Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 5

First off, I just wanted to say again that I believe that the ‘A Haunting’ series was the best series of its type that I know of. Although others have done good research, this one ended up touching upon all of the main themes and realities of the spirit world. I can’t regress all of them in one sitting. For example, in one of the pilot episodes, ‘A Haunting in Georgia’, the literal science of residual soul energy was explained in some detail. That is different than a “ghost,” which is more genuinely interactive and may respond with very relevant EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) answers to questions. Those EVPs are I think the strongest evidence for the spirit world. Using scientific method to gauge this reality, it would be impossible for it not to be real. Impossible! The spirit world is real, although this reality isn’t absolute “proof of God”; however it goes in that direction with soul spirits “crossing over.” So… what is the next step in that process?

I wanted to look at two facets to all of this that I personally find fascinating. One is in regards to EVPs. These spirits are just like living people. Sometimes they are cold, eerie, and blunt. Other times they are surprisingly childish! One common theme is that the negative spirits are all talk. They put out EVPs or energy that they hate the inhabitants of the house and that they want to kill them, which sounds ominous enough, but 99% of the time they don’t have the power to do anything. They seem to clearly have the ability to pick up when someone is plotting against them or at least going to investigate them. The second facet that I find most interesting is that there are good spirits who actually protect the occupants of the house, sometimes from dark spirits. That came out strongly in one episode of ‘The Dead Files’.

“Fear Feeds”

One clear reality of negative spirits is simply that they like to scare people because they can absorb that “fear energy” to make them stronger. In one episode of ‘Ghost Adventurers’, an EVP was captured that stated flatly: “I want your energy.” Concurrent with the spirit world is a world of revolving energy. “Thoughts,” for example, are energy; as is “love” or “hate.”

A benevolent spirit

In one episode of ‘The Dead Files’ (season 1 – ‘The White Widow’), a two-hundred year old New Orleans house was being haunted by the spirit of a young widow named Louisa Clay who hanged herself in the attic in 1888. Although active, this spirit was actually very benevolent. Amy Allen, a very gifted clairvoyant and spirit medium, saw her and a sketch artist drew her. Louisa Clay was a beautiful young brunette, and her eyes seemed to reflect her benevolence. Not quite an “angel,” she did seem to at least be a positive spirit. The children would see her in a white gown at night, but she was probably just checking them. She had been a mother after all. Of all the episodes of any of these programs since 2005, this was the only one which emotionally moved me. I rarely make comments like that I “felt a tear in my eye,” but in this instance I did. It was easy to make the leap of seeing her as something of “a fellow spirit being.”

Sage and salt

Spirits respond to ritual, whether Christian or Pagan, theist or polytheist, etc. Whatever the religion of the inhabitants of a home are, negative entitles will respond to those rituals and leave 95% of the time. However, even if a ritual is not the religion or spiritual traditions of those inhabitants, respect for that traditional ritual is enough.

Rituals very, but one common theme is the use of burning sage to cleanse a home or property. Also, the use of salt to form a protective barrier around a house or property; and also to cleanse. This ties into what I mentioned in earlier posts about “a metaphysical science” developing from trial and error.

To look at this wide open subject as a study, and a study which should be one of the most important endeavors of the human race. It’s not just something that’s interesting to look at. It’s of the utmost importance, and it clearly should not be restricted to religious dogma as it would even tend to support those traditions. Only Atheists—possibly, if their beliefs are politically-driven—could feel threatened by this metaphysical science.

Are “hate” or “fear” always bad?

Lastly, I just wanted to look at the emotions of “hate” and “fear.” Hate is a strong energy. Often it is a very valid response to something. Hate—if turned inwards—can be a big problem for an individual. However, if that hate-energy can be redirected outwards into positive action, then it can be a positive. Obviously, sometimes that may be a hard thing to do. Especially if you are under constant pressure from something negative. However, you must do it for your health.

“Fear” is also an energy. Have you ever heard the expression, usually sports-related, “fear is your friend.” It can be. It’s an energy! It can be redirected if it is understood as an energy-force. Lets just say that you had to make a speech in front of five-hundred people, and you feel some “fear” about it. That fear-energy can be redirected and used to give a great speech. It sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t if you understand it.

In other words, just allow yourself to be nervous, and you may find that the fear-energy will turn into hopefully “a controlled emotional energy” that will translate into your speech. Sometimes if you just admit something like “I am afraid,” it can be the first step in gaining control over that energy force.


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