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Raven Grimassi on Tradition

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Raven Grimassi on Tradition

November 4, 2012

It seems appropriate to say a few words about the Tradition, and about Tradition itself.

I believe in the tenacity of nature. Look at a sidewalk with a crack in it, and most often there will be some grass there. Paved streets and cement sidewalks are pushed up by the roots of trees. The modern ways of human kind cannot, in the end, prevail against nature.

I believe this also about nature religion. It is the soul of nature and it will live on, even if only in the hands of the chosen ones of the secret few.

When I think about all the generations that have passed on the Old Ways through times of great adversity and even danger to their own lives, I am determined that the Old Religion will not end in our time. For decades I have planted seeds. Some have fallen on fertile soil, some have not, and some have been thrown away. But I have seen some sprout, and I admire the beauty of what has grown from them.

The Old Ways are about companionship with the forces of nature, and about honoring our ancestors who kept the Ways before us. The Old Religion reminds us that we are part of the whole, part of something greater than ourselves. This is important to remember, particularly in this time of New Age philosophies that elevate the self over all else. But what works uniquely for one person, perishes when that person dies. They have left nothing behind, and they have not been a part of anything greater than themselves.

People pass away, but traditions can survive. And we as initiates are part of that survival. We are remembered and we possess honor throughout time for we are part of the living legacy.

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