Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 7

The “movie and reality TV ghost trend” continues on with a new program on the Syfy network called ‘Ghost Mine’, which focuses on spirits and EVP’s in old mines which seems pretty logical. One underlying theme in these programs, and in this entire issue in general, is that “nobody wants to be watched.” On one episode of ‘The Dead Files’, a teenage girl started to cry when something that she had strongly felt already was revealed by a medium... that she explicitly was being watched during private times. That theme is one constant throughout, as well as the intuitive experience of "being watched." We all just assume that, if we were entirely alone, we could say or do anything without anyone or anything on an earthly scale knowing about it. Well… maybe that’s not always so.

Another aspect to this “spirit world” is that spirits, especially dark energy spirits, visually manifest—sometimes by their own choice—in a manner that just seems far to stereotypical. This may be one of the most, if not THE most, glaring roadblocks to the average reasonable person accepting this natural condition of the planet. In one episode of ‘The Dead Files’, the spirit of a very bad man (for a lot of reasons) was existing in the same house where he had performed many abortions. In one of the “spirit photographs” taken, there were numerous “little faces” of what basically looked like newborn babies. Just the faces. Again, this ties into that same theme. It looked fake, but it wasn’t. There wouldn’t have been any kind of political agenda here. It was real. Another weird aspect of this theme is that some negative spirits are able to read a living person’s mind and conjure up something that would specifically frighten that person.

One eerie EVP!

One program featured an EVP of what clearly sounded like a little boy who seemed to have been very scared, responding to the investigation team being present. He made statements like “who are these people?” “Why won’t anyone listen to me?” For whatever reason, this boy’s spirit seemed to be trapped in the house instead of moving on to where he needed to go.

Personally, I have witnessed paranormal activity throughout my life, few and far between. After they happen, with most people I think, denial kicks in. These type of happenings are usually very personal to a person, and there’s a strong reluctance to share them. I feel that right now, because they would tend to sound fake… as if the person is seeking attention or wanting to feel special in some way by making up a “ghost story.”

One state park, where I go hiking, has a lot of residual energy from the past. I would guess that one time in seventy that something paranormal occurs while up there. Only once or twice did I actually see something. Almost always it’s voices or sounds. They’re very faint, almost as if I am hearing them with my mind instead of my ears. I can’t really explain that. However, they’re very “directional.” I can’t tell where they’re coming from. This state park was once home to some rural roads and houses; and also the historical record shows that there were Amerindians living at least nearby.

There’s one particular spot where there is a high point along one side of the trail, but it’s flat beyond that high point and the heavy brush. I can’t see that area when I pass by, and the brush is so heavy that it’s just not a place that one would want to fight their way into. At this spot on the trail, and emanating from that direction, I have clearly heard the sounds of children playing.  It’s clear but very subtle. If a person was there with me, they may not even hear it; which leads me to believe that not everyone is able to hear these types of sounds or voices. Needless to say, there were no children over that ridge.

There’s another spot along the trail where there’s a thicket of trees, and I sometimes hear whispers in that one spot. Again, something like this occurs only one time in seventy I am guessing. If this were a condition of the wind or something natural, then these sounds would happen much more often. Also, there’s one particular spot up in the foothills where I clearly have heard voices speaking just beyond a bend, and when I get there, nobody is there within a hundred yards. I can’t hear any of the words. It’s like that “cafeteria sound.”

I only saw something up there on one, possibly two occasions. I saw a phantom figure walking across the trail once. Another time there could have been an explanation, as it may have just been the mist. I’m never frightened by any of this because it’s outdoors, and my ability to see and respond is much greater than inside of a house or building. These sounds and voices are somewhat ethereal, and again that sounds like the stereotype-manifestation I mentioned above, and that probably prevents people from sharing their experiences.

I won’t share my indoor experiences, but after one such event that was pretty above board as far as clarity--in other words… impossible to deny—I thought that it may be some type of “protective spirit.” That’s another common theme… spirits who look after you. Beyond this “spirit world” concept, I think the bigger picture shows more of an “energy world.” For example, "thoughts” and “words” are energy. Living people can even create poltergeists or energy stamps in a place.

Samhain in Spring

Last spring, while hiking in that same park, I had an experience throughout the entire hike. I had one like this before, but this was far beyond that. It was during an unusually warm night. I’m not going to write about what happened now, but the park was crazy-active! I just soaked in the experience. It was amazing. At the time I was reading ‘Secret of the Runes’ by Guido von List--who was a mystic and had experiences like this—and that may have given me the spiritual impetus to connect with something like this.

Unlike the other times, the energy was actually interacting with me. It was an ominous and beautiful experience. There were also some bizarre synchronistic type of happenings tied to this experience, and I’m just not ready to share it. I think I would only do it verbally. I know I’m not crazy. I just had a very powerful psychic-connection with a particular place. This is why I don’t advocate spells or magic. You can tap into things using your own natural abilities. It’s like the difference between “being invited” and “banging on the door.”

I will share that experience at some point. Even right now after ten months, I can hardly believe that I had the experience. Some experiences are synchronistic, which means they are specific to YOU and your connection to the universe. Although wonderful, synchronistic connections don’t make you special. Other experiences go beyond that, and I would guess that there is some type of blessing involved somewhere. I wanted to end this with a question-and-answer quote from the movie ‘Mothman Prophesies’, which was based on a true story, and a quote that I was thinking about while I was typing this.

Q: “Why me!?”

A: “You noticed them… and they noticed that you noticed them.”


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