Monday, February 9, 2015

Guido von List: Part 27 - A Wotanist hof in his honor

Ron McVan YouTube channel

McVans Mountain Viking Hof

An evening journey through a modern day Wotanist Viking Hof, built by Ron McVan among the wooded mountains of Northern Idaho.


This particular hof was constructed as a tribute in honor of Guido von List. Although not visible in this video, photographs which I have seen show this temple appearing very beautiful among the trees and mountains.

When List was a young boy, he visited some ruins I recall, and he proclaimed out loud.. something to the effect of "some day I will construct a temple to Wotan!" It's great that there is at least one temple in his honor.

A hof built in a particular persons honor is referred to by combining their first name with hof (ex. "Freyashof"); therefore I believe that this would be "Guidoshof."

I think it would it be great to see one constructed in the memory of Queen Gambara, King Rothari, or King Alboin of the Langobards. There couldn't be one for Queen Theodelinda, because she was Catholic, which shows that one must do their homework first. Also, perhaps something for a favorite direct ancestor?


2-11-15 Addition: I had intended to post a video titled 'Guido von List - The Runes' but at the end of the video there were too many National Socialist symbols. However, part of the video gave a touch of the spirit of List; who actually lived from 1848 to 1919, and obviously had no part in National Socialism... which was really "National Capitalism" after the Socialist element was taken out. Anyway, I just wanted to at least place the link here.


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