or foggy overcast conditions seem to break the connection... at least for me. A clear dark night is perfect, with the half Moon in sight. Samhain 2014 falls between Friday, October 31st and Saturday, November 1st. The "witching hours" from about midnight to 2:00 AM is probably best.. but that's not really necessary. Nine or ten o'clock should be great if the weather works out. Bring a smooth stone, or even a rock, and try to use it to help connect.

I don't think you need to conduct any special ritual on Samhain, nor do you need to focus on just one spirit. While other times you may be the director, on Samhain, perhaps it's best to allow them to direct things. As the old saying goes: "Our ancestors are us, and we are them."


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