Saturday, October 10, 2015

AFA achieves goal... "Newgrange Hall" becomes a reality - Part 2

NewGrange Hall - Asatru Hof (facebook)

The "Newgrange" name is also based partly on a prehistoric monument in Ireland called Newgrange. Newgrange Hall isn't just about some people in northern California who have a clubhouse. It's a symbol of Asatru in all of North America, or even the world, within a historical context. Also, why wouldn't it be a tremendous inspiration for other related folk traditions? 

'What Newgrange Hall Means For Us'

Collin Cleary

Excerpt: NewGrange Hall will be a sacred space in which Asatru will continue to take shape as a modern religion. By this I simply mean a religion for men and women of the folk living today. It is not a gigantic temple ringed with a gold chain. Instead, it is a modest structure (though certainly an appealing one). And, appropriately, it is very American — in the good, old-fashioned sense: simple, functional, and unpretentious. 

I looked at the property and the general vicinity on Google Maps. It's located in a beautiful largely wooded rural area with big skies. Perfect. Somewhat ironically, there's a Baptist Church located on the next property over.


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