Friday, October 2, 2015

'The Secrets of Isis' and female energy

Upon watching a couple of old episodes of the 70s Saturday morning children's fantasy program 'The Secrets od Isis' on YouTube, which I remember, it occurred to me of at least the perceptional part of female-energy. Sometimes people from various systems, usually males in this example, proclaim "getting in touch with their feminine-side." This may give the wrong impression. They probably should reference the "divine feminine energy side" instead. Although fantasy and for children, this very low budget tv program somehow captured an aspect of feminine energetic grace and charm. I'm not referring to "feminism," which was strongly and intentionally overbalanced with male-energy by it's early founders; which ironically gives it something major in common with Christianity and Islam.

To me, what separated this children's program from other "superheroes" on other programs was the connection to the past and its spiritual/magical component. Although intended to be merely for entertainment, the program clearly hinted at a spiritual tradition. When watching either the opening theme or when she transformed herself into "Isis," one may feel a slight "excitement" with the sudden presence of symbolic female energy. Not to be confused with trashy, overt, or dishonorable displays of female sexuality. The spirituality of this heroine was earth-based, and she used short magical rhyming poems to control the elements of earth and sky. Although the actress and her outfit was pretty, and she was graceful, those are not necessary to demonstrate this energy form.

It's not surprising that when institutions are overbalanced with male energy, like with Christianity, there is a subconscious reaction towards counterbalance. For example, turning "Mary" into a goddess-like figure. For all intents and purposes, there are some Catholics who worship Mary as their goddess. Of course, the opposite can occur. If something is overbalanced with divine-feminine energy, then there is eventually a counter move towards the energy of the divine-masculine. I don't know that I am able to properly articulate what the difference between the two energies are, and that may be best for the individual to explore for themselves. I can say that female-energy for a male would be much more akin with "masculine kindness" than with say.. "Caitlyn Jenner."

Often I see women at Home Depot walking out with tools and materials for home construction. I believe that they are getting in touch with their "divine masculine." This doesn't mean that they're masculine, but are utilizing the positive aspects of overt "get'er done" male-energy. Remember, we all have both energies at our disposal to problem solve or for just about any area of endeavor. The divine-masculine stands for "Law," while the divine-feminine stands for "Justice." Nothing can exist in any positive form without both. The negative forces in our world intentionally pit one energy against the other on many different levels, which manifests as "both sides against the middle".. the "middle" being humanity.

The Sumerian hexagram, known today as the Star of David, is made up of two intertwined triangles. The upward triangle stands for the divine-masculine, while the downward triangle stands for the divine-feminine... "The Balance." The pitting of one against the other exists only in thought form, and is manifested in the human politic and it's dominating institutions. The two energies don't negatively interact in the spiritual realm. This positive energy balance is spiritual, not biological or chemical. 

When this fantasy "Isis" manifests with the trumpets and gracefully springs into action using powerful white magick to achieve "Justice" without actually doing harm to anyone, it may resonate a certain reaction in the energetically imbalanced male, living within a Miley Cyrus-entertainment culture. It's really the inherent nobility of the character that they find attractive. The divine-feminine guides us, as the old saying goes: "There's no freedom without restraint."


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