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'Emilia Sina, President of Gente Camuna in Zurich'

'Emilia Sina, President of Gente Camuna in Zurich, was awarded the star of Italian solidarity'

The prestigious title of "Knight of the order of the star of Italian solidarity" was awarded by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano to Emilia Sina-Margelisch, President of Zurich's Gente Camuna by Decree on January 13, 2009.

The coveted honor, established on January 27, 1947 for "rewarding those who particularly contributed to the reconstruction of Italy", was awarded to Emilia Sina following the proposal made by the Intercantonal Switzerland ACLI Eastern Center and Zurich's circle of Gente Camuna, "for its great availability, its solidarity towards others, the help that has been able to give, the work carried out over a period of more than twenty years and love towards Italy and Italians abroad.

Its active membership in different associations---which has undoubtedly contributed to a great approximation of two cultures and promoted several initiatives that have made the Swiss and Italian culture---nonetheless has worked politically in defending the rights of our emigrants in Switzerland.

Emilia Sina was born in Valcamonica in the province of Brescia, Her parents emigrated to Switzerland in 1969 while maintaining a strong attachment to Italy and their Lombard origins, while acquiring dual citizenship. She served as President of the Intercantonal ACLI Central Eastern Switzerland for eight years, with 22 clubs and 1,500 members in eight German-speaking cantons; working with the Group of elders of Kilchberg and with several Italian missionaries and pastors in Switzerland, to promote cultural events in favor of integration and valorisation of the Italian identity. Her social commitment led to a prestigious award with her appointment as Honorary President of Filitalia International of Lugano, an Italian-American philanthropic Association of Philadelphia (U.S.A.).

In 2006 Emilia Sina has promoted a twinning with the Association Ma nel Mondo Onlus and the Zurich Gente Camuna (of which she is Chair) to give impetus to the Italian and Lombard presence in Switzerland, and for social and cultural projects in favor of the emigre community, in collaboration with the Lombardy region, and to promote the participation of Lombardi abroad in the drafting of the new law on Lombardi nel Mondo.
The twinning has been extended, with the Virgiliano Association, associations in Sicily and southern Italy, in Lombardy with a roving annual gathering in Caravaggio (BG), in Sicily, and Magnacavallo (MN), on the occasion of the feast of the emigrant Mantovani and Lombardi.

On the occasion of the international meeting in 2008 of Siciliani nel Mondo, Pietraperzia, Emilia Sina was awarded the International Prize "Globe Italy Guglielmo Marconi" which she dedicated to the sacrifices of women migrants.

Emilia Sina was nominated at the last Congress of the Swiss Office of ACLI National President.

It is one of the promoters together with Gente Camuna, the Association of Mantovani nel Mondo Onlus, and Lombard associations in Switzerland of 1 Party and federalist autonomist Statute of the Lombardy region, in cooperation with the Presidency of the Regional Council, expected next April in Zurich.

Delivering to Emilia Sina---the degree of Knight of the order of the star of Italian solidarity---insignia for the honor will be Giovanni Maria Veltroni, Consul General of Italy in Zurich on 18 April, in Zurich, present Mayor of Zone (BS) Pio Marchetti with fifty expatriates emigrated to Switzerland from Valcamonica, the President of Gente Camuna Nino Stivala, Chairman of the AMM Onlus Daniele Rossi, Pietro Paolo Poidimani, Coordinator and President of "Globe Italy," Bella Rose President del Cenacolo di Storia Patria of Enna and the province, together with representatives of the Italian community in Switzerland.

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