Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rogue Stephen McNallen in the new "Wolf Age"

The Barbarian Lounge Podcast Ep 50 - Asatru Ancestry : Talking w/ Stephen McNallen

Alan Odinson

On this 50th epic-sode, we are sitting down w/ Stephen McNallen to discuss Asatru Ancestry. He shares some of his unique experiences and the future of what Asatru means for those following the Heathen journey.


The Awakening of Wotan

The Wotan Network

Hierarchies, Networks, and the Battle for the Mind of our Race

Stephen McNallen, Asatru Folk Assembly, European Paganism


Stephen McNallen is no longer heading the AFA, and is now engaged in a new endeavor. Make no mistake about it, we're now living in the Wolf Age. The strategies being used by the enemy is "order out of chaos" and "problem, reaction, solution" to achieve their end. Everything is either a lie or a deception. We never seem to be able to circle the wagons because most people think that some expression of global elite is on their side.. some controlled opposition group. They have so much power that overnight they can introduce all at once--though government, media, education, the corporatocracy, the great foundations, sports and entertainment, etc.-- men in the women's bathrooms and say "either accept this, or you're a nazi!"

For example, if you don't want your seven year old niece using the same bathroom as some man wearing a dress and ultimately a ban is imposed, then some sports league will threaten to move their event to a different location as punishment. The crisis in Europe has been entirely engineered. There is no right and left anymore, just rich globalist perverts who hate us! I'm not "right or left," I just think it's high time to start resisting these globalist traitors. For well over a decade, CNN was acting as a vicious far right wing propagandist arm for the military industrial complex... now they can play the role of the whimsical pacifists after having helped slaughter over a million innocent people.

We're living in a culture of death that they have put together for us. If you're White, then you are allowed two choices: gay or communist. Being an Italian-American Catholic is no longer acceptable, that's why they subtly demonize it. They won't even allow the anti-globalization, peace, anti-gentrification, or labor movements anymore! Hell, they won't even allow "nationalist-communist" or disciplined by-the-book anarchy. It's time for a new stable and just politic in the land (not right or left crap). We need a certain reasonable diversity of principles and values to lead to a consensus. The politic of globalization is nothing less than the end of humanity... the end of freedom in the world forever. Why not fight for a new politic now? Welcome to the Wolf Age.


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