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The Cult of Saturn: Part VII: Tying it all together

CERN...SATURN...Ringmakers...Hypercube...Illuminati Demon Worship.

The Tin Foil Man

"Translucid Dreaming (Phallic Scarlet Totems)" by Emme Ya


Maybe the most complete short video on the subject. The only major aspect not covered much is the Saturnian black cube in Mecca, of which the participants walk in mass counter-clockwise around the giant cube... just like the storm on the north pole of Saturn revolves counter-clockwise within the hexagram shape, which is a 3D model of a cube. The hexagram (much later known as the "Star of David") fits perfectly inside of the hexagram shape, and the hexagram symbol naturally has a hexagram shape inside of it.... and so on and so forth... cubes within cubes within cubes.. endlessly. Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism are drowning in Saturnian symbolism as they were formed from much older Saturnian religions. Protestantism "protested" against the Saturnian cult and went back to it's Sun cult roots via ancient Egyptian mythology. It's just too bad for anyone who isn't interested in joining a planetary cult to go to war for. 

The simple truth is that the Earth, a couple of other planets currently in our solar system and Saturn's moons, once revolved around a star called Saturn. Our old Saturnian solar system literally joined this one, and it's a very good thing it did because Saturn completely fizzled out thousands of years ago. It is now a dwarf star. The Sun and Saturn are part of the heritage and history of all people. The cult of Saturn feels the need to keep this hidden so they can have their infantile secret club. The ancients knew about the features of Saturn, although it's not known how at this time. This club is following an irrational theology. For example, the hexagram symbol conflates both the divine masculine (the upward triangle) and the divine feminine (the downward triangle)... so some of the ancient Saturnian occultists took that to represent some type of hermaphroditist-archetype. For example, the symbol of Baphomet with both male and female parts.

To put it bluntly, the real culture of the cult of Saturn is a combination of 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. This is why government, mainstream media, education, and the corporatocracy suddenly, all at once, began promoting this hermaphroditist agenda... at a time where there are a veritable Mt. Everest of real problems facing the world; ironically most of which "they" have created for us and the world. The hexagram could, and should, represent simply the "perfect union" of the divine masculine and feminine. Many have suggested that the purpose of CERN's Large Hadron Collider is to connect with Saturn, and there is enough evidence to look into that. The very fact that the clouds above the collider have at times formed a vortex shape, or that anti-matter substance can interact with itself over thousands of miles, is enough reason to at least ask some serious questions.

This video covered almost all of the main points. As has been covered here, the geometry of the hexagram adds up to "666"... also Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun, the sixth day of the week, and both the polygon shape and hexagram symbol have six sides and points. Since the Christian Bible, which was founded by Sun cultists, demonizes anything Saturnian (ex. 666)... it is simply up to the individual researcher to decide for themselves what they want to believe. At the least, 666 is a signature marker for the cult of Saturn (ex. the OK sign). Some months ago, some heavyweight Saturnian cultists encouraged a number of NBA stars to use the OK sign on the court during games... and often. This is how these people get off. With all the power and resources they have, there is this ever-present infantile mentality they have. It's just as simple as that. This is an extremely strange subject of study. For example, "the eye" (the revolving storm) on the south pole of Saturn not only looks like a human eye.... it even has finite features of an eye and eyelid. There are four "eye features" on Saturn that I know of: The outer ring (side view), the eye on the south pole, and the ring which circles the hexagram feature on the north pole as well as an inner "eye" (circle and dot) within the same hexagram feature. I'm sure that Saturnian occultism has a lot to do with the the many strange features and artifacts found on both Mars and the moons of Saturn. The ultimate "truth" is likely stranger than we can imagine.

The eclipse of Saturn photographed by Cassini-Huygens: So perfect that it looks fake. However, this beautiful image would not be possible without it's actual light source: Our Sun!

There's a whole history of human, or beings with a similar DNA structure, civilization around this solar system at least.... which has been kept hidden. One artifact on Mars (coined "obama on mars") is a bust or mostly buried statue of a very human-like man figure... perhaps some long forgotten leader. This is clearly artificial, and not some "trick of light and shadow." I took this image, taken by a wide angle lens camera, and pushed it back in shape.. and lightened and enhanced to to show the detail... and it's the perfect dimension of a human head and face with absolutely finite features. The odds of this being a natural feature are in the millions against! He appears to be of a different racial type, unknown on the Earth, but he's real. It's as clear as day.

Atheists are always paranoid that some religious zealot will want to take their freedom away. Well, the cult of Saturn is the most powerful religion in the world, and they really do want to take their freedom away.. and Atheists ignore it. Most Atheists are just conformists and hipsters who merely hate Christianity, based on perceptions.. real or imagined. Sun cult Christianity was against anything Saturnian... which included the hermaphroditist archetype of the Saturn cult. Why allow either to have the upper hand? I mean in a sane world, there wouldn't be ancient oddball theologies and planetary star cults at war with each other... holding grudges from ten thousand years ago, with the average person being drawn into it. I'm only referring to the negative esoteric occult aspects.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the Pentagram as being the second symbol to the Hexagram. There is indeed a Pentagram-like feature within the Hexagram on the north pole of Saturn. This one-two combination archetype is also displayed on the old Talisman of Saturn, which also long predates the official knowledge of the Hexagram-Pentagram combination on Saturn's north pole. The Pentagram's role, if any, within the cult of Saturn is unclear to me at this time. Even if there were a definite connection, and there probably is, it wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with Vehmic symbols of other pre-Christian spiritual traditions. This aspect is inconclusive, to me at least, at this time. The Pentagram is not the only Vehmic symbol.


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