Friday, June 12, 2015

Mother of Times - Neopagan and Heathen music 1 of 3

Mother Of Times


Song: 'Mother Of Times'

Artist: Hagalaz' Runedance

Album: The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate

Music: "Mother Of Times" by Hagalaz' Runedance (Google PlayiTunesAmazonMP3eMusic)

Symphonic Metal - Feather and Skull 

Adrian von Ziegler

Facebook / iTunes / Bandcamp:

Real CD's / Twitter / Merchandise:!/AdrianVZiegler

This is a Dark Orchestral Metal-Song I composed on Keyboard and Guitar.
The Meaning of the Title is free for Interpretation.

© Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.

I do not own this picture, it was made by this great artist:

Arkona- Odna


Official site:

Facebook official site:

Odna (Alone) next of perfect new songs and one of beautiful pictures in the CD booklet (by Kris Verwimp) 

Music: "Odna" by Arkona (Google PlayiTunesAmazonMP3)


Hagalaz' Runedance is from Germany, and they have produced a lot of great Heathen music. They're been around awhile, and they're not under the definition of "pagan black metal." Adrian von Ziegler is new I think, and hails from Switzerland. He also is not pagan metal, and composes various types of music.. often with a Continental Celtic theme. Arkona is a popular pagan metal band from Russia. Some of the European bands of these genres do get around. Several years ago I saw where Arkona was performing in San Francisco, but I wasn't able to attend. There are many sub-genres, so sorry if I conflate them in my terminology. Generally there's the black metal type and the spiritually-themed type; somewhat like the duel-personality of nature itself.


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