Sunday, October 11, 2015

Regusci Winery - Deep Ticinese roots in the Napa Valley

Regusci Winery


With four generations raised on our family Ranch, farming runs in our blood. During our century on this property, we've planted and grown just about everything, from prunes and hay to citrus and olives. Knowledge about our land passes down from father to son and then father to son. Generation after generation, our passion and commitment only strengthens and through this, we're able to grow and make world-class wines from our home to yours.

Gaetano Reguschi

Born near the Italian-Swiss border, Gaetano Regusci journeyed to Napa Valley in 1891, working at a dairy along today's Silverado Trail. In 1932, Gaetano cashed in his entire life insurance policy and purchased a foreclosed property across the road, known today as the Regusci Ranch.

For the next 30 years, Gaetano wrestled a living from the land, farming corn, hay, walnuts, plums and grapes. He ranched cattle, ran a dairy and opened a retail market. Surviving both prohibition and the Great Depression, Gaetano held onto the Ranch, passing along the historic Stags Leap District property to his son Angelo in the 1960s.

Today the Ranch features 160 acres of vineyards and is home to the third and fourth generations of Regusci farmers. Our proprietary Patriarch red wine is named in Gaetano's honor.

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