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The Arctic Home in the Vedas: Part 22 - Was Jötunheim the original Teutonic homeland?

For the most part, what is today known as the culture of Asatru came into being in northern Europe within the last 3,000 years. For example, prior to about 1,000 BCE, there were no runes carvings. It's at least possible that this culture was actually formed from a fusion between proto-Europeans and the incoming Teutons. Would it be a stretch to speculate that the legend of Jötunheim, and it's giants (the Jötnar), could have originated with the proto-Europeans regarding the early migration of Teutons? The original Teutonic homeland was likely located from the Himalayas to the Arctic Sea, not including later migratory outposts such as ancient Aryan Persia.

The average height of men back then was a little over five feet tall; and I'm guessing that the pure Teutons were at least a foot taller than that on average.... "Giants." I can recall reading of how the Greek Byzantines thought of the Langobards as "giants." Even today, the Dinka tribe in Africa has an average height of about ten inches taller than the surrounding peoples; so there is genetic precedent for this type of height disparity between basically similar peoples. Montenegrins are about seven inches taller on average than their Balkan neighbors. It may sound crazy, but the Teutons could have been 15 inches taller than the proto-Europeans... having now been diffused down to an average of 5'11".

The imcoming Teution warriors must have struck tremendous fear into the proto-Europeans of northern Europe. To put it bluntly... could northern Europe have been "Midgard" and northern Eurasia "Jötunheim"? "Nordic" is a regional ethnographic term, and the traditional Norse are themselves partly descended from proto-Europeans. Aspects from the ancient indigenous people could also have simply merged into what later became Asatru. What may sound sort've odd today, "different" types of Scandinavians, has at least some equivalent examples in northern Europe in the written record. For example, there were different "types" of Irish people a thousand years ago.... some Teutonic, some Atlanto-Mediterranian; some dark haired, some blonde; some tall, some short..... different cultures which later became "the Irish."

The worst and coldest winters blow from Siberia across northern Europe, that is from the east, where the frost-giants waft cold blasts of wind to blacken tender buds and chill the hearts of men, but it was in the far north, where the night reigned longest and the ice never melted that the entrance to Nefl-heim and Angerbode's Ironwood lay. In the psycho-geography of the Other World, Angerbode could be both east of Midgard in Jötunheim and in Ironwood; such was her reputation that she dwelt simultaneously in the world of places.

-- Leo Ruickbie, 'Witchcraft Out of the Shadows' (1988), 'East of Midgard: Witchcraft, Magic and Religion Amongst the Pagan Tribes of Northern Europe', page 43

I'm not suggesting that the entire legend originated with the proto-Europeans, but that certain aspects may have come from their long-ago culture and perspective. Other aspects may have been different. Some may have seen the Teutons as "gods" or some other mystical concept. I suppose that it's even possible that the fantastic Germanic "imagination of itself," from more modern history, may have been a long cultural carryover from the original indigenous people. I suppose that you could say that Dolph Lundgren could be sort've a modern representative of the original Teutonic element, and Mariska Hargitay a modern representative of the proto-European element of northern Europe... a perfect mixture. Even their names give a certain mystical clue; the powerful Teuton and the magical Alpine.

Nordic/Viking Music - Jötunheimr

Adrian von Ziegler

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Published on Feb 23, 2014

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A new Viking song that goes straight into Norse Mythology! It's the longest and most powerful Viking song that I made so far, and we're one step closer again to the video of "1 Hour of Viking Music" that I promised. =) Hey, if you already know what the title means feel yourself high-fived by me, and if you can pronounce it then feel double high-fived!^^

Jötunheimr is the home world of the Giants from Norse Mythology (one of the Nine Worlds, more known worlds are for example Midgard and Asgard). Jötunheimr is definitely one of the lesser known worlds commonly, but for me it was always one of the most fascinating. Therefore since I started making those songs that are focused on Vikings and Norse Mythology I always knew that I would do a song specifically about Jötunheimr one day. And here it is!^^

Ah yes, the voice that you hear in the song is my own, and believe it or not: It's not edited. It's a raw recording, only hall effect was added.^^ People already asked me in the song „Einherjer" whether I edited my voice to make it deeper, but it's naturally like that. Maybe I'll show you once. xD

Also, adding this note again because I want no misunderstandings: (I know many people are very fond of Viking culture -- I'm one of them^^)

People were asking me how would I know what kind of music the Vikings really made, since they are gone since centuries. But I don't claim to know that, what I do is writing ABOUT Vikings.^^ I don't know what they played 1000 years ago, I simply compose music that I personally see fitting to tell tales about them. So if there are Fantasy elements or Film music-like parts included -- that's why.^^ I mostly try to keep it traditional though, as well as my knowledge about it lets me do that. =)

Composed and arranged 100% by myself as always, on keyboard.

The artwork was created by this great artist:

© All audio material is copyrighted by Adrian von Ziegler.


The misty forest gave a sense of foreboding, that the warrior could not disagree with. But, he was a Viking; he would not run just because of the tales women tell while at the spindle. He removed his helmet, setting it down in front of him and drew his sword and a rag, wiping off the dark ichors of the last fight.


He heard it, looking up. It was a loud sound, as if a tree fell in the distance. He quietly returned to work on his blade, hand gripping the hilt tightening.


He heard the splintering of a great oak. Closer. He stood, placing his helmet on as a dark shape towered over him in the mist, it was massive, at least as tall as a house. Two piercing white eyes illuminated the fog, watching him. “Norseman...” It rumbled. “These woods are not your place.”

“I shall not be cowed with words!” He declared back, sword in hand, “A brave one too...” The giant mused, cocking it's head. “And meat. There is good meat on you...” It crouched down to get a better look, gripping a tree, the wood straining under it's crushing grip. “What brings you to this cursed wood?” The viking weighed his odds. He had the arrow wounds from the last fight, his shield had been smashed, and his body ached. He smiled grimly.

“Victory, or Valhalla.”

-- Troy Nelson, YouTube user


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