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"The Plague of Three" upon Folkish Neopaganism

[2-2-17 Retraction regarding this article]

Personally, I don't mind the term "Pagan," ("country dweller") since it's part of our history. After Christianity took over by force, "native believers"---those who believed in the spirituality of their own ancestors---were often relegated to the rural countryside, often outside of mainstream society. I know some do not like that term. It could be said that there are now some small but somewhat significant folkish-spiritual movements in what was once the Eurocentric "west." In some ways, the sophisticated folkish-spiritual movements of the other two chief racial types of the Americas could also be included here due to their own smaller issues of harassment or mockery directed at them. I'm specifically referring to the inherent worth of these various systems.

The Plague of Three

1) Cultural Marxism

Everyone is at least partly "Socialist" since everyone seeks, even in a small way, to reward someone while punishing someone else. Like Capitalism, it's part of the recipe for civilization. Cultural Marxism is simply "rich man's Socialism." Nothing about it actually helps anyone. It's another control mechanism for the masses... "transvestite rights instead of worker rights" (hint hint). The transnational banks and corporations grow with unbounded power... but at least men can use the women's bathrooms! By actual definition, Hillary Clinton is almost as far right as one can get; people only perceive that she's on the left.

The "neopagan movement(s)" is unique in that it has slowly but steadily grown without the aid of any outside help or promotion. There won't be any "Germanic Heathenry Studies Department" at a major university any time soon. There's a natural missing puzzle piece in people's lives, which isn't available to them in mainstream society, and they have discovered what it is for themselves. To put it bluntly, this first category is generally made up of "anti-white bigots" at large; and it makes little difference what the person may look like as they plunge the dagger in. It's to the point where a small and totally non-political private folk group can be attacked for merely existing. It makes one wonder what they're so afraid of?

While there's an element of this antagonistic politic which is funded by the usual suspects like the Ford Foundation, most of it is made up of hipsters who are defacto foot soldiers for "political correctness." Political correctness is another tool in this "rich man's Socialism" construct. It's all perception since these same forces destroy societies and fund genocide around the globe without criticism from the controlled hipsters. "Social justice" is only for whom the transnational cartels say it's for... all while they eliminate whole rural societies in some cases.. to get at their natural resources. I would argue that these antagonistic hipsters are partly guilty for crimes against humanity since they do whatever these powers steer them to do. If you're helping genocidists, then you're guilty of it.

There are various groups which call themselves names like Heathens Against Hate. This may sound like a good proactive concept; an attempt to keep things on a logical path. Actually it isn't. These are people who call themselves Heathens, but can't imagine why anyone could possibly think that any European tradition would have anything to do with European ancestry? There's apparently an old multinational secret society called The Odin Brotherhood, which is concerned about the Islamic invasion of Europe. While the concept appears to project strength, their only concern is religious freedom. In other words, they can't imagine why anyone would believe that Odinism would have anything to do with one's ancestry? On their forum, someone suggested the ancestral-spiritual concept. I remember one guy responding, and you could just feel the utter internal agony in his words. He was mortified.

Even the mere term "Odinism" is considered a racist concept by many. Gee, I can't even keep up with all of the dos and don'ts anymore! There was one Christian video on YouTube where, if I remember correctly, an American Christian college girl tried to sign up for some type of work/study project at a supposedly "Asatru" company located in one of the Scandinavian countries. I bring this up only as a warning of what's out there. Some Heathens are much the same as Wiccans, or perhaps worse.. as in this case. In a letter to one official in this company, the young woman stated that she was a Christian. The response by this man was so sexually and violently profane, that I can't repeat it here. Beyond his stunning dishonor, he fully associated Asatru as a homosexual movement. I can recall one so-called "Heathen" blog in which the author, to an extreme degree, associated Heathenry with Communism... and went on at length in an attempt to prove it. Needless to say, he didn't believe that Heathenry had a damn thing to do with ancestry!

Other blogs, Wiccan and Heathen, are rabid about spotting "racism"... just like "witch hunters" of the Middle Ages. Frequently they make it a point to bring up folkish neopagan racists, and state how they're not allowed. Within cultural Marxism, "rich man's Socialism," the promotion and obsession of these "ISMS" are designed to destroy the rights of workers and small business people on numerous fronts. The only real "ISM" involved here is socio-economic Classism. This controlled-opposition has transformed the mainsteam "Left" into an anti-Labor and pro-war mongering movement. These white middle class hipsters and anarchists won't protest the military manufacturing plants as they roam around trying to spot a racist behind every tree.

I believe that Wiccans have done some good things. However, very often they just simply cannot stop talking about homosexuality. I remember visiting the website of one Wiccan radio program from Massachusetts. It seemed like such a great idea; to have a whole program on some small station. When I listened to the archives, programs would begin and they would go on the first ten minutes without talking about anything other than the gay movement. Hmm... I like tall women.. does anyone want to hear me talk about it at length? Sexuality is, and always will be, a personal thing. No intelligent person wants to hear about it. It's pretty clear that homosexuality is very important on the minds of most Wiccans.. mostly likely because of the perceived need to not be like Christians.

I think that folkish traditions should be about respect... from all sides. Unfortunately it doesn't happen often. I have observed online a few different folkish racial factions extending goodwill to each other in a small way. I think there's some potential for that sort of thing since they would or should have more in common than not. I remember watching a YouTube video about Shintoism once, and what seemed to be a young white guy commented that he wanted to become a Shintoist. Many Native American groups have now begun to close their rituals to the public because people like this guy simply will not leave them alone! I looked up Druidic groups in California one time, and saw some "Druids" who were not even of European descent. There's one YouTube video of a white guy marrying a Mexican gal in an "Asatru wedding"... with her father giving away the bride. They were very Mayan. Would it be fair to ask the groom as to why he would be interested in Asatru, an ancestral religion, in the first place? There are some Heathens who believe that "the gods" want them to intermarry with other races.

2) Social Science

The real job of Social Scientists is to make the world safe for global predatory monopoly Capitalism... PERIOD. This is the reason that Jeffrey Kaplan gets to be practically the spokesman for the Asatru Folk Assembly, of which he hates because it's "European and folkish"... all the while he ignores certain powerful people who have eliminated entire societies in the Third World! In his politic, that's not "racism." The word "racism" was invented by a man whose political group helped mass murder over 60 million people who just happened to be of a different race and religion than they were.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of self-interest racial/ethnic groups of every kind in California. The system has made it crystal clear that any European collective concept is off limits. Perhaps we can refer to this rule as "Kaplan's Law." There can, however, be Irish, Italian, German, Croatian, etc. clubs/groups; probably because the social controllers don't want to butt heads with people of certain ethnic backgrounds, and the number of these groups are pretty small and quiet anyway. However, according to Kaplan's Law.. anything white or European is "Nazi." Some years ago, in a Bay Area high school which was about 20% white, some students formed a "white students union" of which there are many well established racially-based students unions all over the state. Immediately the ADL was called in to investigate. This political dynamic has grown with leaps and bounds in recent years.

Even if a person is not anti-white, they can still be an incredible pest! Sabina Magliocco is a professor of Anthropology and Folklore at California State University, Northridge. In the name of paying the bills, she injects herself into anything and everything "Italian-American and Pagan," despite the fact that these traditions are very small in the U.S. She feels that it's her duty and right to fully dress them down to size for close in-depth analysis... even to the point of calling those in these tiny communities "liars." Apparently our traditions are none of our business! It's important to realize that she isn't part of these communities at all. It's all only for that all-important direct deposit. Another example of state-funded intrusion upon others [This paragraph has been retracted 2-2-17].

3) National Socialism

Since European people merely existing is "racist" to some, this subject is in sore need of some rational definition. The Third Reich only lasted about a dozen years, yet it still captures the scorn and imagination of many; while the British Empire lasted centuries, dominating everything in its sight, yet with little criticism or admiration. Part of this is due to the fact that the NAZI's embraced what we think of as Germanic Neopaganism. Ironically, if you examine it closely for a long period of time, you may come to realize that what they espoused was actually something closer to possible spiritual concepts from the original Teutonic homeland of very ancient times. In any case, this connection is often brought up by enemies of Asatru from every stripe as this reconstruction has slowly grown in recent years. Small movement, big enemies. However, certain people who have embraced Germanic neopaganism have certainly helped promote the idea of this connection. As to whether or not they actually feel a spiritual tie to it, or are merely using it for political purposes, can only be speculated on.

As a consequence of all this, influential groups like the ADL or the SPLC release a lists of "hate symbols," which includes many symbols of Heathenry, such as the Othala. In fact, the Othala has been projected as the next Swastika... a symbol to be banned in some capacity within this ongoing neo-witchhunt. You can only take so many backward steps towards the edge of the cliff. Still, one can't deny the reckless usage of sacred symbols by so-called Neo-Nazis. Just as a general rule, it's probably not a good idea to overtly mix one's spirituality with any political construct. However, both the far right and far left do it incessantly. I can recall one YouTube video where some very left leaning political activist made a video after he had just--likely very ingenuinely--converted to Wicca. He was displaying his Pentacle Star overtly while politicking, and it just looked so stupid.

There are also non-European American groups which are very similar to Neo-Nazi or KKK groups. While facebook will not tolerate any European-American collective concept at all, they tolerate groups like the New Black Panther Party and La Raza--both of whom have had individuals in an official capacity clearly call for racial violence and murder--and a group calling itself United Pagans of Color. They espouse a long held infantile fantasy, present across many races, of somehow every race teaming up against a particular race.. which has never actually ever occurred in that particular manner. In this case against white people, and they go on at length about the evils of white people... all under the approving eye of facebook. I use them as an example since they would be the equivalent of Neo-Nazi Heathenry.


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