Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The times of the opening of the veil to the timeless Ur is not of our choice

Right now on this early afternoon--on this formidable mountain's northern lower slope--it's wet, overcast, humid, still, and quiet. It rained earlier this morning, yet we are experiencing warm weather otherwise, creating this relaxing atmospheric condition. On top of that, it's a time when the veil to the other world has been lifted. Of course, I can't prove it; but there's a very unique feeling beyond merely a gentile weather condition. There's that unmistakable sense of timelessness, when all "times" feel as one. I believe from experience that the atmospheric conditions strongly affect this metaspiritual happening. Often heavy clouds, strong winds, rain, or snow, and storms--as well as having any personal enemies or negative people amid you--will frequently cut off a true metaspiritual connection.

Sometimes I think of it as being "on the edge of forever." If I needed any further proof, I observed an occurrence which defied the laws of physics. Again, I will not be able to prove this; however, I am fairly certain it is because of my beliefs and open mind that I was granted this small gift. It would have been easy to dismiss this occurrence as being due to something else. It simply wasn't. With a true critic--especially someone psychologically bound to the physical world and its laws--they rarely are granted an experience because they're so spiritually and energetically disconnected. 

The times when there is an opening to the veil to the timeless and primordial Ur is not of our choice. It can occur in the daytime like this. It happens when it happens. One time last year I chose a good time to commune in this way, and I made a strong connection; although I haven't had much luck recently. Synchronicity, observance of the supernatural, or spiritually energetic connections do not make anyone "special" in of themselves. The universal spirits or the elementals of nature simply recognize "those who wish to know." It's part of a most ancient codex; although I don't claim to know how it works. 

If this supernatural occurrence happened to be caught on film, it wouldn't make one bit of difference; as anyone could claim it was faked somehow. The important thing is that I know it. It was a gift just for me. I have no particular ending to this, except one important piece of knowledge that I may have. Using a Ouija board is not a good method to make a connection. This energetically represents largely a quick thrill, and may allow anything to come over, and you may not even be able to get rid of it. A trusted spiritual guide is fine, but there are frauds out there. A natural loving connection based on trust to ancestral and familiar spirits is best, as they will always protect you.


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