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Guido von List: Part 7

Synchronicity: Part 1

One thing that keeps popping into my mind, as I read 'The Secret of the Runes', is the tie-in between List's work and my own experience with synchronicity. Synchronicity is not the same thing as the concept in the last few years revolving around the book 'The Secret,' but it's part of the same "force of the universe." While the "law of attraction" from 'The Secret' seems to be based on definite happenings in one's life, synchronicity is more like a guiding light for the individual. A way of telling them: "You're on the right path." It's almost like an affirmation.

For example, a person can have some passionate areas of belief and interest; which for them would be inseparable, but for someone else would be trains of thought that would have no real connection at all. However, for that individual, these areas of belief, interest, and continued study are all tied together in their mind and soul. So while they continue their journey, apparently centered around their continued learning, the "force of the universe" gives them messages. This is not the same as intrinsic personal creativity, or merely "noticing something that they never noticed before." These messages are far beyond that. I may not be able to prove that, but I know there are coded messages which can be obtained by anyone on the face of the earth if they want to receive them. This is not like a thing where someone is going nuts. This is for anyone, and has always been a natural condition for human beings on this planet. This is nothing new, or spooky; although sometimes I smile when the universe sends me yet another "private message."

These messages come in the form of numbers, letters, words, elements, animals, colors, etc. For me, it comes mainly in the form of either words or letters. Most of us have heard of numerology, but I think there must be some type of "letterology" as well. I have definite letters, words, etc., which have been established for me. Words are a natural for this simply because it's the language which ties together different concepts for the individual receiving the messages. Synchronicity is positively not "magic," and would not be in any direct opposition to any religion or spiritual tradition. However, ironically, it might be in opposition to atheism. As to whether this almost mystical reality is from God, the universal mind, Mother Nature, or something else; it's for the individual to decide for themselves... assuming that they would be willing to receive these messages in the first place.

I can recall as a child, listening to a young woman speaking of the messages which she had been receiving and the chance happenings in her life. Actually, this sounded like a borderline case of the "law of attraction" and synchronicity mixed. She had been a recent born-again Christian, and was certain that this was all "from God." Okay, that was true... for her. For someone else, it would be attributed to something else. I can recall another time, not so long ago; a man, whom I consider very highly intelligent, conveying a little bit of skepticism of another man who was revealing these types of messages which he was receiving from his own research into subjects of personal interest. The person was obviously linking his messages not only to some type of providence, but falsely believing that he was some sort of "chosen one." His complex tie-ins were true... for him! For him only! Therefore, both of these men had come to a false conclusion.

Regarding the highly intelligent man, of whom I have great respect for, and is more intelligent than I am on pragmatic matters. Still, on some level, however, he reminds me of a quote from Guido von List's dedication at the beginning of 'The Secret of the Runes'. Actually, this wasn't a quote from List or Flowers, but from a letter to List from his close friend Friedrich Wannieck. In that letter, from 1902, Wannieck quotes Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace: "Science always opposes the discovery of new Truths, and it is wrong every time! The true scholar may say this as well!" Many of these concepts were studied by Carl Jung, and his name needs to be mentioned here as well.

Synchronicity, for me personally, happens in spurts. A month will go by without anything, then things will be hot for a week or two, next, nothing for five or six weeks, then a hot three weeks, and so forth. I think it depends on how much time we have to study and experience things which are close to us. It also depends on how much we are receptive to it. I don't think we can force it. I can say at least one thing for certain. The complex patterns of these messages, in as these seemingly unrelated areas are processed and packaged together by some unknown force, could not be mere coincidence. I just can't prove it. Attaching scientific method onto these mystical messages could prove it, but that would be difficult and time consuming, and one would have to take the person's word for it.

I will just say that there is a complex pattern to it, which mystically ties totally unrelated ideas together for you. These coded messages seem to tie together such diverse areas as your families history, your political beliefs, places you or your ancestors lived, land forms, symbols, colors, or even specific offbeat interests which have absolutely nothing directly to do with you. It all gets merged together with letters, numbers, words, or even phrases. There's a clear pattern! It's not just chance; although it can be concurrent with mere chance. As the best I can figure goes, it's an affirmation that we're on the correct path for us. It's saying "Good. Keep going. Build on the past."

You might see these messages anywhere. It might be an obscure word in the title of an article on the back page of a newspaper being read by someone on a park bench. That word may directly link absolutely different parts of you, your interests, your concerns, your families history, etc. Over a weeks time, there could be a clear pattern of connections. I suspect that these mystically-connected messages cannot be proven to exist. They're for you, and only for you. Maybe that's the way it should be.

Guido von List seems to have tied a lot of these ideas together, but I will see as I read some of this work. You may have heard references comparing, in one form or another, "spiritual people" to "economic people." These concerns, as well as others, don't necessarily have to be at odds with one-another. Synchronicity seems to show certain connections for us, in a variety of life concerns. I should point out that there is, at some point, a magical element. Numerology, for example, has a magical component to it. I wouldn't suggest going there. Accept the messages, use inspirations, and use your brain pragmatically to make things happen.


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