Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cult of Saturn: Part V

The “electric universe” theory is a related but separate concept from the idea that our solar system rearranged only in the thousands of years ago. During The Golden Age, some of the planets were to have appeared as dramatically as the Moon currently appears in our sky. Saturn sat motionless in the northern sky, much closer to the Earth. It could also be said that Saturn appears like an “eye” when viewed from top to bottom so to speak. Also, Mars with Venus behind it was to have appeared like an eye as well; with Mars as the “pupil”.. with Venus appearing subtly in the background, often appearing as a “bottom rocker.” Apparently, these ancient “sun wheels” had either five, six, or eight points of electrical discharge emanating from them, giving rise to the many ancient symbols from around the world.

The rays of electrical discharge surrounding the Mars-Venus configuration was to have created the appearance of “horns” as like a bull or an owl. This would explain the archetypes from, for example, Babylon (“bull worhip") and Phoenicia-Canna (“owl worship”). Also, the obsession with “the horns” within the Cult of Saturn. Instead of being privy to this as part of our fascinating collective history, we are forced to endure adult infants in popular mainstream culture using these symbols in an unhealthy way.. while at the same time this history is being kept hidden from us. Also, the ancient worldwide symbol of the dragon or serpent was to have originated from the appearance of the electrical interaction between Mars and Venus.

According to Arthur C. Clarke, who was a part of this milieu, the “monolith” from the 1968 film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was actually a representative of the pyramid. However, the pyramid would have been too overt a symbol to use. The filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who produced and directed ‘2001’, has been described as either an insider of this milieu.. or someone who tried to “expose” this systemic underworld. He was a person commissioned, through his work, to facilitate the ancient Saturnian code of allowing the information to become available for “those who wish to know.”

The Black Sun
Kubrick passed away on March 7, 1999, which is exactly 666 days before January 1, 2001. Of course, this may be a simple coincidence. However, there are hundreds of such examples; which, if someone were able to spend a few million dollars and assemble them all to feed into a computer, would be statistically impossible with the odds being in the many trillions. There are other Pythagorean-numerical coincidences surrounding certain historical events which are extremely eery, and seemingly would be impossible to artificially coordinate. This is why this “Cult of Saturn” series is next to impossible to adequately write. Nobody could possibly put it all together correctly in a manner which would truly illuminate the magnitude of the system. I can’t do it. I’ve just grazed the surface here.

I should have been more clear earlier that the “black sun” symbol, associated with the National Socialists, apparently originated with the early Saturnian religious expression of Teutonic peoples when they lived in the northern part of west/central Asia during the last glacial movement. Other possible Saturnian symbols from this expression were the more circular forms of both the swastika and the triskelion. Often it’s not clear whether or not a symbol represents the Sun or Saturn. I think that it’s at least very likely that the black sun wheel is Saturnian. There is a lot more evidence of a very ancient Teutonic/Hyperborean homeland in the far north during The Golden Age, than there is evidence of any super Teutonic civilization. Those are two different ideas. However, the ancient Persian/Aryan civilization was of a true-Mediterranean and Teutonic mix.

Here is one amazing image of the hexagram on the north pole of Saturn, with the "ring of fire" at the center; which could also form another symbolic perception of an "eye." In the Johnny Cash song entitled "Ring of Fire," the lyrics clearly reflect someone "going to Hell." However, that negative idea originated from a Christian (Solar cult) point of view. Since the word "Hell" originated from the Saturnian God "El," and since the "ring of fire" is located on Saturn's north pole, a person visiting the "ring of fire" would literally be "going to El" in a benign sense.


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