Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 15

Saturday "ghost night"

For the past year or so, I have referred to Saturday evening as "ghost night." This is mostly because the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN: DirecTV channel 253) presents a lineup of programs dealing with the ghost/spirit issue. Last evening they presented their new lineup with 'My Haunted Vacation', 'The Haunting Of...', 'My Haunted House', and Psychic Intervention. Spirit medium Kim Russo is featured on the 'The Haunting Of.." and the newer 'Psychic Intervention'.

Kim Russo, unlike "The Long Island Medium" in my opinion, appears to be the real thing. Even if one of the celebrities featured has a definite link to a place entirely unrelated to their family members who've passed on, she always makes a connection with them on top of the issue at hand. With all of these programs, it's sort've hit and miss; with some cases more interesting than others. 

I really wish the network would bring back 'Reincarnated: Past Lives', which I think was ultimately the most significant program of them all. They aired four programs last year. Apparently the soul moves on to the next incarnation when it's ready, whether in ten years or five hundred years. A "spirit" is a free spirit, while a "ghost" is in a repressed state.. stuck and perhaps isolated in one location.

Also last evening featured 'The Dead Files' and 'Ghost Adventures' on the Travel Channel (DirecTV channel 277), two popular programs for the network. Spirit medium Amy Allan of 'The Dead Files' uses an entirely different approach than Kim Russo, apparently because she has different abilities. She virtually never makes a connection to the clients' family members who've passed on unless they have become a ghost (not a spirit) at that location.. and perhaps a problem. Also, very unlike Kim Russo, she confronts various types of paranormal entities. Some of them were never in living form, and apparently some were just "brought into existence" from conditions of the history of the house or property.

For example, a house can just "assume a spirit" of it's own at some point; or a poltergeist is actually "created" by a living person's emotions and energy.. and can become an entirely separate spirit. I suspect that this can occur from love and positive energy as well.. Also, a ghost can eventually just morph into something entirely different, apparently always eery and negative. I don't know if that would destroy the soul or not. So many questions...


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