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Ancient Aliens - 'The Viking Gods' - Part 4

The above video was of a particularly good lecture by Stephen McNallen from 1993. He's always a fascinating speaker and interview. He's conducted quite a few interviews recently.


Asatru-related videos

Steve McNallen on Red Ice Radio from June 9th - "Asatru: A Native European Spirituality"

"Asatru: The Ways of Our Ancestors" with Stephen McNallen On GW Radio (Gnostic Warrior Radio)

A Varangian Saga (latter adventures of the Vikings in service of the Byzantines)

What Are Runes? (an interesting short history)

The Nine Noble Virtues


Some Heathen music

Viking Pagan Folk Song - Yggdrasill 

"WOTAN" Video - "Under the sign of Odin's Ravens"

Eliwagar "Die Geheime Sprache Der Runen Im Schwarzwald

Vikings Return ! War - Burzum - Norvegian Black Metal

Odin's Dance


Queen Wealtheow In the 2007 film 'Beowulf'

This character of Wealthow was played by Robin Wright Penn in a semi-animated portrayal. She appeared so docile and beautiful, yet still such a strong character. Two memorable songs, in which she sang and played the harp, were 'Gently As She Goes' and 'A Hero Comes Home'.

Queen Wealtheow In Beowulf (both songs complete and uninterrupted)

A Lenda de Beowulf Queen Wealtheow (animated version of the Queen playing 'Gently As She Goes' in the Portuguese language version of the film)


Seana Fenner on a version of Red Ice Radio

Radio 3Fourteen - Seana Fenner - "Odinism, Traditional Tribalism and The Noble Virtues"

Seana Fenner, also known as Odinia, is the founder of Odinia International, a worldwide native European Odinist organization whose headquarters are based in Hawai`i. She did her graduate work in archaeology at Oxford, has created and taught archaeoastronomy courses for the physics department at the University of Hawai`i, and worked for the NASA Infrared Telescope. She has two upcoming books, one on archaeoastronomy.


Focus on the Folk

This was a rather enlightening, California/Nevada Odinic leadership panel, question and answer session. Some interesting ideas are floated around here.

Focus on the Folk Part 1

Focus on the Folk Part 2

Focus on the Folk Part 3

Focus on the Folk Part 4


Question about "Double-Algiz" symbol

I wanted to know if, in fact, the symbol shown here is an actual sign? I assigned the name "Double-Algiz" to it, as it appears like a Life Rune with double-petals so to speak.


Various links and articles

Aryan Myth and Metahistory blog

Norse/Germanic Runes

Celto-Germanic Culture, Myths and History blog

'Odinism & Rodnovery and the Importance of the Fylfot'

'Contra Vitium: How VICE Mischaracterized a Religious Movement' ("vice" meaning

List of Germanic deities

Wodenswolf - Norse art and craft (Freki Jungnickel)


Stephen McNallen's new book

My Book is Now Available! 

My first book -  Asatru: A Native European Spirituality  - is now available for preorder through Amazon!

This is it  -  the product of 45 years devotion to Asatru, in easy-to-understand words.  I will write other books, but never one like this!

'Asatru: A Native European Spirituality' at


'Sister Golden Hair' by America (1975) 

I don't mean to read too much into something, but this song feels to me like a light tribute to Germanic or blonde beauty... behind what was obviously a simple ode to a young woman. I remember some years ago, taking an evening class at the College of San Mateo one summer. A 30ish sort've long-haired hippyish guy had a crush on this young 20ish woman from Russia. She was a tall, slender, very pretty blonde with a humble personality. He was tactful, but he tried to convey across some sort of expression of his like for her, although he didn't overstep his bounds. I recall of him saying to this young immigrant woman, something like "we're glad to have you here Zoya."


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