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Notions amid the approaching Full Snow Moon V

"Universe May Have Had No Beginning"

'Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning'

by Tia Ghose, Senior Writer - - February 26, 2015

If a new theory turns out to be true, the universe may not have started with a bang.

In the new formulation, the universe was never a singularity, or an infinitely small and infinitely dense point of matter. In fact, the universe may have no beginning at all.

"Our theory suggests that the age of the universe could be infinite," said study co-author Saurya Das, a theoretical physicist at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

 The new concept could also explain what dark matter — the mysterious, invisible substance that makes up most of the matter in the universe — is actually made of, Das added.


The legend of the Ice Age Eurasian lion

When I was a child, I recall tossing a garter snake or a salamander into water a few times. Even though they had never swam before, as there was no nearby body of water, they took to it as of though they had done it all of their lives. I get the same curious thought when I see a lion in the snow. Just like the drawings of whoolly mammoths and whoolly rhinoceros' roaming the frozen Eurasian tundra of the last glacial movement, it's clear that the modern lion also is partly "whoolly" and could adapt to northern winters as they had once done. In other words, they were once entirely "whoolly"... as one can easily imagine by looking at the above photograph. That lion is not uncomfortable in the snow.

Sometimes when I see a documentary featuring African lions, they almost seem to be merely "tolerating" the tropical weather. It may seem like a strange thing to say, but I really wonder if they aren't just as comfortable living in a northern climate. If, just for the sake of discussion, say two hundred of them were released in the remote Pacific Northwest.... I think they would do just fine. Hypothetically, they would just merely be returning to an environment that they once knew. It's like the factory farm pigs who have escaped and mated with wild boars; they became hairy, wild, and adaptive in no time.

History of lions in Europe

Lions inhabited parts of Europe during and after the Holocene and even historic times and formed a subspecies called Panthera leo europaea. They lived in ancient Greece, central Germany, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, southern Russia, coastal Saudi Arabia, western Asia, and India. It is also suggested by historical evidence, although not certain, that they lived in parts of Europe, including modern-day Portugal, Spain, southern France, up to Germany, Italy, and the Balkans beyond Greece. Their diet included cattle, deer and other herbivores. 

Fossil record

In the earliest Holocene the lion was still present in northern Spain. Until around 5500 to 3000 BCE the lion is confirmed via fossils from Hungary and from the Pontic Region of Ukraine.

Lions in ancient Greece

According to reports by Ancient Greek writers such as Herodotus and Aristotle, lions were common in Greece around 480 BCE, became endangered in 300 BCE, until their extinction in 100 BCE.

Lions feature heavily in Ancient Greek mythology and writings, including the myth of the Nemean lion, which was believed to be a supernatural lion that occupied the sacred town of Nemea in the Peloponnese.

Aristotle and Herodotus wrote that lions were found in the Balkans in the middle of the first millennium BCE. When Xerxes advanced through Macedon in 480 BCE, he encountered several lions. But while lions presumably still existed in the area between the rivers Aliakmon and Nestus in Macedonia in Herodotus' time, in the 1st century CE Dio Chrysostom wrote that they were already extinct in Europe.

Lions in the Caucasus

Lions were present in Transcaucasia until the 10th century.

Lion in the snow at The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Brandon Crain

[3-28-16 ADDITION: It probably should be noted that the White lion color variation--as well as that of the White tiger--may be a link to perhaps even the true Ice Age of 25,000 years ago. The two appear very similar to the snow leopard of the Himalayas, which would seem to add to the evidence that their white fur could be linked to an ancient cold weather past. Then of course, there are the other white furred arctic or winter-coated animals.]

Strange skulls discovered in Russia, tied to secret Nazi occult group

'Strange skulls discovered in Russia, tied to secret Nazi occult group institution and the search for the origin of Mankind'

In what sounds as a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, reports from Russian newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” indicate that a briefcase and two Alien-like skulls were discovered in the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya. Among the briefcase, its finders found two skulls belonging to an unknown creature. Ahnenerbe was probably the most secret society within the SS dedicated to the study of the occult and the supernatural forces on Earth. According to researchers, it is likely that members of the SS were interested in the mysteries of the ancient dolmens and the high amounts of radioactivity present in the region known as the Kishinski canyon.


Ahnenerbe (Wikipedia)

Ahnenerbe (German occult)

Alien Or Demon Skulls Found In Russia?


Discovered in the mountains of Russia a strange mysterious briefcase and two skulls. According to the journalists of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” briefcase it has written a strange logo “Ahnenerbe” This case was recently found in the mountains of Adygea.

In the mountains of the Caucasus region of Adygeya they were found two skulls belonging to an unknown creature for science with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe, probably the most secret society within the SS, dedicated to the study of the occult and the supernatural forces.

According to researchers, it is likely that members of the SS were interested in the mysteries of the ancient dolmens and the causes of high natural radioactivity in the region of Kishinski canyon. It is also possible that they should seek the golden Kuban Rada, lost somewhere in the region during the Russian Civil War (1917-1923).

Researchers have also found a German map of the territory of Adygeya, held in 1941, and have been amazed by the accuracy and completeness it is. These found objects have aroused great interest among specialists.

Historians know many details of the operation of the Wehrmacht Edelweiss, which planted Nazi banners at the peak of Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, located in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Russian Caucasus. However, what it was the purpose of this secret organization in the mountains of Adygea?

Phoenicia and Phoenician culture has influenced the world, right up to the present day, in ways that the vast majority of people will never know. Of course, Greece and Rome have the more overt influence; but Phoenicia has given us the more covert-occultic realm. The darker side, although I don't believe that it had to be that way. Certain people made it that way.

Carthage was a very powerful Phoenician colony, and when they lost the Punic Wars to Rome, they basically fizzled out of history as a distinct people and culture. In many ways, and certainly in terms of spiritual tradition, Phoenicia embodied much of what came from the civilizations which came before it. In particular, the Saturnian priesthood. They wore purple hooded robes because the rays from the star Saturn emitted a purplish light out of the northern sky before it became a dwarf star. Others present wore black robes, and many of the subtle symbols in a court of law come from their rites... including the black robe of the judge and his "bench." When students graduate, they wear square "Saturnian" caps just as initiates did in Phoenicia. The Phoenician god "EL" is the root word for virtually everything suggesting wisdom, knowledge, or rising in status; from "Elder" to "Elevator."

The Quest For The Phoenicians 

Engineering an Empire: CARTHAGE

Saturn the Occult and The Phoenicians ~TØS ~


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