Friday, October 9, 2015

AFA achieves goal... "Newgrange Hall" becomes a reality

Congratulations to the AFA!!

After a thousand years – a home for the Norse Gods and Goddesses in America – NewGrange Hall!

My name is Steve McNallen, head of the Asatru Folk Assembly, or AFA.  For twenty years our organization has promoted and practiced the native European religion known as Asatru (some call it Odinism or Heathenry).  In all this time, we have never had a substantial building to serve as our place of worship, or as our community center.  We have gathered in nature, or rented facilities, but we never had a place we could call our own.  Recently we found the perfect place!  It is an old Grange Hall on about two acres, surrounded by trees, in good condition  –  and for a real bargain price!  Now, trusting in our own hard work, the blessings of the Holy Powers, and your help, we are buying it!

The AFA blog is a good source for a chronological look at these recent developments. The northern California-based AFA is certainly the premier Asatru organization in western North America. On the east coast, the Irminfolk in New York State comes to mind. Having inched along for a number of decades, it now appears that organized Asatru is prepared to make an impact, as well as other similar groups. Having an actual permanent headquarters is perhaps the biggest step. It's like truly crossing the Rubicon. On Red Ice Radio, Stephen McNallen said that the name comes from old rural "grange halls," where primarily farming families would meet, eat, and socialize. Sitting on a plot of land among groves of trees, the building is beautiful. There was even a large rock, sitting between two trees which looks like an altar, which was already there.

Newgrange Hall Winter Nights Celebration
Saturday, October 10, 10 AM
Newgrange Hall, 8408 LaPorte Road, Brownsville, CA


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