Monday, March 9, 2015

"Revive European Animism..."

Revive European Animism Paganism, Wyrd, Asatru, Wicca 

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For 50,000 years, Europeans were animist polytheists who believed that all of the manifested Cosmos possessed a spirit with which humans could directly interact and communicate. It has only been in the last 500 or so years that peoples of European descent have lived outside their immediate resources. This change took place when our European ancestors abandoned their ancient animist traditions. The consequences were devastating. 

Today our modern world was shaped primarily by people of European descent and it is this modern Western culture that has been separated from it's traditional animist ways that has created plagues, racism, slavery, global warming, nuclear weapons, air pollution, economic disaster, etc... These are not divine punishments, but merely the natural consequences of the decisions made by a people who have forgotten their ancient animist traditions. Let's return to our animist roots. Let's return to the "Old Ways" that kept our people and our traditions alive for 50,000 years.

Music - 'Promentory' by Trevor Jones


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