Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gothic music 'Born of the Night'... Happy All Hallows' Eve

Midnight Syndicate - Born of the Night
Midnight Syndicate YouTube channel

Melodies for creatures of the night... A popular early track from Halloween music maestros, Midnight Syndicate. This dark piano piece entitled "Born of the Night" is from their album "Out of the Darkness," one of Rue Morgue Magazine's "50 Essential Horror Albums - Discs that Created, Evolved, or Definited Genre Music Through the Decades." Subscribe here:

"This was one of the first two tracks I wrote specifically for the first all-horror Midnight Syndicate CD that would become "Born of the Night." I felt that tracks like it and "Darkness Descends" were good examples of where I saw the sound of Midnight Syndicate going. In atmospheric music, less is more often. This song remains one of our more popular tracks." - Edward Douglas

Since 1997, Midnight Syndicate has been producing dark, orchestral CDs that blend movie score-style instrumental music and haunting sound effects. Designed to transport you to a world or a movie of your own creation, these "soundtracks to imaginary films" promise to take you to the darkest corners of your imagination.

Halloween music, music for haunted houses, music for roleplaying games, music for your mind's eye...

Midnight Syndicate is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Visit their official website at Visit them on Facebook at

All music and images Copyright 1997/2006 Midnight Syndicate / Linfaldia Records Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.

Gothic music or art resonates, I think, within a part of us that we don't usually delve into. In that way it catches our attention. Our ancestral memory is not lost. For many thousands of years, a long terrifying night was a big part of their lives. Consequently, a part of our psyche craves it a little. That's why people wish to be scared. The Goth subculture may be a "reaction" to this craving. "Youth rebellion" virtually always comes in the form of controlled-opposition; however, this fringe movement seems to be genuinely organic in nature. Perhaps we should at least try to understand them. A nice long walk in a remote woods or heavy brush area alone at night would get the message across pretty well, although you should always go with someone; but I'm just saying that our dulled instincts probably seek that challenge.

The vast majority of people are totally separated from nature. "Grounding" is standing on natural ground in your bare feet and connecting to the earth energies as we were meant to. We were meant to absorb at least some moonlight. I was standing in the yard here at 6:30 AM this morning. It was particularly clear. Though the sunrise was becoming visible, I could see the Moon, Venus, the big dipper, and many stars. In one part of the yard beyond the shadow of the house, I could see moonlight brightly penetrating the dry soil in an almost golden light. I went over and stood there, as the Moon wasn't present in a nightly hike some ten hours before. It's rising after 10 PM in the west currently. Moonlight isn't merely some light, or just "nothing." It's healthy for you.

Midnight Syndicate

'Born of the Night'



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