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Guido von List: Part 8

Synchronicity: Part 2

I should point out that I am not even remotely an authority on Guido von List. However, his work seems to draw many parallels with subjects and spiritual concepts which I am interested in. In 'Guido von List: Part 7', I was looking at the tie-ins with my own experiences with synchronicity. One good way to trigger these experiences is simply by reading a book on a subject close to you and/or your interests. Either the book will correspond with your daily experiences, or you will see things within the book which will correspond with you.

It's important to note that the "proof," sufficient to satisfy yourself, will be in the volume of mystical-like connections which are made. Then you may notice that the phenomenon is beyond mere "chance." Other than that, there is probably no pragmatic way to "prove it" to anyone other than yourself; because only you truly know what is inside of yourself. In other words, what numbers, letters, concepts, politics, particular business, words, elements, animals, colors, or even landforms, correspond to either you or your family history.

Just to give an example, you possibly could be reading a book partly based on a particular politic. When reading it, you suddenly notice that a word pops up out've nowhere which is just one letter off from the birthplace of your grandfather who just happened to have been a supporter of that particular politic. The universe is communicating with you, and ONLY you. It doesn't mean that you're necessarily special since this phenomenon is available to anyone. It is possible that you might have more ability than most to access these messages. It's difficult to say. My guess is that if you are going in a meaningful direction in your life, some unknown force is letting you know it via these affirming messages.

Upon finishing Part 7 the other day, I thought that I should have given a personal example. The problem, as stated earlier, is that it's about the volume and patterns of this phenomenon that make it what it is; not just a chance color or number popping up. I almost felt unconnected due to not having this experience for a couple of weeks. I often take my book with me during the day, but for whatever reason, I hadn't even read it since the other day. Upon reading today, one such message popped up which I feel comfortable with sharing. I'm more of a letter person. I don't have many number connections. One's birthday could be one such set. However, to me, "18" always feels like my number, since I descended from a clan of eighteen families, and feel close to that fact.

It was almost as if the unknown force answered with List's words on page 48-49: ".....when the seers and wise men had to wring ideas symbolizing expressions out of the still limited language (in ancient times) in order to be able to set similar conceptions free, as they themselves conceived them in their spiritual vision. They were forced to support their speech with physical motions--the later "magical gestures"--and to enforce it with certain symbolic signs, which were thought of as "whispering" ["raunend"], i.e., conveyors of meaning, and so they were called "runes" [Runen]. The mysticism of Wuotan's runic science says all this in the Eddic 'Song of the High One', which portrays Wuotan's sacrificial death, and which reminds us of the mystery of Galgatha in more than one respect.

At first, the lay introduces Wuotan himself speaking, after which the skald, who conceived the lay, becomes the speaker and the song is ended. However, the lay begins thus:

          I know how I hung on the wind-cold tree
                    nine eternal nights,
          wounded by the spear consecrated to Wuotan
                    I myself consecrated to myself--
          on that tree, which hides from every one
                    the stead from which its roots grow.
          They offered me neither bread nor mead;
                    then I bent myself down peering;
          with a lamenting should the "runes" became known to me,
                    until I sank down from the tree.

After further explanatory strophes, the song presents characterizations of the eighteen runes with mystical interpretations. When these strophes are paired with the names of the runes they enlighten us in a very special way and essentially provide the solution of the "secret of the runes." The following verses precede that characterization of the runes, after which the skald goes immediately to the actual runic songs:

          Before the creation of the world was Wuotan's knowledge,
                    Whither he came, thither he returns;
          Now I know the songs as no other men,
                    and as no princely woman.

Of course, I am not reading too much into it. Any mystical connections would be true for me, and me only. This provides a pretty good example, and it could be interpreted different ways. As far as literal connections, there was a Camunic alphabet, and there was the runic influence of the Langobard Nation who carried the flag with the red odal rune, and the origin of the Germanic runes (and the Latin alphabet) was the old Italic script (Italic, Etruscan, or Raetic alphabets). Confusing the issue more, the Raetic alphabet likely originated from around the region of the South Tyrol, although possibly from Halstatt Celts. Although, some believe that the ancient Camunian language was rooted in the Raetic language. In any case, there are many Camunian direct or indirect ties to the runes, not to mention Wotanism. Of course, there need not be any direct connection in order to mystically connect subject matter to your life within this synchronistic phenomenon.


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