Friday, June 19, 2015

Mother of Times - Neopagan and Heathen music 3 of 3

Celtic Metal - The Sylvans Path

Adrian von Ziegler

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This is another self composed Song of mine. It's very special, because for the first Time, I was able to combine Celtic, Metal and orchestral Parts in one Song.

Arranged on the Keyboard and the Guitar, and produced with Magix Music Maker 16.

© Copyright of all Audio belongs to AdrianvonZiegler.

I own everything of this Video, Audio- and Visual-Material.

Burzum-Die Liebe Nerthus

The Nipster Experience

"Die Liebe Nerpus" by Burzum (Google PlayeMusicAmazonMP3iTunes)

Ravens Wing- Fading memory   




The first one, another good piece by Adrian von Ziegler. The second is by "Barzum," which is the musical moniker for a controversial Norwegian named Varg Vikernes. The third is by Ravens Wing, a Viking metal band from Germany, although this song was in English.


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