Thursday, October 22, 2015

Monday evening ("Moon's Day) is the last Full Supermoon of the year

'Supermoon Oct. 26-27, 2015: Don't miss the last mega-moon of the year'

By Leada Gore - (Alabama) - October 25, 2015

It was only last month that another supermoon – this one also known as a blood moon that just so happened to be coupled with a lunar eclipse – had everyone talking.

And while Oct. 26's super moon won't be quite so historic, it is the last time in 2015 to see a new or full moon when it's at its closest to the Earth. The full moon supermoon will be in the sky Oct. 26 into the morning of Oct. 27. It's the sixth super moon of the year with the fifth being the ultra-rare "blood moon"

There are usually between four and six supermoons a year but not all of them coincide with full moons. During the super moon, the moon should look larger and slightly brighter.

If you miss Monday night's supermoon you will have to wait until October 2016 to see it again.

The term "supermoon" is relatively new – astrologer Richard Nolle used it for the first time about 30 years ago. At the time, he defined a supermoon as "a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90 percent of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit." Before Nolle's naming, scientists just called such occurrences perigee full moons or perigee new moons. Perigee means "near Earth."


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