Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coffee ad features Odinic warriors

Death Wish Coffee Company Big Game Commercial: Storm’s a-Brewin’ 


A ship full of Vikings is an apt metaphor for the fierce strength of a cup of Death Wish Coffee – winner of Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Big Game. Find out more about Death Wish Coffee at

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On top of the obvious symbolism, the mention of "Valhalla!" leaves no doubt that they were to have been from an Odinic culture. The source of inspiration was likely the popular cable TV series 'Vikings' which airs another season in a couple of weeks.

Among other things, the Vikings were significant because they were the last great European Pagan Empire; albeit largely a "trading empire." Although they were cast as Vikings in this ad, in my perception, the black skull and crossbones somehow suggests the Goths.

Death Wish Coffee Company


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