Monday, June 1, 2015

Sun Moon abstractions I

Full Sun Moon

Tuesday's full moon will be a "strong sun moon," where the sun and moon will be at their closest point of each other this year. I think that only by truly being outdoors, mostly likely on a trail or at a more remote location, can one truly feel the energetic interaction occurring. It's not a must for one to be there at night, but the twilight period can often be just as special. Some great locations are accessible and safe late in the day, but not after dark.

'Twins of Evil'

'Twins of Evil' was a 1971 vampire horror Hammer Film from the UK, starring Peter Cushing and the beautiful English-Maltese Collinson sisters. The sisters play the roles of Maria and Frieda, recently orphaned identical twin teenage girls, move from Venice to Karnstein in Central Europe to live with their uncle Gustav Weil. Weil is a stern puritan and leader of the fanatical witch-hunting 'Brotherhood'. Both twins resent their uncle's sternness and one of them, Frieda, looks for a way to escape. Resenting her uncle, she becomes fascinated by the local Count Karnstein, who has the reputation of being "a wicked man."

I saw this movie on our local Creature Features in the Bay Area when I was very young. This was an earnestly acted and produced film; and one which captured an alluring, superstitious, and wonderfully dark Middle Ages German/Central European countryside. I watched the full movie (above) some weeks back, and it was everything I remembered it to be.

Northern Lights

An aurora is a natural light display in the sky (from the Latin word aurora, "sunrise" or the Roman goddess of dawn), predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions.

Spectacular images of auroras from the Lake Superior region can be viewed on the following link at These images are amazing. They feel like a connection between worlds.

Mr Crowley

'Mr Crowley' by Ozzy Osbourne, somewhat like 'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin, is a good song that references an earth-based/magical tradition. In the case of 'Mr Crowley', a tribute to Aleister Crowley (Western Ceremonial Magic); as opposed to 'Immigrant Song' which is a tribute to Norse-Germanic migration and Heathen tradition.

I have mixed feelings about Aleister Crowley, but I don't think that he was misrepresented as with Guido von List. He usually made himself quite clear as far as it relates to criticism of him. I do, however, think that there is malevolent magic which can be leaned from his works; such as 'The Book of the Law'. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's real.

Thelema is a religion based on a philosophical law of the same name, adopted as a central tenet by some religious organizations. The law of Thelema is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

The law of Thelema could probably be interpreted in different ways. I think it's fairly clear though. One interesting occultic aspect of the symbol of Thelema is that it utilizes a unicursal hexagram with an inverted five-petaled flower at the center. This inverted hexagram is basically the same symbol as the Saturnian hexagram ("Star of David"); and the inverted (upside down) five-petaled flower is basically the same as any five-pointed vehmic star (pentagram). The Saturnian hexagram always goes hand-in-hand with the pentagram... as with the Talisman of Saturn. I know this for certain, however I can only speculate what I have heard and read from researchers that Satanists "invert symbols" to reflect the negative.

In other words, the Saturnian cults were not innately "evil," or no more so than any of the other Saturnian or Sun cults (Christianity) of the ancient world. Examples of this type of inverted symbol are the unicursal hexagram, an upside down cross, and an inverted pentagram. We do need to be careful, as some Christians have said that the Norse Life Rune is a "broken cross," as if to suggest that it is an explicitly "anti-Christian" symbol, even though it's older than the Christian cross by tens of thousands of years.

Top 20 religions in the United States

Interesting statistics. I'm sure that the Wicca/Pagan/Druid category is vastly under counted, with many solitary practitioners. I would guess that the 307,000 number is about half of what it really is; and out of about 600,000, maybe 50,000 are even remotely folk-pagan.

Count of Saint Germain

The following is a full twenty minute episode of 'In Search of' from the 1970s, entitled 'The Immortal Count of Saint Germain'. Apparently many of his time believed him to be hundreds of years old. There have been many mysterious figures like this in history, such as Edward M. House... and Mr. Crowley.


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