Monday, January 21, 2013

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 4

Again, the issue of “witchcraft” came up in an episode of ‘A Haunting’ from from season four. The episode from 2007 was entitled ‘Spellbound’.  The events took place from 1965 through the late 1970s. Sandra Waldron, her son Gene, and his stepfather, moved into an old house in Geneva, Ohio. I will just give a very brief summary, since there are many sub-plots and unusual circumstances involved.

There was a grave marker in a corner of the front yard, of a schoolmaster who had died on the property when it was a school or part of a school many years earlier. A strong spirit was present in the house; most likely this man. This spirit, Sandra’s interest in magic spellcrafting, and a very strained relationship between the stepfather and his wife and her son—all seemed to merge to create a perfect storm of much paranormal activity for years.

After divorcing, Sandra and Gene moved and rented a house in Texas City, Texas where they had relatives. Two interesting synchronistic connections were that she had a reoccurring dream about driving and arriving in Texas City, of which she didn’t make that connection until she actually traveled the route. The second irony was that there was a large pentagram crafted into the hardwood floor of one of the rooms.

Just as in their previous home, there likely were other factors which may have contributed to the negative events that were to follow. For example, the previous owner of the house may have practiced dark magic. This may well have cursed this particular pentagram. Also, when Sandra—who had become a Wiccan at this point--began practicing on it, she seemed to have released negative energy when she evoked “Isis.” When people use words like “the occult” or “rituals,” they have no real meaning in my opinion because what culture/spiritual traditions are we really talking about? Isis was part of Egyptian mythology, which is a different culture than other traditions under those same “labels.”

To make a long story short, things went very badly. She performed a ritual for her son, which consequently led to him being attacked in his room; as well as other eerie occurrences. I think it’s obvious that the former practitioner of that pentagram was the real culprit. Watching this episode, it’s was pretty clear that “witchcraft” was blamed for all of these negative events. This was further highlighted with Gene turning to the Church for strength from an early age; and finally became a Minister. So to him, this was all just point-blank-Satanism. At one point he returned home from the Air Force, and this docudrama portrayed a painting of a goat-like Devil figure on the wall of his former bedroom, and he referred to it as “a picture of the Devil in my room”….. which sounds suspiciously like perhaps the actual image was one of Cernunnos. It also portrayed Celtic-designs, so is that “the Devil” too?

I’m not necessarily trying to be an apologist, but there can be other explanations for negative paranormal experiences. If someone conjures up four evil spirits—who cause much mayhem—and who are historically associated with say.. ancient Oman, one couldn’t say that it is a reflection of say.. Druidic tradition if they had a momentary ounce of intellectual honesty. “Moloch” is another evil entity tied to the Middle East, and would have absolutely nothing culturally to do with Heathenry. However, it can exist in a Universalist way, so nobody is completely safe from it.

Sandra Waldron eventually became a published author, and her books are available at She is no longer Wiccan; having given up on it at the time these events came to a close. I am not Wiccan. I think some very good things have come out of it; as well as some very bad things. I just think it’s a good testing ground. Since Wicca is universal and eclectic, we can learn what positive or negative energy comes out of some of these rituals. Wicca can serve as a spiritual gauge.

One simple and interesting alter that was portrayed showed the elements of “Earth” as represented by a container of soil; “Air” as represented by incense; “Fire” as represented by a candle; and “Water” as represented by a container of water. “Spirit” is not an element. I also wanted to add, since Isis was mentioned earlier, that the “dollar sign” (“$”) that we use is the symbol for Isis. So countless millions, more likely billions, of people have used a magical symbol all of their lives and didn’t even know it.


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