Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 1

In 2005, the Discovery Channel produced two feature-length docudramas  about “hauntings” entitled ‘A Haunting in Connecticut’ and ‘A Haunting in Georgia’. The popularity of these specials gave way for a program called ‘A Haunting’, which ran for four seasons; which itself served as a springboard for numerous type programs on numerous networks since, and is still going strong.

‘A Haunting’ was so well-made that I believe it encouraged a lot of people--of all religious, spiritual,  agnostic, or atheist backgrounds—to take a closer look at this phenomenon, which if proven, would literally be proof of “life after death.” I would guess that the Christian concerns would either see the issue as: 1) “I don’t believe in ghosts”; or 2) A good way to show literal proof of an afterlife to combat the atheist argument which has been coming on strong in recent years.

The existence of ghosts or spirits, which I believe is real, would not make or break any theist or non-theist concern. It really is an issue for the truthseeker at large! To restate the main point, proof in this area would most literally be proof of some type of existence after death. Therefore, in my opinion, it represents one of the most important issues for humanity right now. It should be noted that the vast majority of spirits are positive energy, but human nature has a strong tendency to just happily accept good things; and only the negative experiences get the press.

Outside of the ‘A Haunting’ series, I think that the best programs of this type are or have been ‘Paranormal State’ and ‘The Dead Files’. What is interesting is that one can start to piece together the bigger picture, which is more involved than what it appears on the surface. For example, some spirits were never human. Occasionally, some are created inadvertently by people from their emotions and experiences. Sometimes a house or property develops a spirit of it’s own. It’s as if spirits can be developed from energy and the right conditions… almost like a plant.

The Society for Psychical Research was founded in London in 1882. Its stated purpose was to understand "events and abilities commonly described as psychic or paranormal by promoting and supporting important research in this area" and to "examine allegedly paranormal phenomena in a scientific and unbiased way." Two years later, the affiliated American Society for Psychical Research was founded, so this endeavor is nothing new.

The Discovery Channel's special 'A Haunting in Connecticut', which was really the initial kickstart to these programs, was made into the movie 'A Haunting in Connecticut' in 2009. Also, this past October, the 'A Haunting' series returned--after a five year hiatus--for a fifth season with ten new episodes; only this time it is airing on the Discovery-affiliated Destination America network. Of course, you can buy this series, or any other. The entire first four seasons can be purchased together.


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