Saturday, March 7, 2015

Return of The Divine Feminine

'The Return' 

Fallen from the brightest light
Into the darkest black water
Emerging to begin Divine plight
Many stood up and fought Her

Lands are bathed in blood
Cleansed by the sacred fire
Lost ones sink into the mud
Lifting my great sword higher

The battle isn't over quite
Until the last one falls
The end is now in sight
No hiding behind high walls

Peace and tranquility restored
Nature now starts to bloom
At last pull down my sword
Place flowers on their tomb

--Tia L Douglass


Temple of Theola

Temple of Theola YouTube channel

Tau Tia L Douglass

Church of St. Mary & St. John (Celtic Gnostic Church)

I don't necessarily agree with everything presented, but I agree with the basic gist of it. "Maturnalism," rather than male-energy "Feminism": and a balance of energy.. The Saturnian hexagram (aka "Star of David") is a very ancient symbol which combines the "sacred masculine" (the upward triangle) and the "sacred feminine" (the downward triangle).


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