Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Odin, Hear Me!' by Steve McNallen

'Odin, Hear Me!'

This is a prayer (if that's the word) to Odin I wrote back in the 1970's, and published in A Book of Uncommon Prayers, available through the Asatru Folk Assembly.

Odin! Rune-God, Raven-God, Wolf-God, Odin!  I call out to you, not as a slave, or on bended knee, but on my feet and open-armed, a befits your offspring.  Watch me as I struggle.  But the fight and the fame must both be mine; grant me that victory which I win by might and main.  If I fight well, Odin, take me into Valhalla, where I may feast and drink and be merry with your heroes until the time comes to fight once more.  Odin, hail!

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly


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