Monday, November 14, 2016

Moon closer to Earth than at any point between 1948 to 2034.... right now!

Officially, the time for the current Supermoom was  at 8:52 EST this past morning. However, this phase is a very gradual process; and this Full Beaver Moon will be just as bright early this evening, and more bright than it was 24 hours earlier. In other words, pragmatically tonight is the better night to Supermoon gaze; and appropriately on a Monday... "Moon's Day." The Moon has been extremely bright for a number of nights now, and will continue to be for a number of night's more.

'When to watch the closest supermoonWhen to watch the closest supermoon' (Bruce McClure - - November 13, 2016)


I've been trying to let people know that the full Moon phase of this supermoon event is a bit deceptive because the Moon is already and has been visibly larger for quite a while now and the full Moon phase is just one day out of this long slow close orbit. People are getting the mistaken impression that the Moon will be somehow extra large just on that one night and that's sad because they could have been enjoying the visibly larger view all along as I have been. I was looking at the Moon last night and the night before that and the night before that... because I've been aware that the Moon's close orbit has been going on for over a week and will continue for quite a while after the full Moon phase as well.

Unfortunately the way this event has been advertised to the public has focused their attention on just one particular day. That's sort of like calling just one day "Summer" when the Earth is exactly in the middle of that season or calling one particular minute of the day "high tide"... it doesn't work that way. These things all gradually come and go over long periods of time.

So wherever you are right now, if you can see the Moon from where you are, enjoy it because you are seeing the supermoon right now and that will also be true tomorrow and the day after that. There's no need for you to stand outside looking at your watch waiting for that exact moment, that moment is now.

-- Ron Cole,


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