Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beautiful video tribute to Maddalena Taluti

From YouTube channel OathBoundSecrets

Taluti's Witchcraft - Stregheria and the Gospel of the Witches - Maddalena Taluti 

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I wanted to include the following video link here, as it does not allow embedding. It's a short talk by Grimassi that is a short overview of Stregheria. It seems like every person that in some way represents any type of particular folk-tradition is attacked needlessly. Steve McNallen, Raven Grimassi, Silver Ravenwolf, Nancy Redstar, etc. The modern global motto seems to be "Punish the good; reward the bad." Raven Grimassi has done a remarkable job at making sense of a historically muddled subject.

Ways of the Strega by Raven Grimassi


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