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Ghost programs and the metaphysical issue: Part 20 - "Tibetan Book of the Dead"

Full Documentary HD - Secret Book of DEATH


The Tibetan Books of the Dead are a diverse collection of Buddhist scriptures that yield valuable insight into the psychology of death and dying and suggest the importance of meditative practice and knowledge as tools for self-understanding. This in-depth study of this rich body of Buddhist literature details the Tibetan Buddhist belief in the bardos, of intermediate states, and serves as an illuminating companion volume to The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Using original texts from both the Buddhist and pre-Buddhist Tibetan religious traditions, this book presents a detailed portrayal of the teachings and the iconography that play a major role in the Tibetan understanding of death and dying. The peaceful and wrathful deities, the mandala principle, the five Buddha families, and the six realms of experience are among the doctrines examined in this volume. A psychological commentary and the illustrations and diagrams in the book illuminate the Tibetan path from death, through the after-death state, to transformation and rebirth. A comparison with Western investigations of consciousness, death, and dying, as well as views of death in India, Egypt, and other ancient cultures, enables the reader to see how the Tibetan Buddhist perspective on death relates to the spiritual and psychological beliefs of other societies.


Bardo Thodol ("Tibetan Book of the Dead")

The Bhavacakra and the Sun Cross

In the same manner that there is a "Tibetan triskelion"---of which I believe there is an ancient link---there is also a similarity between the Tibetan Bhavacakra and the Sun Cross from a number of ancient European traditions. I would guess that there is not necessarily an ancient connection here since the Bhavacakra represents the cycle of life, while the Sun Cross represents the wheel of the year. Of course, the concept of the cycle of life could easily conflate with the cycle of the seasons. The Bhavacakra, as far as I can see, is only represented with eight points when in the form of a particular ornamental design set on top of a structure or high on a mountain. Although I wasn't able to find an example, this symbol appears particularly powerful amid dark clouds in the high mountains... at which time it appears dark grey.

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Kim Russo is the real deal. She was actually the subject of a long series of tests by the Windbridge Institute.

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Amy Allan is also very genuine. She clearly has a different set abilities than Kim Russo. There are many interviews with her, Steve DiSchiavi, and all of these individuals online.

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Tanya Carroll Richardson

Professional Intuitive and Author of 'Angel Insights' and two guided journals

Tanya Carroll Richardson was recently on Coast To Coast AM which is embedded below (starts at 1:15:07)

Coast To Coast AM - October 5, 2016 Ancient Mars and Angel Messages

Conflict October

In the first half, plasma physicist John Brandenburg, PhD, discussed why he believes a faction of the government wants controversial images of lost civilizations and nuclear weapon signatures on Mars to be released to the public in order to build support for a manned mission to the Red Planet.

In the latter half, author and professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson shared messages from the angel realm, and revealed the nature of various types of angels - who they are, what motivates them, and how we can we summon their help.


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