Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Notions amid the approaching Full Snow Moon II

Incredible promo photo from the 2009 movie 'Agora'

The film 'Agora' was about the life of the brilliant Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher Hypatia in 4th century BCE Roman-Egypt. Click here and blow up this wonderful computer generated image to its full extent and notice the realistic detail. It's something of a time machine, showing what 4th century Alexandria may have really looked like. Included is the legendary Lighthouse of Alexandria, which from all accounts, functioned just like any modern lighthouse. The great mystery being how the light and power was generated, since it was destroyed by earthquakes many centuries later. Actually the lighthouse was constructed after the time of Hypatia. Murdered by a Christian mob for heresy, Hypatia belongs right up there with Boudicca, Joan of Arc, or Queen Isabella as one of the greatest women in history.

Cucina Aurora - A neopagan enterprise

I always read where neopagans, right up to the present, are always poor. Well, perhaps that is changing a bit. With the Irminfolk in New York state minting their own currency, the Asatru Folk Assembly in northern California having recently purchased great building and property, and with a few business upstarts like the New Hampshire-based Cucina Aurora, true socio-economic communities may take some type of form. Presumably a person may go out of their way or pay a little more to patronize or support something they feel connected to.

Dawn Hunt ("the kitchen witch") is the owner, an Italian-American, and a great cook. I first heard of her when she was a guest on a podcast by Raven Grimassi and his wife, and it was a great interview. I don't know if she practices Stregheria or not, but she is a neopagan witch and active in that community.

Cucina Aurora website

Cucina Aurora YouTube

Introducing Cucina Aurora and Dawn the Kitchen Witch!

Cucina Aurora

A Kitchen Witch is any one who has ever said a prayer over a meal. She is any one who has ever thought of the smiling faces on her guests when they taste the dinner she has made. He is any one who has ever put love into a surprise dinner that he made for his sweetheart. The Kitchen Witch puts intention in the foods that she or he eats and shares with others. Meet Dawn Hunt "The Kitchen witch" of Cucina Aurora.

Having a long standing love for cooking, a passion for good food and joy for gathering friends around the dinner table, Dawn started Cucina Aurora in 2008. Her purpose is to bring families and friends together around simple, naturally delicious and good for you foods. Cucina Aurora’s products are centered on home, family and the nurturing of those things. Check out her products, recipes & cooking demos at

Stephen Hawking Claims Black Holes Are Gateway To Another Universe

According to a new theory from astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, humans can escape from the irresistible pull of a black hole by traversing the event horizon into another universe entirely. "The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible,” Hawking said at a Stockholm event.

"The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that." Humans might also appear as a ghost image or an extraterrestrial hologram hovering on the edge of the super-dense abyss, Hawking said. The theoretical information might be preserved like a frame grab of their passage into another dimension or parallel universe.

"If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up," Hawking said. "There’s a way out."


As I've said many times, the "Theism vs. Atheism" Hegelian dialectic blinders will soon be on its way out. Even a hardcore lifelong Atheist like Stephen Hawking is talking Metaphysical science. Far from being put out to pasture, Christians and Atheists will be jumping aboard and saying "I was with ya all along!"

Wikipedia is also a good source, with lists and webpages for nearby national, state, and county parks. There are also other areas that you can make note of, which may be be "forests" or even official parks, but contain smaller groves of trees and wooded trails which are just like forests.

A moment in time, a man in his element

Glen Campbell and the late Jerry Reed performing 'Southern Nights', and doing it just as good or better than a studio recording. This was probably from around 1990. Campbell is from Arkansas, and lived there his entire life I think. From his shirt, I'm guessing that this was in Arkansas somewhere, in perhaps late summer, along a lake, in a small setting, during a warm late afternoon. This would be one to go full screen. His perfect moment in time...

Jerry Reed and Glen Campbell - Southern Nights



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