Saturday, July 29, 2017

Temple of Artemis: The Sacred Temple of the Proto-European Tradition - Part 3

Artemis: The Ancient Greek Goddess of Hunt


Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of hunt, wilderness, wild animals, and fertility. Part one of the video describes the goddess in the Greek mythology. Part two of the video is a short prayer to Artemis.... 

Prayer to Artemis Before the Hunt:

Slim-ankled Artemis, free-footed, wild-haired girl,
with steps swift and silent you run through the wood,
your bow at the ready, your shafts sharp and deadly.
Far-shooting Artemis, keen of eye and strong of arm,
your aim ever true, you take your prey, goddess,
with a single strike. Artemis, I pray to you
as I begin my hunt–may my eyes be clear,
may my hand be steady, may the shots I fire
reach my target and no other, may any kill be quick.
I am grateful, goddess, for the meat on my table.
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in the cold, in the wood, hearing the silence;
I am grateful, goddess, for the time I spend
in your world. Grant that I take on this work
with honest intent, grant that I feel the weight
of what I do, grant that I honor the lives
that feed me. Mistress of the hunt, I pray to you.



Today in History: Herostratus sets fire to Temple of Artemis to become famous (356 BC) 

The repeated destruction of the temple - The perfect metaphor for the destruction of the great Goddess

Not to merely focus on the negative---which is very difficult given the well over 1,500 years of attack upon the Proto-European spiritual tradition---but the temple is gone, the spirituality is gone, it's no longer even located in Greece, Christianity "happened," the Turkish invasion "happened," Islam "happened," and if we're really honest about it... even the ancient Olympian pantheon more-or-less pushed aside the very ancient tradition over a long period of time.... not to mention the forced transformation of Europe today.

Was the Temple of Artemis really the Queen of all Temples to the Almother?

We do not know what may have existed prior to the glacial movements. It seems like a good bet that this temple was the most impressive among those of which we know. It is after all, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The holy sanctuary of Mona, which was located on the island of Anglesey in modern day France, was of the Druidic tradition. However, it clearly was partly rooted in the tradition of the Almother ("Mona").

Although this lost temple ended with a similar fate as the Temple of Artemis, and could have been even older for all we know, the Temple of Artemis was spectacular and truly defined a time when the spirituality of the ancient race was the culture of the ancestors. That isn't to take away from the ancient Welsh, and the wonderful sanctuaries of the mysteries of nature amid the oak groves.

One of the good things that Americans have exemplified has been the concept of not taking a knee to kings, dictators, or theocratic despots. I only take a knee for my mother Janet, my departed Rachel, departed relatives and ancestors, and the Almother Mona. Since there are numerous given names for the Goddess, such as the three names of the ancient Greek Triformis, I often just say The Almother. The inspiration for that was the Alfather Odin in Asatru. Architecturally as close as it can be.... we need to literally construct a few new Temples of Artemis.... AGAIN!!!

Hail the Almother!


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