Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Cult of Saturn: Part III

Variations of this Saturnian-based culture may have migrated from a possible Atlantean group of civilizations which gave way to some type of cataclysm, to Sumeria, to Phoencia, and to the early “Mystery Schools” of occult and Alchemic knowledge. This was to have included Egypt, Greece, Rome, to India and China, and to the Druidic cultures of northern Europe. Saturn worship was to have replaced the pre-Olympian Goddess Hecate in ancient Greece. Hinduism, Shintoism, Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhism all apparently have Saturnian symbolism. Apparently the Etruscans referred to Saturn as the “Wheel of Heaven,” the Gaels as Satarn, and the Bantus as Isateni. The mystery schools developed into the Templars, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and similar systems.

Even if one were to examine the ancient Roman knowledge of the planets, one could ask how they were so familiar with Saturn, Mars, or Venus? They didn’t have telescopes. Planets appear to us as just stars when observing the night sky with our eyes, binocular, or telescope. In fact, the archaic name for the Italian peninsula was “Saturnia.” The Roman festival “Saturnalia” is said to be a return to “Saturn’s reign”… aka The Golden Age. The Catholic Church took on after the Roman Empire fell, and the institution features much Saturn symbolism, as well as a mixture of other ancient symbols. The Catholic Church once engaged in a bitter rivalry with the Templar/Freemasonic groups, despite the fact that both are obsessed with Saturn; and it could be said that this is another constant within these Saturn societies… blood feuds between them.

I should have mentioned, along with the many Biblical words which originate with the Phoenician God “El” rootword... the word “Hell.” An obvious attempt by the Sun cult to project negativity onto the Saturn cult, and the other side has caught up quite a bit in recent years. Also confusing is that there can be opposing camps within certain cultures and regions. For example, the ancient Egyptian word “Set” means Saturn. The Satanist Aleister Crowley appears to have delved into the Saturnian magical aspect of ancient Egypt. In other words, there seems to have been both Sun and Saturn cults in Egypt. There is a modern Satanic society called the Temple of Set.

According to the Christian Bible, the Earth is six-thousand years old; or, perhaps that really meant that the star Saturn fizzled out six thousand years ago, and ushered in the “Sun only era” from a Sun cult point of view? The modern Bohemian Club is very likely Saturnian, and uses an amalgamation of symbols from the ancient Middle East. For example, they worship a forty-foot stone owl deity called “Molech” (mo-EL-ech) in ancient Babylon. Black and purple are Saturnian colors, and the priesthood of ancient Phoenicia-Canna wore black and purple robes. This is why judges and Catholic priests always wear black robes. There are probably non-Saturnians who wear black robes, but this is why the Saturnian societies wear them… because of, at the very least, the Saturnian traditional aspect.

The black and white checkered pattern, usually a floor pattern, is obviously a Saturnian symbol. This black cubed pattern is featured on the floor of Masonic lodges, and other Saturnian societies. I noticed while watching the recent horror movie 'Annabelle', a terrifying scene in a basement of an apartment building where the floor was this black and white checkerboard pattern. A basement floor would very unlikely be of this pattern. The filmmakers had a definite point to make. The black square or cube is a reflection of the hexagram located on the north pole of Saturn. When you graduate, you must wear a Saturnian square marter board on your head, with a matching robe. At the very least, this is a remnant of the Saturnian tradition, if not something more. The dollar bill has a little owl up in the right corner. The ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail is Saturnian, and was present in many different cultures. The snake or serpent represents wisdom, and the Sun cults were always trying to wipe it out for the sake of piety.. often with eagle symbolism representing male energy over female wisdom. I can’t truly say that I am convinced that either side is “good.” Why can’t someone just like both the Sun and Saturn?

The black cube symbol is big in Islam. When hundreds of thousands of Muslims circle the giant black cube in Mecca, this is a reenactment of the storm which circles the hexagram or “cube” on the north pole of Saturn. Although Islam is overwhelmingly Saturnian in origin, the Islamic color is green. Green is the color associated with the planet Venus, and Islam uses a “Venusian crescent” as its chief symbol. This is not the Moon, but it’s how Venus usually appeared in the sky ten or fifteen thousand years ago during The Golden Age. The geometric “storm” on the north pole of Saturn is red, and the “ring of fire” or “rings” are a part of Saturnian symbolism. Rings may also represent the rings of Saturn. The symbols of ear rings, wedding rings, and crowns originate from the Saturnian tradition. I’m generalizing, since there are probably circles and rings which may not be Saturnian.


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